“This Christmas” Review

23 11 2007

Did anyone else see “This Christmas” this week?

Let me say this: It is one of those movies where all the good parts ARE IN THE TRAILERS!

I was bored to tears during this movie! I really thought it was going to be a lot better than it turned out to be.

The acting was mediocre, the story of the movie didn’t really flow, the character development was really lacking…I could go on.

I think my favorite actress in the whole movie was Regina King. I thought she did a great job and shined in an ensemble movie that was big on names but little on chemistry.

Chris Brown…I really wanted this to be his breakout role or something. But Chris Brown couldn’t even ACT like a singer. Or a young adult. It was just terrible. He was there for star power and it became really obvious when in the opening scenes of the movie he is shirtless laying in a bed. It was painfully obvious he was there to get the younger kids in to see a movie starring Delroy Lindo and Loretta Devine (whom I really love).

Overall, I give this movie a C. What did ya’ll think, cause I KNOW some of ya’ll saw it!

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65 responses to ““This Christmas” Review”

23 11 2007
Eclat - that Black Girl in Paris (17:16:53) :

Is it possible for a movie like this to have a break out role?? It’s pretty evident from the movie’s poster that Chris Brown is meant to sell the film.

23 11 2007
Beyaki says.. (17:25:48) :

Chris Brown…I really wanted this to be his breakout role or something. But Chris Brown couldn’t even ACT like a singer.

LMAO, thats terrible since many people think he is a singer.He is the male version of Ciara to me, they can dance but lack of voice thereof.Huffing and puffing and singing just doesn’t work.
But on to the movie I didn’t see and I probably won’t.My stomach was too stuffed lol.I might see it, I’ll see I’m 50/50 when it comes to movies.

23 11 2007
Ari.Dae (17:28:12) :

This Christmas?
It was cool. I didn’t really understand the characters relationship until maybe 15 minutes into the movie.
I agree best part: Bathroom scene (lol)
Did you catch the Al Gore look a like in the choir in the church scene? Shhhooo…He can GET IT!
And a “Special Appearence” by Mekahi Pheifer…hmmmm…

23 11 2007
Stephanie (17:29:19) :

I couldn’t disagree with you more. I though it was a good movie and I think Chris Brown did a very good job. I for one didn’t expect him to be much of an actor but he pulled it off well. He definitely did a better job than Lauren London. I was nice to see a successful black family on the big screen. I loved Delroy Lindo and Regina King as expected. I was however not really feeling the whole secret wife and pregnancy thing but other than that I truly enjoyed the film. Chris Brown was a very good surprise. I didn’t think that I would be able to get passed the fact that I was seeing Chris Brown and really see “baby” the character he was playing but I did. I think that he did a very good job and he is only going to get better from here. I am looking forward to seeing him in future projects.

23 11 2007
dani (17:42:00) :

Ari.dea, the bathroom scene was hella wonderful! I don’t know what was better: that scene or the Jill Scott bottle bashing in “Why Did I Get Married?” I didn’t like how Chris Brown was the voice of reason or whatever, but I enjoyed it. The end where they did the Soul Train line was great too.

23 11 2007
Dani (18:15:53) :

B00! This movie was a good hot, sweaty MESS and a half. Can we say Generic Soul Food? Boot-leg Soul food? How long did it take me to get to the plot? The character purpose/relationship? Or should i say the lack thereof. I strongly agree;

“Let me say this: It is one of those movies where all the good parts ARE IN THE TRAILERS!”

Thats pathetic. I was expecting much, much more. Next time i see a movie of THIS caliber, i’ll wait till` it’s $5.88 at Wal-Mart. I won’t go boot- leg, but that movie was somethin` else.


23 11 2007
nija (19:01:19) :

I was so DEAD @ this movie!
You cannot tell me that Lauren London didnt play herself in this movie AND FAILED!

