6 11 2007

Chris Rock is a fool and I love when he just calls ish out. I spotted this over at an industry blog I read and I had to post it.

Diddy — this one is for you!

Chris Rock: Music kind of sucks. Nobody’s into being a musician. Everybody’s getting their mogul on. You’ve been so infiltrated by this corporate mentality that all the time you’d spend getting great songs together, you’re busy doing nine other things that have nothing to do with art. You know how shitty Stevie Wonder’s songs would have been if he had to run a fuckin’ clothing company and a cologne line?

RollingStone: Plenty of rappers say, “I’m not a rapper, I’m a businessman.”

Chris Rock: That’s why rap sucks, for the most part. Not all rap, but as an art form it’s just not at its best moment. Sammy the Bull would have made a shitty album. And I don’t really have a desire to hear Warren Buffett’s album - or the new CD by Paul Allen. That’s what everybody’s aspiring to be.

We live in a weird time. No one knows who’s smart - we just know who makes money. “Hey, somebody invented Viagra! We don’t know their name, but we know Pfizer, because they make the money.” That guy made a pill that keeps your dick hard, and nobody knows who the fuck he is. The pharmaceutical companies are like fuckin’ record companies. There’s literally the Bo Diddley of medicine walking around, not getting his royalties. He signed all his fucking pill publishing away.

(”Rolling Stone”, Issue 1039, November 15, 2007, page 157)

PREACH! CHUUCH! *cues up organ* YES SUH! THAT’S THE WORD! HE GOT THE WORD! *falls under pew*

Can we give Chris Rock a lifetime Grammy achievement award or something? A Moonman? An American Music Award? A Nickelodeon surfboard!?! He deserves something! Hook a brotha up!

There’s nothing more American than calling someone out on their B.S. LOL.

I saw we file a class action lawsuit on behalf of Cheri Dennis, Danity Kane, MTB4 boys, Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Eightball & MJG, and all the other Bad Boy Records artists who dropped albums/singles this year and no one even remembers them a couple of months later!

Don’t make me write another petition! ROFL!

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33 responses to “HEAR, HEAR CHRIS ROCK!!”

7 11 2007
Mohammed (00:06:06) :

PREACH! CHUUCH! *cues up organ* YES SUH! THAT’S THE WORD! HE GOT THE WORD! *falls under pew*

LOL he aint lyin ….

7 11 2007
CUZZO (00:29:01) :


7 11 2007
The IPS (00:38:32) :

^^^ LOL, I know. I should have let that die. Chris Rock just makes me want to DO something!

7 11 2007
LadieMorticia (04:40:24) :

I totally get what he is saying and I somewhat agree but my main issue is that picture that’s up there. I hope to the high heavens above that its just a bad pic. I hope he doesn’t really smile like that bc dat nucca is ugly

7 11 2007
Understanding (04:45:04) :

Wooord Chris is my dawg. My favorite comedian in part b/c he speaks the truth and has insights that your average BET Comic View Comedian won’t have. I laugh at the idea of thinkin’ about Marvin Gaye tryin’ 2 run a clothing line, record label, athletic shoe line and a brand of cologne while making some of the classic music he made or Barry White 4 that matter. Those cats were married and committed 2 their music.

Things just ain’t the same. I mean look at how long groups actually stayed 2gether back then compared 2 now. The O’JAYS? EARTH, WIND n’ FIRE? GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS? Nowdays a group does like one or possibly two albums and its a wrap. TOTAL? B2K? [lol] BROWNSTONE? 702? “Longevity”? What’s that? Sad, sad, sad.

7 11 2007
~MJ (05:12:31) :

Tell the truth! Shame the devil!

