Throwback of the Day: Latoiya Williams - “Fallen Star”

29 11 2007

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This is one of my top 10 singers. Ever. I LOVE Latoiya Williams. I stan hard for Ms. Williams. It’s a shame that Snoop never put her album out. I hate him to this day for that major faux pas of his. Why Snoop!? Latoiya is more than yours and Jay-Z’s hook singer! Girl has a classic, one of a kind voice. Her runs are crazy and she has such an old soulful timbre to her voice, like early Aretha Franklin. Her and Denetria Champ (who leads the choir at the end of “This Christmas” in the church scene).

In honor of “Sensual Seduction,” I had to post this joint so that ya’ll could see that Snoop had done something similar before. The whole retro/throwback old film noir look. He did this video for his “Doggystyle Allstars, Vol. 1″ compilation that came out a couple of years ago, featuring what I thought was going to be the debut of Latoiya Williams.
But if you’ve never heard this song, please listen. Turn it up. We need to write letters getting someone to put out Latoiya’s record!!

I love your voice Ms. Williams if you ever read this LOL! The IPS got love.

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33 responses to “Throwback of the Day: Latoiya Williams - “Fallen Star””

29 11 2007
incognito (08:37:43) :

I was just talking to someone the other day about her. I love her voice too. I wish she had an album out.

29 11 2007
epiphanyblog (08:37:58) :

Snoop should have left his “constipation” dance face on the cutting room floor, but this song is HOT. I never heard it before, but her voice is excellent. She sounds a little Aretha meets Ann Nesby….very soulful. SHe should duet with Anthony Hamilton.

29 11 2007
Taz (08:40:30) :

IPS, you are totally on point about her voice, I am so feeling her. Snoop just upped his spot on my ish list too. He just got on the list with that last video of him yall posted.

29 11 2007
TINY (08:43:11) :

I agree IPS, she does have a classic one of a kind voice. The video has a real 70’s soul feel (Me Likey)

29 11 2007



29 11 2007
The IPS (09:05:24) :

@epiphany, she did! LOL.

She did one on what, I think his last album or the one before that.

29 11 2007


29 11 2007
Ratchet (09:21:03) :

OH shit… this video was on Time Warner’s little Music Choice thing years ago… I was like 12 and I recorded it to tape because I didn’t have any other way to record it… but I lost the tape. MAN, I loved this song though! Anybody got a MP3?

29 11 2007
epiphanyblog (09:21:44) :

Just downloaded the song from iTunes…..thanks for the info!

29 11 2007
Ratchet (09:24:25) :

She doesn’t even have a wikipedia page T.T

29 11 2007
lovin the d (09:44:27) :

I remember her IPS, and yes that girl she could sang!!!! She sang from her belly. I wonder why the folks who can really sing, most of the time don’t sell any cd’s. I wish her well!!!!

29 11 2007
Jessica (09:48:42) :

great pick i like this tune

29 11 2007
TushieTime/SoDamnSick (09:52:37) :

Guess I have to be the sole dissenter on this one —

Who needs another ARetha. I didnt find her voice unique or impressive
( Iwouldadroppedhertoo based on this song alone).

I’ve seen better.

29 11 2007
The IPS (09:53:30) :

@Ratchet, I got you when I get back home later. My 9-5 blocks Zshare LOL.

29 11 2007
Ms. Niqua (14:42:34) :

@ Ratchet

Ms. Niqua gots the hookup. Click on my name for the link

29 11 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (14:47:37) :

Didn’t this chick have another single besides this one? I remember her, just not this song.

29 11 2007
Geeky Fresh (16:06:59) :

IPS you my nigga I fuck wit this song hard body back in ‘02

29 11 2007
mauweezie (18:01:40) :

Everytime I hear ‘I beleive in You’ from Snoop’s ‘Paid the cost…’ CD, Letoiya brings a smile to my face.

29 11 2007
Beyaki says.. (18:04:49) :

She is bad!I liked her on “All Around The World” with Jigga.Never knew she had a video to this.