23 11 2007
Zaria (19:10:34) :

I agree w/Dani up there. It screamed SOUL FOOD. From the scene @the beginning where they’re in a bar and dude whacks the other dude upside the head with the bottle - from that moment on, there kept on being more and more Soul Food situations (selling ma’s house/financially successful sis can’t cook but the sis w/the husband & kids can, and the list goes on). I thought the flick had potential, but I guess you’re kinda right - the best was in the trailers. I enjoyed hearing Chris sing, though. Didn’t enjoy the line of 8 teenage girls yelling and screaming when he was on screen, though, or them clappin’ all loud like they were in a concert [after he sang].

It had its moments, but overall it was unoriginal to me.

I also agree that Regina did a great job.

Enjoyed the VERY end (dancing).

23 11 2007
Dani (19:27:13) :

I very much agree; i enjoyed Chris Brown’s singing too.
Too sad the dancing at the end was the best part;
&they weren’t EVEN in CHARACTER.


23 11 2007
carolinagirl (19:43:42) :

We were going to see it tomorrow, but I guess this can wait til it comes out on DVD. Oh well…. there’s some other Christmas movie coming out with Morris Chestnut (sexay!) and Gabrielle Union. I forget the name, but it looks cute.

23 11 2007
Simply_B (20:16:26) :

Aww I wanted to see this movie too. I guess Ill try to find it on bootleg.

23 11 2007
Understanding (20:55:15) :

Everything Stephanie said …

23 11 2007
Z'maji (22:31:59) :

I got this one yawl,
Me and my Momma went to see it, and lo’ and behold, the thing wouldn’t work for like 25 minutes past the time it was supposed to start(even the film was on CP time)………I think the film projector said “Tag it with a pretty name but you still can’t fool me, I know BLAXPLOITATION when I see it and I ain’t playin it”

Bless God anyways, I walked out and went to see “The Mist” instead and got the Thanksgiving dinner scared out of me……

-Z’maji @ hauteblogxoxo.wordpress.com

23 11 2007
Ms. Niqua (23:23:17) :

This is basically “Soul Food” without Big Mama. This was BAD. This wasn’t even as good as the TV VERSION OF “Soul Food” on BET. A mess at Mr. Brown being the only one who was even remotely normal. DIED at the Soul Train line at the end. It seemed inappropriate to me. They should’ve ended the movie with a group hug and fade to black.

24 11 2007
bronx_chic (03:10:06) :

um yeah, between heresay and reviews i’ve read, i’ll be waiting to see this on tbs. it looks so generic and predictable, i don’t care how many pretty people they got in it.

oh and dead @ loretta divine’s name in the movie being “ma’ dear” :)

24 11 2007
Ashley (04:30:11) :

i was on a date and i think it was funny

24 11 2007
kelis (08:10:22) :

Well I left the movie trying to figure out why I wasn’t really moved by it and now I know. I agree with u-there was no character development whatsoever that really made u know and love the characters. And I do agree with everyone that this was a bootleg version of Soul Food.

I had high hopes for Lauren London but in this movie she wasn’t the business..

Chris Brown actually exceeded my expectations, but could that be because they were extremely low for him in the first place? Halle Berry plays a better singer than him though, and he is one.. or at least is supposed to be one. His “Try a little Tenderness” scene was painful for me to watch.

Delroy Lindo and Loretta Devine were great, along with Regina King. Idris Elba shouldn’t have even been in this movie. And “special appearance” by Mekhi Phifer? Ummm.. yeah. BOO!

24 11 2007
kelis (08:21:36) :

OH YEAH… Someone said something about a movie coming out with Morris Chestnut and Gabrielle Union. I saw the commercial and all I have to say is that I will NOT be seeing it.

They are both mediocre actors and if I see another movie with them together I am going to scream. There are other black actors/actresses out there. Why Morris Chestnut always gotta be the go-to for a “dark, handsome” love interest? It seems like they recycle the same people for every black romantic comedy.