7 11 2007
Shoulda Let You Go (05:52:19) :

uh uh. no u did not make a petition to re-shoot “Deja Vu”? lol

7 11 2007
Rebecca (05:52:30) :

Damn Chris did bust Diddy out. But it is so true. Diddy is tryin’ to do too much and his artists have suffered. What happened to The Band? What happened to Dream? What happened to G-Dep? What happened to Black Rob? What happened to Craig Mack? What happened to Cheri Dennis? Oh shit, I forgot her album is supposed to be coming out soon (Suspect!) What happened to the white dude he had rapping Kokane or something? What happened to The Lox? What happened to Total? Usher used to be on Bad Boy and he left. You can’t give your artists the proper treatment if you are trying to compete with them. Naturally you’ll give your own project more shine. If you think about it, that’s when Bad Boy really started to fall off, right when Puffy released No Way Out. Puffy had lost his anchor artist Biggie and was trying to mold his own public persona. Then you throw in restaurants, clothing lines, your ten children, your partying and all that other bullshit. It gets crazy. Bad Boy used to be THE RECORD LABEL and it fell off because Diddy got away from making good music and supporting his artists.

7 11 2007
the envy of the world (06:07:53) :

If you pass the collection plate now…the building fund will definitely be paid.

7 11 2007
epiphanyblog (06:26:59) :

I am so mad because when I read the part “falls under pew” I spit my tea out all over my keyboard…..now it’s gonna be sticky *sighs*
Seriously, that is why I love Chris Rock…he gives relevant social commentary, not just a bunch of jokes about bad weaves and good sex! Now regarding petitions, I think we need one to shut R. Kelly’s peeing on children’s a$$ down!

7 11 2007
msantina (07:16:54) :

PREACH! CHUUCH! *cues up organ* YES SUH! THAT’S THE WORD! HE GOT THE WORD! *falls under pew*

*rocking and weeping* I hears Ya Lawd!!! *jumps out waving hands* LMAOROFL U on the roll IPS!!!

Chris Rock is telling the truth though.

7 11 2007
Madame Zenobia (07:37:37) :

Chris Rock talks nothing but sense here. :) Amen, amen, amen. Where’s the fucking art? It’s damn gone. There’s an immediacy in the music world that me as a fan feels when reading that favored artists are re-releasing records, writing records in 4 days and expecting me as a fan to like the -ish they put out. It’s just…It’s like, what’s the fucking rush? Make GOOD MUSIC.

It’d be different if this was the late 60s and 70s where artists like Aretha Franklin or Gladys Knights and the Pips were releasing an album a year; but even then, their work is fucking CLASSIC and they were ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, not about endorsements and advertisements. They hustled musically and artistically because that’s all there was and THAT WAS ENOUGH FOR THEM. But today? It’s a money-race and furthermore a fucking rat race and even the greatest of our artists are falling prey and spitting out works that are ‘less than’…and because these works are deemed ‘less than’ it changes the norm thus deeming a more mediocre base of music; mediocre to the point where we scream ‘this’ artist’s work is ‘classic’, when we know good and damn well it’s not. (re: Beyonce, B’Day…sorry to bring her up but it comes to mind.) We are being brainwashed and the music is becoming so commercialized; it’s a commodity now as opposed to art; let’s shop it to death, in all mediums and forums and stretch it to it’s thinnest level so that we can make that money, make that money, make that money…because we feel that money is longevity…

But what of the music today will stand the test of time? Hardly ANY. Think back on this past year…what works by artists prominent this past year do YOU think will stand the test of time? Very few of them right? I digress from the point Chris made… I’ve got my own speel about music today and artistry and why it’s changed and how it changed and what effect it will have in the future…

Maybe it’s ‘coz I’m older. Maybe it’s ‘coz I visit blogs and read magazines and see the numbers and the figures and let those numbers and figures and sales dictate how I might feel about an artist’s release. I don’t ever recall knowing (or leastways being concerned with how many albums Anita Baker or Prince sold back in the day; or how many times they reached number one. Those statistics never had an effect on me as a fan. But today? Fans, Stans and Haters alike can quote you all kinds of statistics on their favorite/most hated artist. WHY? in some cases, they use these numbers to confirm their artist’s success… WHY? WHEN DID IT STOP BEING ABOUT THE MUSIC? I’m a big Lenny Kravitz fan but could give two shyts about how many times he went platinum on his last album (if at all). WHY? Coz his music is good, I love the artistry and could care less about figures. When did it change? Fan-ship? When did they (the artist) make us fans obsessed over numbers, even moreso than the actual work? :lol: Damn, I ramble…

7 11 2007
Liv (08:45:57) :

OH Lurd, he ain’t lying when he say that there!!!

