Video: Cheri Dennis - “Portrait of Love” Feat. Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe

28 11 2007

Cheri Dennis - Portrait of Love ft. Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe

Man, poor Cheri Dennis couldn’t catch a hit if she had 4 arms and they all had leather catcher’s mitts.

Don’t get me wrong, I think she has a modicum of talent. Whenever she got signed 50-11 years ago, I’m sure she was the business. Now she just comes off a C-rate, Faith Evans-esque singer with medium looks, Rihanna’s stylist, and an even more tepid track/song.

That first dress she had on looks like it came out of Auntie Esther’s “70’s Flashback” memory box! I mean, WHY! Had her looking like a fancy gold tin foil leftover doggie bag.

And I mean, really, Gorilla Zoe? In a suit? That’s like cooking liver with some onions and calling it a steak!

I don’t know why Diddy insisted on pushing his Bad Boy South artists on poor Cheri. Give her some real star power. Like, who else he got…ummm…well, Craig Mack needs a new royalty check, I’m sure?

This just wasn’t the song to launch her “career” from, and now, I fear for her again. She’s gonna get pushed back again and that brand new eyeshadow she just got is gonna sit on the shelf collecting more dust.

She looked good at the silhouette part at the end.

I really want to really hear what Cheri can do, and while “I Love You” was a nice introduction, she needs to bring some heat!

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44 responses to “Video: Cheri Dennis - “Portrait of Love” Feat. Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe”

29 11 2007
Jess (01:23:10) :

i dont kno what happened
“i love you” was a good song… but there was no follow up that was good enuff lol… maybe she wasnt gettin it like cassie was… or maybe diddy was takin up studio time for “press pause” lol

29 11 2007
LA (02:49:16) :

i actually like the video,the song is just..OK
joc and gorrilla zoe are eye sores
but she reminds me of a keri hilson

29 11 2007
WTF (03:59:49) :

The song is alright and yeah I agree that first dress YUCK and whoever done her makeup needs a slap having her face looking all ashy like she didn’t bother to cream her skin,

I get what your saying LA first I thought it said Keri then I was like oh cha but she’s alright but I don’t sense that i’ll rush out and get her album when it sees the light

29 11 2007
~MJ (05:10:59) :

Does a “portrait of love” mean “Olan Mills love”?

29 11 2007
fed_up (05:53:49) :

im sorry but this is the WEAKEST…like for real man they have GOT TO GOT TO GOT TO COME HARDER! so although it is ok ( and that is giving it more than what it deserves cuz it bored the eff out of me!) ok is not enough. like come on albums have NOT been selling and you think this mona lisa, michael angelo shit is gonna make u sell records. im sorry U NEED MORE PEOPLE>

29 11 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (05:59:12) :

Even though this album is scheduled to be released sometime in Neveruary, the album has already leaked. I’ll let you know how it is after I attempt to listen to it lol

29 11 2007
rap-up-player (06:07:31) :

its bad.

29 11 2007
Agie (06:07:35) :

The song was okay but it a little weird she never changed her facial expressions.

29 11 2007
epiphanyblog (06:14:08) :

NOT A FAN!!!!! I think Diddy and the Hitmen need to remix this one and maybe it could be banging in the clubs. I don’t know…sounds very 10th grade talent show-esque. Also that damn make up artist needs to be shot….ole girl was tore up from the floor up in that gold tin foil dress and that wicked eye shadow!

29 11 2007
JRochelle (06:14:58) :

In the last bit she looks like Meagan Good a little….Well anyways, this song is just so bland and forgettable. I can’t imagine it getting much airplay.

29 11 2007
TINY (06:52:18) :

The beat was OK. I just wish female artist can make songs without featuring any rappers. That sometimes takes away from the song. I like Cheri Dennis as an artist, she just needs better writers and better management to say the least.

29 11 2007
Redd (06:52:31) :

Uuuuummmm……gee. I think I’ve heard this somewhere before. The shame is, Cheri obviously has some talent, but the material is dirty booty crack whack. Does the industry think we’re stupid?