24 11 2007
kelis (08:21:59) :

sorry for the long posts..:)

24 11 2007
MissJamaica (09:17:07) :

I agree that there wasn’t a lot of character development. I actually liked Laz Alonzo’s character a lot; he really pulled off the bad guy persona and he and Regina King really made me believe what was going on between them. Why is Sharon Leal doing anything besides musicals? She’s always playing the same character BADLY! Keith Robinson was good and Delroy Lindo was a gem as always. Chris Brown was alright; you could tell he wanted to break out in dance everytime he sang but was trying to keep himself steady. The storyline was weak also but some of the lesser known characters actually helped where the big name actors fell off. Still,wait till the DVD comes out or it’s showing at the $1 theater (if you have one in your town).

24 11 2007
soulkat (09:36:17) :

guess i won’t be seeing this movie until dvd or cable.

24 11 2007
80's baby (09:36:44) :

I thought this movie was good. I didn’t go into this expecting much so I was pleasantly suprised. It’s a great family movie that I think appeals to all races, and ages plus I liked it alot better than “Why did I get Married”; I went to see it with my entire family from ages 3 to 65 and we all enjoyed it (Well maybe the 3 year old didn’t, but the rest of us did).

The message of the movie was relayed well. Families have issues but you don’t get to pick your family so you deal with them, love them, and live with it. I’d recommend anyone who wanted to see the movie to check it out and form their own opinion.

24 11 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (09:40:05) :

When I saw the trailer for this I immediately thought “Soul Food 2″. I didnt want to go see it off of the trailers alone. Chris Brown came off nerdy to me, Lauren, as beautiful as she is, is not the best actress and having Idris, Loretta, Regina and Delroy all in one movie just SCREAMS all hype and no deliverance. Its like, you had to put all the great black actors in one movie just to make me go watch it…

24 11 2007
mimi (14:23:24) :

i’m definitely taking a pasadena on this one.
it just screams black people being black.

i might see the new martin movie though…

24 11 2007
Rebecca (14:26:29) :

I haven’t seen the movie and I think I’ll wait for it to come on STARZ or Showtime or HBO or Cinemax. It doesn’t matter, I have all of them channels for times just like these. This movie seems like ” The Brothers” or ” The Best Man”, from the promos I can see it lacks substance. It’s a shame that our movies aren’t crafted better. You have all these powerhouse actors and they have no good script to work with.

24 11 2007
HPTjones (16:16:23) :

Yeah, I saw it with the ‘rents and the lil bro after dinner and a quick nappy nap. I enjoyed looking at Stringer, Nu-nu was just kinda there,Johnny 2 step was cute and just….there. I didnt get the whole thing with David Banner and the other dude with the locks. I wasnt expecting to much going in it just one of those movies that just gets you outta the house for a while. PS Regina’s body is looking kinda sick, she was working it.

24 11 2007
Ashes (18:45:43) :

I loved it.
I mean its a pretty typical movie, anyone could guess the ending or at least some of the conflicts, it seems like a bootleg typer perry to me becuase the main character;s name was “Madea?”, not sure thats how it sounded, but it was good the good santa jokes and the bad snata, ho-ho-ho was unneccesary like it seemed like tje sexual part was thrown it to appeal to an audience that the movie wasnt targetd to, I went for Chris Brown and the guy from that step movie, and lauren london etc.. The cast was excellent but the stpry line couldve been stronger and less standard disfunctional christmas

24 11 2007
Soulwriter (19:34:37) :

I’m with Stephanie; except for the fact that it ran a lil’ long, we all enjoyed it. The next 2 X-Mas flicks look ig’nant, but watching my daughter struggle w/ a bowel movement was more fun than “Who’s My Caddy,” so what the hell…..

24 11 2007
ALSmith (20:56:40) :

Kelis, you hit it on the head with your comment…er…comments :)

I didn’t have too many expectations for the movie, Regina King put it down as did Delroy and Loretta, but don’t they always? So I left feeling alright. Sharon Leal also gets two thumbs up from me for acting… I see her diversifying her portfolio (that is, she’s played two distinct and separate characters in her most recent films)

I didn’t expect anything from Chris Brown, I’ve seen him in interviews and my opinion is that if you can’t adequately express yourself on your own in an interview, good luck adequately expressing being someone else.

