Talk About A Downgrade

16 11 2007

Will.I.Am performed in place of Kanye West at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which taped yesterday and will air early next month. ‘Ye pulled out of the performance after the death of his mother Donda West last week.

As a tribute to Kanye’s mom, will perform his hit song “I Got It From My Mama” and at the end he is expected to say a few words. (Source)

Sweet Minty Jesus be some sense of decency. A song about girls’ asses and breasts and it’s a tribute to Kanye’s mom? To top it off, it’s quite possibly the worst piece of doo-doo put out all this year, just ask SoundScan if you don’t believe me.

I would have rather seen Mya up there singing about her bra or whatever the hell (hey, it fits, too! Mya, fire your publicist and hire me) than this.

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11 responses to “Talk About A Downgrade”

16 11 2007
neekah (06:14:26) :

Hey J-

He had to get that crappy song played somehow!!!

Worse piece of doo doo —-lmao

16 11 2007
Lawdhavemercy (06:24:05) :

A song about A** and tittays being a tribute to a woman who just died after having cosmetic surgery?! Can we say distasteful and outright disrespectful,hell while he’s at it why not have Fergie come out and they perform “My Humps”..dumb ass…SMMFH

16 11 2007
ALSmith (06:42:11) :

What is his damn problem.

Ye needs to call this negro up and let him know the business right quick.

Shit. That is TOO disrespectful. They could’ve called Boyz II Men or something!

16 11 2007
msantina (06:46:18) :

You’ve got to be kidding me *blank stare* These fools will do or say anything for publicity. This woman has just died trying to fit into the stereotypes of what a woman body should look like and this jackass dedicates a song to her about breast and butts??!! I am OUTRAGED! Hand me my powder so I can slap him the way HIS momma should have!

16 11 2007
2snaps (06:48:49) :

*puts my head on my desk*

16 11 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (07:44:55) :

He’s full of it, that song aint dedicated to Ye’s mom, its dedicated to Vicky’s Angels. He’s trying to seem sensitive but just making a fool out of himself. He’s probably glad he has a gig…the chitlin circuit was getting mighty lonely

16 11 2007
~MJ (07:52:47) :

No no no.

16 11 2007
JRochelle (08:13:09) :

What sort of “tribute” is that? SMH.

16 11 2007
Eclat - that Black Girl in Paris (09:15:52) :


16 11 2007
geminigirl (12:35:34) :

Wow! Never underestimate the stupidity of man. I mean, somebody besides him had to know he was going to perform that song. You mean to tell me not one person said, “Look here man, she just died due to complications from plasticy surgery, so they say. Maybe you wanna do something else.”

16 11 2007
Evil Kinegro (13:19:06) :

And from the “That Ain’t Right” files…

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