Whoo, I caught the spirit!!! Hawl-lay-loo!!!

7 11 2007
Dr. Heather (09:00:10) :

Madame Zenobia, you and I are I2I….I agree with everything you said.

I think it’s because I’m not in my 20s (almost 40) that I really appreciate ‘vintage’ music/artists and classics. Most of the garbage out now that is disguised as ‘music’ is a hot stinking mess…no creativity, no imagination - just bling, booty, bangin’, stackin’ bills and blow jobs.

Also, who remembers when a tape, yes a cassette TAPE, had only 6 or 8 songs on there?!?! Huh?! I do! And each song was good, not filler material.

That’s why I check for Jill Scott, Angie Stone, DeAngelo, Prince, Maxwell, and Mary J. currently. Their quality artistry is what they concentrate on, and they leave us wanting more of them, not wishing they would ’sat down’ as IPS says.

*steps off of soapbox*

7 11 2007
SMOOV (09:43:32) :

He should give E-40 a ringadingding!

7 11 2007
Blaq Girls Rock!!! (09:55:00) :

Oh my lawd *catching the same spirit that just left Liv*

*dancing in the isles!!!!*


7 11 2007
Blaq Girls Rock!!! (09:58:02) :

Oh, and to Madame Zenobia, PPRREAAACHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

7 11 2007
JRochelle (10:03:31) :

*Applause for Chris and Madame Zenobia*

7 11 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (10:51:05) :

He aint just talking to Diddy though. This goes to all of them who are doing the same. J Lo cant get a vocal coach because she’s too busy making perfuming, peddling her damn clothing line and selling usb sticks. Beyonce is actually proud she worked on B Day for 2 weeks and released House of Dere-aw-naw and was in Dreamgirls and has her face plastered everywhere, but her music has lost all of its soul and substance. If an artist actually sat down and treated their music as an art and not another hobby, they may be able to put something out that is worth my $12.99 on my Walmart card.

7 11 2007
pooht2 (11:29:51) :

*dead* @ you starting a petition to re shoot deja vu. But for real he speaks the truth I don’t listen to anything anymore but gospel I can’t take the nonsense anymore

7 11 2007
lacyd (12:52:55) :

Oh that’s good. Madame Zenobia you are so on it!!

7 11 2007
Lawdhavemercy (13:18:42) :

I cosign with Madame Zenobia and Dr.Heather,and Chris Rock ain’t telling nothing but the truth,YA HEAR THAT DIDDY? YAHH BITCH YAHH!

*giving him the side eye*

7 11 2007
geminigirl (13:34:25) :

Speak brother. He told the truth on that one.

@Madame Zenobia … I agree 100%.

7 11 2007
Chris Rock keeps it real real!!! « Media Outrage (14:04:50) :

[…] found this interesting interview with Chris Rock on AHotMess and Lefsetz Chris Rock: Music kind of sucks. Nobody’s into being a musician. Everybody’s […]

7 11 2007
Beyaki says.. (14:31:36) :

This is why I love AHM because I know a lot of us love artistry and Madame was speaking truth.Them stans think numbers have to do with everything BUT QUALITY MUSIC IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE END!I can’t barely listen to the radio and there is a few songs that have QUALITY.The music industry is a business now and if you are an true artist its going to be 2x harder, why, I don’t know.I’m 20, and it’s probably because of my dad that I appreciate people who had passion for their craft like Anita Baker, Marvin Gaye,the funk bands like Kool And The Gang and a lot more.ANd Dr. Heather I know exactly what you talking about those cassette tapes!

Chris is right though.

Can’t wait to get some Maxwell.Til The Cops Come Knocking….CLASSIC!