Lauren London’s acting was NOT the business, but it wasn’t the business in ATL either, so I’m not gon’ hate on the girl for at least being consistent. (I just decided today to quit calling that girl New New because folks don’t seem to remember who I’m talking about when I say that).

As for the story… it had TOO MUCH STUFF going on and it was almost like the writers said “Hmm… We like this plotline, let’s run with it a little ways, and OOHHH… another fun plotline.” Perhaps the writers had ADD or something. What probably irritated me more than anything else was that this movie had some potential show-saving plotlines that they just didn’t run with.

What did plague me through the whole movie was WHY THE HELL DID THIS RANDOM COUSIN SHOW UP WHEN HE HAS 7 KIDS RUNNING AROUND IN THE WORLD?! Just don’t make no damn sense; I hate when movies have plot holes. WHY?!

Somebody mentioned Perfect Holiday… I LOVE LOVE LOVE Katt Williams, but even his few scenes may not be enough to get my behind in a seat to see it. What’s going on with black films these days? Lord. From the previews I saw, these actors will not be getting my money for their coonery. Puhlease

24 11 2007
babymomma#4 (23:26:57) :

str8 bootleg material!!! i got it the first day out. and it sux!

25 11 2007
Harlem Chic (07:58:32) :


If I see another stereotypical black middle class macaroni and cheese station yaki weave wearing diabetes cancer heart disease having mediocre in-between stale ass having movie I swear I’mma get seventies New York and pull mah knife out.

Damn black people…when did we become so average and predictable?

I would’nt spend .1/2 cent on yet another happy go lucky big mama movie….I’ll have more fun go to the .99 cent store to buy a coloring book.

25 11 2007
TINY (09:05:19) :

I saw that crap!!! I should have kept my $10.50 The story line was everywhere.
Chris brown was horrible. the only parts in the movie that really made me laugh were the HO,HO,HO joke and the batteries for the vibrator joke. Regina king has aged beautifully!!! Lauren london was just a pretty face to look at. Columbus Short an his white pregnant fiance, was very tipical of course…..
I give it a D- for the mother’s name being very similar to Tyler perry’s MEDEA
her’s being MY DEAR (WTF)

25 11 2007
Ms. Niqua (10:17:38) :

^^^ I thought her name was Madea!

25 11 2007
lovin the d (11:21:13) :

I think I’ll wait until it comes on cable!!!

25 11 2007
babymomma#4 (11:32:21) :

it might not even get on ‘on demand’ thats a str8 BET special!!!

25 11 2007
Ghost (12:44:09) :

Chris Brown was in teh movie to sell tickets to those young girls that will flock to any movie featuring the singer/rapper of the moment. Think of how many of them would have been in there if Omarion and Bow Wow were in Chris Brown’s role.

It’s the new trend of black films screw a script get flavor of the moment singer/rapper and you will get more press for the film no matter how bad it is. Anyone else notice all you saw was Chris Brown on magazines covers, hosting CW Monday night and Specials on BET for the movie.

Now think if it was Arjay Smith (the black boy from Day After Tomorrow & Allen Strange) or Lee ThompsonYoung (Famous Jett Jackson) or Wesley Jonathan (City Guys) or even Sean “I can steal the soptlight from anybody” Nelson (Fresh). You think we would have seen as much press for this film with ANY of them in the role? No.

Look at imdb.com and you’ll noticed some of the most hated black films on there have either mainly rappers/singers in them. Yet the ones that don’t or don’t rely on those guys are hated.

25 11 2007
Hillari (13:26:20) :

It wasn’t horrible. Yeah, you could see some of the plot points coming from a mile away. However, it wasn’t sappy or overly sentimental like the other crap that is usually foisted on the public around the holidays. Chris Brown was likeable, and as usual, Regina King was great. The camera really loves her, I think, because she lights up the screen whenever she is on. I loved that Lindo’s character was such a stand up guy.

