New Music: Mary J. Blige - “Shakedown” Feat. Usher

5 12 2007

Mary J. Blige - “Shakedown” Feat. Usher

Now see, OK…Miss Mary Mack had me with “Work That” and “Just Fine” was even starting to grow on me. I am still waiting to hear a HQ version of “Grown Woman Complex,” but my gut tells me I’ll like that.

And then she goes and does THIS.

Don’t get me wrong, Mary sounds fine. Usher however phoned his performance in via satellite from the closet that Strong Arm Steady keeps him in though. He doesn’t SOUND bad, but Mary’s “emotion” swallows Usher up and spits him out, beard and all.

But “It’s a shakedown, I’m robbing you for your love…” WTF this sounds like a Danity Kane leftover. I almost thought Diddy was gonna bust out, “yeah, can’t stop won’t stop, take that take that, shakedown baby.” This song suffers from Tamia-itis (yeah I gave it a name, what!?) by having an annoying vocal part (the “hey” with the echo on it…WTF!).

I don’t know, she’s complaining about “growing pains” and all, but she’s too grown for tepid filler tracks like this. If they hadn’t been able to secure Usher’s release from the bosom on Maneka, this would have been an iTunes “bonus track” if you get my drift LOL.

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27 responses to “New Music: Mary J. Blige - “Shakedown” Feat. Usher”

6 12 2007
Mo'ree (05:08:26) :

awww it’s not that bad….i can hear it being played on the 5 oclock jam down…

6 12 2007
Boogie (05:48:52) :

I blame Usher.

6 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (05:50:24) :

Usher sounded like Dream at first, probably was, you know Maneka aint letting him record NOTHIN new. Usher’s parts are all probably leftovers from 8701. Anyway, the song is ok. I dont like it a whole lot.

PS - Ms. Mary, robbing someone for their love = rape. Don’t make me call Law & Order SVU on your ass

6 12 2007
epiphanyblog (06:05:22) :

I lovs Mary….God knows I do……but I am not feeling the lyrics on this track. Maybe if she remixes and gets rid of Ursh!!!!! Not sure who to replace him with, as the pool of male R&B vocalist is drying up fast. Maybe she can pull ole Johnny Gil out to come growl on a record! Better yet, her and Jamie Foxx sounded good together. Just get rid of Ursh!

6 12 2007
TINY (06:28:11) :

Usher, sit yo back a** down!

6 12 2007
TINY (06:58:58) :

^^ black a**

6 12 2007
kelis (07:27:38) :

Okay, obviously Ursh is just not the bizness right now. If he is not going to bring it then he should just sit at home with his new husband and raise their child.

Anyway- Dare I say, I am really feeling Mary’s new happy vibe on these new songs. I haven’t really liked an album of hers since “Mary”.

epiphanyblog (06:05:22) :

LOL. Johnny Gill can’t do it. He is busy plotting how to break up Eddie and Tracey. Or at least getting some on the side.

6 12 2007
Beyaki says.. (07:43:44) :

I had downloaded her album just to see what it is all about.I think I need to get drunk because I couldn’t really get into it.Only song I like probably is Smoke.I skipped this song when I was listening to the bootleg and my thoughts on it the first 15 seconds was Next…

6 12 2007
The IPS (08:32:58) :


I am so disappointed. SO VERY SAD. I cried in the shower today like Reh Dogg.

Ugh, Mary…I had such high hopes!!!

6 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (08:51:13) :

IPS, cried in the shower huh? Seems like you too are a victim of MJB’s love robbing. *Hands You My Card* If you need anything, we can help.

6 12 2007
Beyaki says.. (08:57:14) :

The IPS (08:32:58) :

*gives IPS a hug* lol.i had high hopes too.

i guess its a extra $12 in my pocket.I be lucky if FYE put this for $9.99

6 12 2007
msantina (09:56:00) :

@ IPS & Beyaki says…

*rocking back and forth holding myself* I WON’T LISTEN!! I DON’T BELIEVE YOU DAMMIT!”

