Mess of the Moment *All-Star Edition*: Aretha Franklin

2 12 2007

Here’s a recent picture of Aretha Franklin herself once again. I don’t know who dug in the crates at CBS Studios to get Ginger Grant’s wig for Aretha, but they need to be shot. And her makeup? MOULIN ROUGE! Who forgot to tell me Ronald McDonald was coming out with a new line of blush?

I don’t know what’s going on with that rainbow Olympic medal thing. Maybe the gays gave her an award for best impression of a drag queen without actually being one.

This is the third time the Queen of Soul has been plastered on our wall-of-shame. She is now tied with Amy Winehouse and leaves former all-star Blu Cantrell in the dust.

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41 responses to “Mess of the Moment *All-Star Edition*: Aretha Franklin”

2 12 2007
J (18:49:42) :


looks like she’s sporting the rainbow medal because she’s getting a Kennedy Center award for lifetime achievement…clearly not for her fashion sense. sheesh!

2 12 2007
Beyaki says.. (18:58:37) :


2 12 2007
~MJ (19:11:51) :

Aretha looks like a ham baked on Jim Jones’s dirty body in the middle of July during a heat wave…….. and the ham would look better than her.

2 12 2007
Joy (19:20:13) :

The medal is definitely form the Kennedy Center…WTF though, I mean she’s got so much money and she still looked she got that dress from the clearance prom bin at Macy’s. The same goes for Diana Ross…I mean she’s got fashionable kids. I can believe they let their mom walk out of the house looking like she applied her makeup in the dark…her dress looked as though someone dragged it behind the limo..a hot lace mess!

2 12 2007
hazel (19:20:25) :

“Oh to hell with it…..”

That’s my only explanation for this monstrosity.

2 12 2007
Beyaki says.. (19:20:41) :

Is she wearing a bra too?Or not

*creamated 2 times*

That dress she got on makes a good table cloth,place mats you name it!

2 12 2007
Harlem Chic (19:31:04) :

Imma give her E for effort cause she did lose a tremendous amount of weight. Plus she’s a bad b*tch when it comes to the vocals…can’t none of these so called R&B chicks hold a candle to Aretha…

2 12 2007
geminigirl (20:00:42) :

She’s one of those stars were you find yourself shocked when she looks descent.

2 12 2007
Taz (20:16:31) :

ReRe needs to quit. how do you get to that level in your career and still look like you from the jets???? She needs to have a sit down with Oprah so she can re-learn the value of a stylist and having a make-up artist chained to you at all times.

2 12 2007
Angiea (20:19:19) :

Beyaki says.. (18:58:37) :

LOL! Just wrong…

Man, I love some ReRe but those straps on her dress? Are they for show or fully functional? I respect my elders to the fullest but no way in hell those tiny scraps all holding up them tittyballs. Just no way.

2 12 2007
naenae (20:31:10) :

LOL J you are killin me on a Sunday! This IS Aretha Franklin and all, but she has NO permission to be wearing a 2002 prom dress and SMOKY THE BEAR.

2 12 2007
Ms. Niqua (20:31:10) :

Girl Stop,

What happened to Black on Black? She looks worse than Jackee Harry (look at the banner at the top of the page, she’s the fourth one from the left. In between Lil’ Papa & SuperDuperMan).

Hating Aretha coming around in her Black (Pimp) fur coat and revealing this under it. I KNOW someone when she took it off.

2 12 2007
Marc (20:36:28) :

Dead at the Gilligan’s Island reference and how you can still see her edges waving from under the wig. A hot steaming pile of mess indeed.

2 12 2007
Marc (20:37:49) :

…a red wig, a brown bear fur coat and a pink prom dress. Oy Vey! I cosign with hazel.

2 12 2007
~MJ (20:52:34) :

I bet Aretha sweats spicy honey barbeque sauce.

2 12 2007
CUZZO (21:08:34) :


2 12 2007
Marcus Langford (21:46:48) :

the queen is definitely lookin’ rough these days. how and why would you let yourself go downhill like this. there is NO reason why celebrities/super stars should be obese! absolutely no reason!


2 12 2007
Beyaki says.. (21:46:51) :

^ that 15 year old fish/chicken grease grandma and nem leave around by the stove in the fry daddy type greezy.she does always looks greasy. i love rere but this tops it for me.i thought the titty exposure of that one dress she wore was blah which probably is.

2 12 2007
bronx_chic (22:35:15) :

“she has NO permission to be wearing a 2002 prom dress and SMOKY THE BEAR.”


all i can think of when i look at her hair is “rainbow brite”.

seriously, i

2 12 2007
Ja (23:59:19) :

(Looks at big ass coat.)

There was nothing short of a bovine genocide to produce that piece.