However, no, if someone goes to this film looking for the buffoonery in something like, oh. . .let’s say a movie like Big Momma’s House or what I saw in the trailer for that let’s-rob-the-church movie starring Ice Cube and Katt Williams, then they would have been disappointed by This Christmas.

25 11 2007
cloe (13:50:11) :

it is what it is.

25 11 2007
~MJ (14:48:02) :

Well, the holidays are over. Time to get to work.

Thanks for the heads-up, IPS. I won’t waste my time seeing this movie.

25 11 2007
Kay (16:18:53) :

I think this movie was good could`ve been more u people r stupid if u didn`t like it

25 11 2007
Ms. Niqua (16:59:10) :

@ Kay

Bitch Please. That movie was bad because it was predictable. It was’nt overly horrible, just bad.

And this is NOT the place to call people stupid. Have you ever been in a free clinic and screamed out “”NIGGERS!!!”? That is basically what you are doing.

25 11 2007
Beyaki says... (17:00:15) :

Kay (16:18:53) :

Ummmm people are not going to like what you like.Just because its a black cast or whatever it doesn’t even matter.

Harlem Chic (07:58:32) :

LMAO you on point with that!

25 11 2007
bria (17:37:36) :

You can take that comment and put it up your ass.That movie was wonderfull and Chris Brown was just an bonus!!

25 11 2007
~MJ (17:44:20) :

@ Kay and Bria

Who let you two in?

25 11 2007
tiffany (17:55:18) :

Not trynna rock anyones boat but the movie was not good, chris brown sold the damn thing because if he was not in it, Half of the teens who saw it, would’nt have gave two dead flies about it. Lets move on people I’m 17 and i still know it sucked and yeah I’m a chris brown fan, it still sucked. REMAKE of soulfoud

25 11 2007
bria (17:57:23) :

bitch please you better take that comment back

25 11 2007
TINY (18:13:23) :

@Bria & Kay
Kick Bricks!!!!!! We don’t play when it comes to new bees trying to get buck!!!
SO BACK THE FUCK BACK!!!!!! The movie was Trash an just so you know this ain’t no fan sight so if you getting all defensive just because Chris Breezy was it in then OH WELL!!

25 11 2007
Erajahnous (19:46:30) :

THIS MOVIE WAS FINE, It’s not no Oscar winning film but please.. it’s a black Xmas film… just go and support the film cuz there will be more to come. 20 years ago we were looking at the Brady Bunch Xmas reunion. The acting was fine for what they were going for.. just don’t be so critical of the story line since it’s light hearted… LOL

26 11 2007
Tone (01:03:02) :

Honestly, When reading HOTMESS I rightaway thought HELL NA when my girl mentioned how she wanted to see the film, but considering that I’m a movie fanatic I figured I’d take my $10 (or $20+ since I took my girl) and check it out for myself.

Sure, its DEF not an oscar winning film (by ANY means!) but you have to take the film for what its worth. It a feel good holiday film! Let me say this, when watching a movie, judge it on it, and IT ALONE…dont analyze it until the end and DONT read reviews for it either. Everyone has their own opinions and looks for different content or meaning from within the film.

Yes, I agree, it DOES have the SOUL-FOODish quality (OR BITTING IT 2 A T!) but forget the fact that SOUL FOOD was ever made….THEN would the film get a better rating??? After all, all movies (or types) pretty much get re-done in some sort of fashion.

The characters were aight….I mean, they just tried to create a character to represent ever type of person that would fill the (theatre) seats…C.Brown for the young Audience, Regina King, Delroy and Loretta for the older more appreciative audiences, Lauren London (THANK GOD! Cause she IS FINE! haha) for the (I guess lol) WISHFUL THINKERS, and everyone else pretty much to feel the spots.

The movie was a simple movie made for its purpose…to bring families together during the holiday seasons….chill out people…just watch it and appreciate it for its worth.

For those of you that really didnt like it, what else would you have wanted (outside of whats already been written in past flicks)???

Im curious in your responses….if you’d like to personally tell me, hit me up @ tmartinez81@aol.com or myspace.com/MavisMusicOnline

Merry X-Mas and hope yall had a very PLUMP Turkey Day!