6 12 2007


6 12 2007
carolinagirl (13:18:32) :

Okay, missohmygoodnes, msantina, beyaki, and IPS. I need for all y’all to sat down, going into a lapse of depression on MJB’s album. LOL.

6 12 2007
Shoulda Let You Go (13:32:45) :

I heard this last nght & fell in luv wit it just like that. im glad my two fav singers finally did a song together

@ IPS & Beyaki says

ok yall gotta be lyin. oh & IPS, them AHM! Ninjas scared the hell out me & made me drop my soda. I’m suin!!

6 12 2007
Shoulda Let You Go (14:05:35) :

…oh & here’s the full “Grown Woman Complex” song wit Ludacris

6 12 2007
J (14:57:30) :

The whole album leaked. This is one of the weaker tracks.

6 12 2007
hatsoff (18:22:48) :

I like the song, but this sound as if someone wrote this song for mary.

6 12 2007
Aairy (19:13:31) :

umm mary sound good but daddy U need to go feed his baby and leav the recordin alone for awhile. im tired of him and his sorry ass backup vocals cuz thats what they r, backup vocals that made mary sound hell of alot better!

7 12 2007
Latasha (06:33:14) :

With all this UshMeka drama goin’ on, it probably wasn’t a good idea to release anything with Usher on it… Cause Usher is just leavig a bad taste in everybody’s mouth with this mess.

but, if we all can just get passed his BS, the song is dope. Usher is a talented brotha, but he just can’t keep his personal life out the spotlight. Maybe if he shuts the hell up and realizes nobody cares that much, he’ll be fine. Yes. Usher, we realize that you just had a baby boy who I know is probaby beautiful, Congratulations

but, we also know that you just got caught up with nasty, low-class, arrogant, manipulating, no-good, golddiggin’ heffa who is about to run off with half yo shyt.She just know how to play the “game” well., that’s all. We ain’t to interested in hereing about it. Keep it yaself please!

7 12 2007
Beyaki says (08:33:50) :

Shoulda Let You Go (13:32:45) :

It takes a lot to please my ear.I know what Mary is capable of and this isn’t it-in my opinion.I was disappointed, like I said maybe I need to get drunk and listen to it again because it’s not what poppin.

msantina (09:56:00) :

8 12 2007
Strawberries (02:27:58) :

the critiquing everytime someone does something is annoying…damn people mistakes! give them room to grow geez….!

8 12 2007
lala111 (15:04:15) :

mary is losing her taste in music..she cant sing anymore and her songs are not that great..alll becuz “kendu” ho doesnt give a fuck bout her and use her 4 money…i think she sound better be4 she needs a real man wit balls and dick so big unlike kendu’s to make her create a good song…and someone who looks like he cares 4 her…and 4 usher he should’nt have a kid wit maneka who might take him 4 money…both of them need real life partners thats why they not makin good music anymore

8 12 2007
lala111 (15:07:40) :

that commercial sucks ass also…she is not rockin it lol

9 12 2007
Rebecca (07:15:17) :

This is not my favorite MJB song but it’s not bad. Every track on the album can’t be fire. You have to space your hotness out. Usher sounded a-ight. Not bad but just luke warm. Someone said that this song sounds like someone wrote it for Mary. That may be true. I read somewhere that Ne-yo wrote some songs for Mary on this album.

13 12 2007
Non (13:18:10) :

This song is good (IGNORE THE NEGATIVE POSTS). Usher and Mary did their thing on this joint! Don’t put Mary in a box. That’s what kept her in this game for so long- not conforming. That is probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard talking about not liking a happy Mary. I thought we moved on from that. No two Mary albums are alike… One

15 12 2007
LadyD (21:52:51) :

All it needs is a little Tyrese- Bye,Bye Usher

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