Pitty..I mean Piddy, damn! I’m sorry. I mean P. Diddy needs to stick with promoting the one “artist” he knows how to promote. HIMSELF! I miss the 80’s and 90. Jesus please be a Retro Music/Video Jukebox!!!

29 11 2007
Marcus Langford (06:59:21) :

“i love you” was the hottest song that cheri put out, but she has become another one of those “what ever happened to…..” type of singers. did she ever release a full album?

29 11 2007
neekah (07:09:07) :

And I mean, really, Gorilla Zoe? In a suit? That’s like cooking liver with some onions and calling it a steak!

I am so done right now!!! Tooo funny for words!!!

29 11 2007
msantina (07:11:08) :

Diddy should have made Boom Boom Kat teach Cheri some new moves before he fired her. That’s the same/only dance move she was doing in I Love You video. I like Cheri, but she her material is so blah. The song isn’t terrible, it’s just not um…..good. She and Kelly need to run like hell to new management because we will never know the extent of their talents if they stay with their present management. Oh and the make-up and attire in this video was utterly disrespectful. Plus, that “I just got banged out” tousled hair (silver assymmetrical trench dress smdh) was not the bidness either.

29 11 2007
Z'maji say "Whoa there Marcus" (08:27:14) :

I mean Cheri ain’t all that great anyways, but Diddy is such a hoe for shaftin that girl like that.
He new this song was trash when he took the Hitmen’s dicks out his mouth and gargled to clear his throat of babies that this was some whack ass bullshit. GOOOODDDD I CAN’T STAND HIM.

-Z’maji @

29 11 2007
2snaps (08:27:57) :

does pooofff daddy know how to put an effort into any thing besides himself cause home girl been strugglin for a minute

29 11 2007
lovin the d (09:34:36) :

Waste of money and time.

29 11 2007
TushieTime/SoDamnSick (09:45:45) :

Well like Black & D Jay in Hustle in Flow said: ” Everybody gotta have a Dream.”

Yes - Faith Rip off ( Diddy always findin somebody who sound like someone else)

Yes - The track,beat,song etc etc WEEEEAAAK!! as hell.

Yes - Her hair,outfits etc etc — not a good look.

And I wouldnt have had the dancers dressed and looking better than me in MY shit!! Hell no!

— poor baby, try again.

29 11 2007
ajin (09:55:46) :

dumb question: is she really rihanna’s stylist? bc if she is thats a better look than her alleged singing career. I think she’s playing it safe by staying on the payroll

29 11 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (11:59:22) :

I love Cheri, she had this one track on Diddy’s album in 199? and I loved it. I had high hopes for her but I knew it was coming to an end when she was singing the theme song for Making the Band 2 and the next season they had Danity Kane singing was a WRAP for poor Ms. Dennis

29 11 2007
carolinagirl (12:02:58) :

MissOhMy, I think I know what song you’re talking about. Is it something like so complete or so imcomplete. It had a nice beat.

29 11 2007
Jess (12:25:29) :

her album in on sale on itunes
so… u kan listen 2 the snippets
cuz i know im not buying it…

29 11 2007
Lanee' (12:46:16) :

I think she actually had the asymmetrical cut way before Rihanna did. That ho just gets all the credit for it.

Song is ok, I wish wishing she would come a little harder than that cuz I still bump “I Love You” all the time.

29 11 2007
Rebecca (13:49:08) :

“Dirty booty crack wack”
I don’t know if you are male or female, but you my ni**a just for saying that. That made my day and it was so accurate. I don’t know why but this song reminds me of like a Vanity 6 song. Not a good look, especially 20 years after the fact. I was dead at Cheri wearing the bobby socks and high heels looking like a knock-off Mary Jane Girl. I think Cheri Dennis and Kelly Rowland should start a support group for artists that have been shit on by their labels.

29 11 2007
Ms. Niqua (14:18:29) :

^^^ Call it “The D-List Diva Hotline”

29 11 2007
Beyaki says (14:19:12) :

I stan I Love You, it was hot joint!I just didn’ t like how he put DK in the video because they already had exposure and she really didn’t.Anyways it was a nice song.The instrumental is much better to listen to I don’t know maybe a couple spins….maybe not.There will never be another Faith,112,Carl Thomas I mean geez those were like the best artist in my opinion.