Peace’n Blessings…..

26 11 2007
IBN (05:12:38) :

I thought it was a pretty good movie it was funny and dramatic at times. The movie was not that bad we need to support black movies and movies in general. No one is buying cd’s anymore at least go see a movie.


26 11 2007
Mena (07:48:50) :

I knew I wasnt seeing it cause I am tired of all these movies with black people cooning and dancing like thats all we know how to do. Also wasnt seeing it cause it has that totally hot dude from that stepping movie marrying some white hoe! I aint paying my money to watch the younger generation be persuaded to love these crackers. To hell with them for that!

26 11 2007
Chynaboo (08:14:51) :

When my man and I went to the theatre this weekend, we were going to do a two-for-one with This Christmas being the freebie. It was not even worth it! It was too many children in the mix that they actually had security sitting in the theatre. We skipped This Christmas as our freebie and went to see The Mist instead. Hell all the movies released were wack. Hitman’s plot was horrible, The Mist was something I could have watched on Sci Fi, and just seeing the reviews from people on this blog has convinced me that This Christmas was more of a teeny booper movie and I didn’t miss out on anything! Hell I should have went to see In the Time of Cholera

26 11 2007
mic check1,2,1,2 (08:29:53) :

i really enjoyed this movie. me and all of my cousins went to go see it on thanksgiving night so it was a good family outting. i really like mekhi in the movie and the best parts was the bathroom scene and also at the end when everyone was dancing. imo the movie was good.

26 11 2007
fo real? (10:50:47) :

I must say that I enjoyed the movie. We saw it as a family-outing event and it was perfect for that. I certainly didn’t expect any Oscar-worthy performances or dramatic plot twists from a Christmas, family movie. Soul Food is one of my fav movies so I was more than happy to see something similar. I don’t know about y’all but I’m ‘BOUT TIRED of seeing us as only drug dealers, prostitutes, theives, and pimps! I’ll take this over an “American Gangster” anyday.

26 11 2007
Deezie (11:28:37) :

Yeah WTF ?
WAs Mekhi P. a stalker?
Delroy Lindo’s nose?
Lauren London and Effie’s brother from Dreamgirls?
Why did Loretta Divine have to scream so much? (Soul train line)
Colombus Short was in this movie for what?
Regina kings daughter’s hair was not combed because?
Sharon Leal dad was senior too? Those kids look sooooo different to have the same daddy!
Chris Brown sings so flat, Was there only one club in that city, that they all decided to go to.
Point= Cheezy

26 11 2007
Breezy; (12:53:31) :

I hate when they show all the good parts in the trailer! It’s not as funny!

26 11 2007
Chicago's Finest (13:25:28) :

This movie gets the 3 c’s from me. Crappy, Corny, and Cliche. All of the characters were one dimensional. We have already seen these characters in other “black films.” I think a lot of people mentioned Soul Food. They were right on the money!! The dialog between the characters ranged from pathetic to almost too tedious to watch. This movie wasn’t even bootleg-worthy. I had a better time trying to pick the popcorn kernels from my teeth than sit through this mess. All in all, this movie was a bore. For those who haven’t seen it please avoid this like an STD!!!

26 11 2007
Honey (13:57:11) :

You know we all got full stomachs and walked around to the show to see it…just cause it was the holiday. It was as bad as some of the shows on the Lifetime network when you drop the remote behind the bed and just don’t feel like moving the mattress to get it right now. We watched it because my little niece wanted to see that little light skinned boy sing, she loved that and got all emotional…I almost fell asleep during it after all the dressing and turkey. It didn’t flow, was cut all up, and kinda dumb, the man jumped out the window without his sax, then had his sax, what was up with the Mexican woman? Maid, friend, cousin? That song in church? Pretty sad piece of work! The dance at the end was the best part, but me and my family coulda done that at the house!