7 11 2007
Taz (14:32:08) :


7 11 2007
hdabara (14:44:56) :

I agree I’m a late 80s baby, so I grew up with the pop/punk/gangsta foolishness. And it’s everybody these days- actors want to sing, singers want to act and clothing labels, perfumes, usb sticks?!!!! I mean I listen to Marvin Gaye and even though I wasn’t even born when his sings came out, they make so much more sense to me than anything SouljaBoy, Cassie’nem, etc tries to shove down our throats. can you imagine if Tyler Perry tried to be a “businessman” and design clothes? his movies would not develop into classics and we never would have got Why Did I get Married- just another Madea movie…

7 11 2007
shane254 (15:51:39) :

Imma invite Madame Zenobia to my kid’s christening. Not Chris cause he’ll prolly swear excessively but he aint neva lied. Music stopped being music when musicians stop being musicians. Now everyone’s an entryboner. Tryna hit every hittable thing in town cause yall know they only got these 70 different hustle “businesses” goin on cause being rich gets them laid. Come on now. Got all our kids out there tryna learn how to sew their own clothes so they can have a good trade after gettin a record deal. Yall well know these ppl only show up to sample the stuff n shoot the tv ads sayin they got a new fragrance & make passes at martha stewart or sell wooden computer parts while more money can be made on good expensive make up remover.

7 11 2007
Leosag (17:13:05) :

Woo that was funny! Gotta love Chris! Isn’t he due for a new comedy show?

7 11 2007
Harlem Chic (20:01:49) :

I think music’s serious downfall started in the early 90’s. And I agree…it all mainly started with Diddy’s over sampling, over- digitized, commercial crossover Ghetto Koolaid Remixes. Pure Garbage. I mean we had Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, Regina Bell, Aretha, Janet Jackson, Karyn White, Loose Ends, Marvin, James Brown, Luther, Stevie, Michael, Prince, Patti, ….now we got some real weak and watered down POP R&B short attention span crap.

Look at the above’s list. Now look below.

Now we’ve got Ashitty, Rihanna, Eve, Cassie, Nicole Shrewinzinger and a host of other comparatively non-talented and superficial bubble gum princesses. COME ON PEOPLE..this wackness has got to stop.

Thank God we’ve got John Legend, Kanye, Common, India Arie, Chrisette Michelle, Heather Hedley, Mary Blige, Robin Thicke and Amy Winehouse (yes…and what?) Lupe Fiasco, Jill Scott, Eric Roberson, Kem, OutKast, Ne-Yo…to keep real soul music going….

7 11 2007
DANA (22:47:41) :

when it comes to putting shit “out there” chris rock is the best!!

“it’s all right, cuz it’s all white” i loved that!!

8 11 2007
Madame Zenobia (05:05:26) :

Wow, I’m invited to a christening? LOLOL I got love for good music and most of that music is old school and 80s/early 90s. My dad was a d.j. and I had my ear to the best growing up. There was ‘fluff’ out back then, but it wasn’t 80% of the music out there like it is now. The tables have turned and I agree with most, thank God for those artists that are keeping it grounded; I just hope folks that have potential to do greater, DO GREATER and STOP doing all this fluff shit. Yes, Mrs. Beyonce, I’m speaking to you and the generation of wannabe-artisans like you. :lol: I pick on B, but there are countless others. Thanks for the conversation everyone and AHM thanks for the great post! ;)

20 12 2007
David (05:41:06) :

Nah I disagree with Chris Rock. I do understand where he is coming from but if you take what he is saying and apply it to his own career then you would see that it’s very hypocritical. He is a comedian that does stand up, he is a director, he is a producer, he is a writer etc. This is the generation of go getters there are more African American millionaires, and millionaires under thirty than ever before + that whole hip hop is dead bullsh*t and music sux is a damn fad. When n*ggas was doin the tootsie role and wild out to Luke records nobody said hip hop is dead. N*ggas was doin the PeeWee Herman and all types of dance just like today. Stop downloading records go buy them get that ne Trey Songz get that new Pharoah Monch cop that Lupe Fiasco. Call radio stations and request different songs it’s just that simple.

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