29 11 2007
~MJ (15:23:07) :

And why does she look like she has the wet cat hair and Cotton Hill leg-knees?

29 11 2007
OHNOSHEDIDNT (16:19:56) :

am i the only one who sees the ciara and keri hilson-esque qualities in Cheri? I mean looks-wise. “I love you” is my jam, got the remix with uncle Jimmy Jones on my iPod, but as far as I’m concerned…Diddy has two artists: himself and Joc, and if he f**k around too long, Danity Kane and the boys from MTB4 won’t even be on the come up.

29 11 2007
OHNOSHEDIDNT (16:21:38) :

Carl Thomas put out a new joint this year…and its kinda tight for someone whose last mainstream hit was in ‘02.

29 11 2007
Ms. Niqua (16:32:45) :

Cheri Dennis is so getting played by Puffy (I am NOT calling him Diddy) and Bad Bitch Records, but I am glad she is at least one step closer to getting some airplay.

29 11 2007
Beyaki says.. (16:46:11) :

OHNOSHEDIDNT (16:21:38) :

Late Night Rendevouz is hot!They ain’t ready!Don’t sleep on that ish yall (if you haven’t heard it)!They actually just started to play it on the radio and I’m sitting going like this was so March but it’s still hot.

29 11 2007
Carmex Lip Balm (17:10:02) :

You should listen to her song called ‘Pretend’. Its a nice song and she sounds good

29 11 2007
Marc (18:04:51) :

Why does Bad Boy even still exist? How are people still on the roster? The Red Sea has been split in front of those doors for far to long for people not to get the hint; I mean REALLY! I’m gonna start referring to P-Duff Daddy Piddle De Dee as Ramses.

30 11 2007
kaykay (04:38:33) :

puff daddy can’t pick a star for nothing in the world all the great artist that were on bad boy left after biggie died such as 112, faith evans, mary j blidge, lil kim, lil cease, the lox i mean the list continues……

30 11 2007
Beyaki says.. (06:56:27) :

Bad Boy Plug
I know yall remember the Making the Band 263745732 right?
Well another season coming so they say on myspace..

30 11 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (07:10:27) :

How is he gonna have another season when he hasn’t even named this band yet? They aint got a single , or a video either..

1 12 2007
Neekah (14:32:00) :

Ok I know I am late watching this video but she looks a mess!!! She is a pretty lady but I thought she was about to break out the Roger Rabbit in that tin foil getup!!

I know she is shooting bricks at Keri Hilson because I can’t tell the two apart and I think they are neck in neck with KeKe- I hate a man-Coles when it comes to doing the two step.

I hate to think I Love You will be her first and only hot single because I can’t even listen to that song anymore and those piercing notes she squeeks out

2 12 2007
GOTT DAYUM (10:10:29) :

You know you bad when Solange Knowles can sing circles as big as the Chinese population around you.

She’s Dreadful.

Please Cheri go start a group with Kelly Rowland, KeKe Wyatt, Ashanti, Mya, Amerie and Blu Cantrell and call it S-FAH (Searchin’ Fo’ A Hit) and have Joe Jackson managing their asses.

2 12 2007
Sasha Simone (19:51:35) :

well that was boring, its kinda said that bad boy artist have to “try” and carry other bad boy artist. Joc sucks, but Cheri has potenal. Her first single was good I liked that song, but she was so stiff in this vid wow. Puff must be working his coaching methods on her.

4 12 2007
QForceInc (04:22:41) :

I just saw the end of this video on 106th and Park and was bored. It seems bootleg and like a half hearted effort to make good music. I have heard her name mentioned more than once and honestly I don’t see what the buzz is about. Sorry Cheri, I’m just keepin’ it real.

4 12 2007
She sucks.. (17:39:34) :

Cheri went to my high school…
She dropped out.

4 12 2007
naenae (18:15:04) :

^^^ haaaahahahahaa

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