26 11 2007
ME WHO? (14:36:44) :

This movies was so much trash. 3 out of 10. Ya’ll should go and see HIT MAN

26 11 2007
ALSmith (17:12:19) :

After reading more comments, I do wanna add something:

I can give This Christmas it’s props for, in a lot of ways, not being the stereotypical black movie. No one was a drug dealer, prostitute, jail bird or anything else black folks get pegged as. It also was still VERY stereotypical.

I’m tired of black people getting passes because we’re black. Passes like you give slow kids in reading class. We have writers, producers, directors and actors who are WAY more talented than their white counterparts and yet we continue to put out sub par work.

If more of our films WERE Oscar worthy, then the occasional feel good movie would be all good, but as it stands FEW if any of our films get Oscar nods and meanwhile we keep putting out the same movie over and over (see You Got Served, Stomp the Yard, How She Move (though it is Canadian) and Drumline for reference) never striving to do and be better.

So yeah, This Christmas wasn’t horrible, Lord knows I’ve seen worse (anyone ever seen “The Sisterhood” OMG… I’m not in a Black Greek Letter Organization and I was offended) but it had a chance to be so much better than it was and THAT’S what truly makes it a “bad film.” If this movie had had a white cast in it, it would be the Gigli of Christmas films. Too many plot holes, underdeveloped characters, underdeveloped or completely ignored storylines (like who the hell was the Hispanic lady? Was I to just assume she was the maid?). Any white film with problems like those never would’ve seen the Big Screen… it would’ve been in editing and re-production until Jesus comes back.

Somebody call me when we put out some groundbreaking film that doesn’t take us back to 1965 (not that our history isn’t important, it is, but we’ve done that already) but instead tells the story of the Black experience…. in whatever realm… and does it in a new and fresh way.

27 11 2007
BigBlackRod (09:01:13) :

“That movie was wonderfull and Chris Brown was just an bonus!!”

Our American education system at work…PEACE.

27 11 2007
theonetowatch (22:04:20) :

So, let me just say… boo. Double boo. I’m sorry, feel good holiday blah blah and what have you aside, that movie was such the disappointment. Much of the acting was flat, especially Chris Brown’s character with that “Mama, I wanna sing!” rigamarole. He just looked like he was trying hard NOT to look natural, which certainly defeats the purpose of acting. Loved the awkward heart to heart. Regina King was the highlight for me, and I enjoyed Delroy and Loretta- but even their contribution couldn’t salvage this blah. Just a classic case of crappy writing. LMAO @ the henchman sleeping over in double beds. Mehki Phifer as a stalker Santa? WTF. And yeah, okay @ the neverending Soul Train line at the end of an already too long movie. I was still wiping away tears of boredom thinking, are they serious? Ten minutes of shuckin and jivin directing INTO the camera because… why? It seemed like something the audience would enjoy? That part was lost on the likes of me.

28 11 2007
Tia Mia (07:12:46) :

I saw the movie…twice. Once with my little cousins, and again with my girl. Okay, so the movie was alright. Even my white gf said” I thought it’d be better than this”. SMH. Anyway, It had its moments, but I agree, the best parts were in thr trailer. And as someone else said…WHY was cousin frank in the movie? What was his point? Second time through the movie I was thinkin to myself that maybe the director owed this actor a favor and promised him a part in his next movie… cuz other than that I see no point for his character. The “ho ho ho” joke got played out after the first time they said it. Chris Brown was a little akward and I am not surprised that he wanted to sing. AND for all the folks out there thats saying” at least we weren’t portrayed as ganstas”… what do you call Idris, David Banner, and “dude”s character? Meki wasn’t convincing to me, but I will give props to Sharon Lean for doing two totally different characters (why did i get married/ This christmas) and doing it well. I mean she is an actress i suppose. Anyway, thats my two cents. I give it a… c+. Maybe.

29 11 2007
ILANA (14:36:00) :

ewww you r so stupiddd i saw the movie and it was awwwsome!!!!!!! wat? u r a fukin idiot.

29 11 2007
Ms. Niqua (15:17:54) :

@ Ilana

Girl stop. Don’t hate the player, hate the game

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