29 11 2007
Ratchet (19:05:42) :

@ Ms. Niqua:


BTW I had those lyrics SO wrong when I was 12…:
“You promise me sadly, Venus and Mars,
But all I got was shit and a fallen star;
Out of this world, that it seems so far,
But still it just tells me it’s far from the heart…”

o.o I truly couldn’t hear…

29 11 2007
Rebecca (19:12:44) :

IPS, honey you threw me way back, like into a previous life. I can’t believe I have NEVER heard this song before. I like baby girl’s voice though. I ‘m gonna check for all the tracks y’all mentioned.

29 11 2007
gee (19:50:43) :

Damn you got me on this one. Never heard of her and I thought I knew everyone, LOL. Damn, how many gifted artist out there? Its a shame what this industry has turned into

29 11 2007
envynone (20:04:12) :

I love Latoiya too! I have her as a myspace friend…yes folks, check her out on myspace and show her some love. Personally I cannot understand why this woman hasn’t been signed or had a release, I have the Doggystlye Allstar Vol 1 Album and I love it! Where the hell is Vol 2.??? Anyway back to Latoiya…with a voice like hers, she can always make a come back. She just needs to make sure she stays on some grown and sexy sh*t and avoid trying to compete with the bumble gum singing crew ( you know who they are). That’s where many folks mess up. I sincerely hope that Latoiya will come back to the music scene, she is truly one of a kind, I don’t know if these people are ready for her. They done forgot what real singing sounds like, what talent sounds like….but I would buy her album and ten more that sounds like it! Good luck Latoiya!

29 11 2007
thistimenow (20:08:58) :

Macy Gray wishes that she could sing like this when she isn’t sounding like a drunk Daffy Duck. Since she reminded me of Ms. Gray, I’ll have to pass. Why was I sitting, relaxing in a nice cafe this morning in Seoul, South Korea and heard Macy Gray singing “This Christmas”? Why Lord?! It took everything in me to focus on my hot chocolate and even thank God that I can hear, even hear that HOT MESS. In my opinion, only the late Donny Hathaway could sing that song.

29 11 2007
Aairy (20:11:27) :

u dun made my day with this video! she wuz hella dope! my sis wuld sing this song all the time! aint gon lie she got a killa voice. wish she would hav came out wit a album tho

29 11 2007
divaTy (20:36:13) :


That’s all.

29 11 2007
kelis (23:06:44) :

This was my song back then. I was mad too that she never put out an album. And whatever happened to his other group, Doggy’s Angels?

30 11 2007
The Writer (07:21:50) :

I remember this song! This was my cut

Where IS her album? She still with Snoop? Where the hell she at now?

30 11 2007
chocolate (07:36:14) :

I love her too, her voice was teh best, better than any of them heffas thats out there now even Beyaki!!!!!!

1 12 2007
Mar (01:32:53) :

It’s funny that you posted this video….I was just thinking about what happened to her! She is singing on Young Buck’s ‘You ain’t goin no where’

She made that song what it is…I like rap, but sometimes I wish some rap songs were made into r&b songs. A perfect example is Alright by Freeway. But there is also a song by Allen Anthony (another fallen star from roc).

1 12 2007
TooFly4ThaNakedEyE (20:16:04) :

This is my SH*T!!! Downloaded to the Ipod
and be banging it ever since!!! She was Very much
slept on!! But, I was glad to see it on one of the
BET countdowns. I forgot what countdown it was, maybe
the Notarized, or some other BET special.

2 12 2007
Sasha Simone (19:37:42) :

I was just looking for music by her!! Now I know why I couldnt find any, I was spelling her name wrong. Anyways her voice is a very rare thing to hear now days. Its so raw, real and soulful. Snoop always cracks me up when he’s in those oldschool clothes, the senual seduction video was funny as hell.

14 01 2008
4u2nv (11:55:58) :

IPS, I’ve been looking for other Letoiya Williams fans, that girl needs true appreciation, I’m in the UK so I guess I’ll never get to see her perform live unless im over here, but if anyone knows where I can see her perform anywhere on the westcoast at anytime I’ll be over in a flash. Her voice is unique take a listen to her song on the sound track for Dre and Snoops “The Wash” film back in 2001. The songs called Everytime, its sick!!

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