I also bet you she has a big, huge ass purse and smells like Elizabeth Taylor’s “White Diamonds.”

3 12 2007
J (00:22:38) :

she has NO permission to be wearing a 2002 prom dress and SMOKY THE BEAR.

I’m just dead.

3 12 2007
The IPS (00:28:56) :

This is what happens when Fantasia lets Auntie Ree out the house without her pills. Innocent animals die and end up as jackets shawls on her and little children burst into tears because the Clown in their closet has escaped to eat them.

That is NOT conflict-free Yaki!!!! It’s not silky enough.

3 12 2007
Marc (02:01:23) :

Right? It looks like she passed the wax figure of Beyonce at Madam Tussuad’s, snatched off it’s head and died it in Kool-Aid. Mad about her handler’s letting her out looking like this; TO THE KENNEDY CENTER HONORS no less! She is officially the black Liz Taylor. Next she’ll be howling at the moon.

3 12 2007
kelis (05:55:41) :

Damn Retha!

Well at least her breasteses are covered up this time.

3 12 2007
Lawdhavemercy (06:04:36) :

My Momma said I Have to respect my elders,so I’m gonna let Mama ReRe pass for looking like Elizabeth Taylors distant black 4th cousin twice removed on her mommas sister side.

3 12 2007
msantina (06:24:08) :

Those spaghetti straps attempting to hold up the top of that dress are brave as hell. That’s like trying to to bungee jump with a rubber band, basically impossible. And SMH at whatever animal fur she’s wearing. I’m pouring out a little liquor for them because they are now extinct.

3 12 2007
babymomma#4 (07:57:06) :

thats just wrong. who ever let her look like that must NOT care about her!!

3 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (08:08:05) :

I’m gonna need Ms. Aretha to give Tyra Banks her Little Mermaid wig back because Tyra is somewhere shivering and scratching like a fiend because she’s being seen without her lacefront. While Queen ReRe is at it, I need her to return Foxy Brown’s eye makup and my grandmomma’s good drapes.

Thank You in advance.

3 12 2007
shakingmyhead (08:14:27) :

First of all, it’s about time that “Mess of the Moment” came back, ‘cos, clearly this qualifies as an all-star entry! Second, why doesn’t anyone on her team take her aside and tell her that whatever she be rockin’ just AIN’T cute! I mean, come on, don’t nobody love Aunty ReRE no more?! I would never let my moms leave the house looking like that!!! For real!

3 12 2007
Rebecca (08:14:36) :

Aretha’s stylist should be pimp slapped. She looks like Big Gay Al from South Park and the worst part is because of Aretha’s coat, scientists will now have to clone minks to repopulate the animal kingdom.

3 12 2007
2snaps (08:46:42) :

i quit this bitch

3 12 2007


3 12 2007
JAMES E. CHICAGO (11:27:16) :


3 12 2007
Marc (13:12:06) :

She deserves a mirror and a check in the amount of “Reality”.

3 12 2007
blkhlywdinsider (13:38:45) :

Ree Ree needs to walk past a mirror before she walks out of the house looking like this!! Where are her people and who the hell would allow this nonsense???!!! She needs hire a real stylist stop trying to play one herself and she needs to do it quick. You can’t be a total BITCH and dress like this. You are leaving yourself wide open!!!

3 12 2007
DaHataCreata (17:48:45) :

Next time she better THINK!!…Think about what she wearin in the street…she better THINK…Think about that wig straight from the swap meet…Ohh! THINK, think think…Think about wearin Smokey the Bear as her mink…Yeah, THINK!…Before you dress up as Bozo just think!

3 12 2007
CinEffinRella (18:08:32) :

I’m going to give Aretha a pass, which is saying something because ya’ll KNOW i’m not necessarily a fan. I’m going straight for the source. I need to see the designer who made a dress with spaghetti straps in a size 32. Front and center. Take your flogging like a man!

3 12 2007
Agie (19:37:23) :

Damn, that looks just like my prom dress I wore 6 years ago. Mine had thick ass straps though because I wasn’t as brave as her.

4 12 2007
Tickling My Funny Bone at “A Hot Mess” « The Ride (05:19:17) :

[…] where you find a picture of “overstuffed” Aretha Franklin, looking like….a hot mess…wearing strapless dress that looks like your grandma’s […]

5 12 2007
REALQUEEN (21:16:43) :

Now that’s a double Hot Mess. Ms Ree Ree looking like somebodys drunk aunt going to the juke with her new Goodwill outfit.

20 02 2008
mimi (19:46:46) :

re re gone crazee!! those spaghetti straps are writhing in pain!! she has more chins than chinatown and she needs to be called the “Queen of Soul FOOD”!

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