Grammy Nominations Announced

6 12 2007

Akon realizes that we can see him because he’s standing in front of a white backdrop.

Oh yay! Grammy time! Who is nominated for an award this year that shouldn’t be!? I have two words for you ya’ll:


I’m officially going BACK to school and turning in this degree in music industry for something better, like, oh, creative dance?

Wait, I don’t need a degree. This dude still in high school! Soulja Boy can now say “Grammy Nominated Artist Soulja Boy.” Ay dios mio…

A couple of noms below that I care about, and MY choices in bold:

Record of the Year:
Irreplaceable (Beyonce’), Umbrella (Rihanna), Rehab (Amy Winehouse), The Pretender (The Foo Fighters), What Goes Around…Comes Back Around (Justin Timberlake)

Best Female Vocal R&B Performance:
Just Fine (Mary J. Blige), No One (Alicia Keys), When I See U (Fantasia), If I Have My Way (Chrisette Michelle), Hate On Me (Jill Scott)

Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals:
Same Girl (R. Kelly/Usher), Disrespectful (Chaka Khan/Mary J. Blige), Hate That I Love You (Rihanna/Ne-Yo), Baby (Angie Stone/Betty Wright), Bartender (T-Pain/Akon)

Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group:
Southside (Common/Kanye West), Make It Rain (Fat Joe/Lil’ Wayne), Party Like A Rockstar (Shop Boyz), Int’l Players Anthem (UGK/Outkast), Better Than I’ve Ever Been (Kanye West, Nas & KRS-One)

Best Rap Song:
Ayo Technology (50 Cent/Justin Timberlake/Timbaland), Big Things Poppin’ (T.I.), Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West), Crank That (Soulja Boy) (Soulja Boy), Good Life (Kanye West/T-Pain)

Best Rap Album:
Finding Forever (Common), Kingdom Come (Jay-Z), Hip Hop Is Dead (Nas), T.I. Vs. T.I.P. (T.I.), Graduation (Kanye West)

Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album:
Grateful (Coko), Free To Worship (Fred Hammond), V2 (J. Moss), T57 (Trin-i-tee 5:7), Alone but Not Alone (Marvin Winans)

I could go on and on, but the full list is here. Ummm…

- Soulja Boy? Really? I quit! You hear me? Might as well nominate Ms. Peachez for “Fry That Chicken” cotdangit.
- Shop Boyz? Really? I guess it’s best ringtone songs of the year. If they win…the apocalypse will surely be upon us. And people wonder why no one buys CD’s anymore.
- Coko’s album was HOT.
- Chrisette Michelle needs to win. That girl sung circles around pretty much everyone on that list on that song.
- I liked “Finding Forever,” but “Graduation” is still spinning in the hoo-ride.
- Rip UGK. But Andre 3000? He killed that ish. Stabbed it in the back with a point carrot!
- That Angie Stone/Betty Wright track is just pure music goodness. Angie deserves that one IMO, though Disrespectful was hot too. And Chaka’s album was more consistent throughout than Angie’s.

Read the list, come back and comment here.

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43 responses to “Grammy Nominations Announced”

6 12 2007
Marcy (15:19:22) :

Yes! My girl Chrisette Michelle is nominated. I hope she wins. That song and her album were one of the best albums in 2007.

And Amy Winehouse might be all cracked out but her Back to Black album is another one of the best albums of 2007. I still listen to it without skipping a track.

I *heart* Coko. I am rooting for her to win.

6 12 2007



6 12 2007
Ms. Niqua is currently thinking.......about the horrible state of music today (15:35:48) :

Beyzooka is STILL ridin’ Irreplacable for some Grammy’s? And Record of the Year!? Has’nt she had some other overplayed songs in the past year? That was 2006, this is now.

They got Lil’ Beezy and “The Elephant in the Room” on Make It Rain. Because we all really wanna hear them “rainin’ on dem hoes.”

Soulja Boy is still around?! I can’t believe he has’nt faded into obscurity yet…. like MIMS and Dem Franchise Boyz (remember them?…. I thought so)

6 12 2007
~MJ (15:37:35) :

IPS, I know you love Spicy Creole Chicken Wrap and everything, but why is she nominated AGAIN?

But your list is pretty good. :)

6 12 2007
Beyaki says.. (15:46:31) :

“IPS, I know you love Spicy Creole Chicken Wrap and everything, but why is she nominated AGAIN?”

Hey MJ, you don’t mind if I send you my bill lol?

6 12 2007
Deezie (15:52:03) :

Damn Akon really needs to stop gel’n that nappy shit down.
Trying to act like he has some good hair, we don’t believe your black ass, you need more people.

6 12 2007
~MJ (16:07:05) :

Beyaki says.. (15:46:31) :

“IPS, I know you love Spicy Creole Chicken Wrap and everything, but why is she nominated AGAIN?”

Hey MJ, you don’t mind if I send you my bill lol?

I don’t have a job, how am I gonna pay for these bills?

6 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (16:12:57) :

I’m wondering why Irreplaceable was nominated for a Grammy, wasn’t it nominated last year?? Anyway, IPS, you’re on point. I’m rooting for Int’l Players Anthem. Andre killed that song and I think it would be a nice way to remember Pimp C. Kanye West’s album is great and still listening to it on repeat, also due to the recent events in his life, I’m interested in hearing his acceptance speech. I would love to see Amy win an award, then snort it on stage lol and I swear fo God if Soulja Boy win an award I’m gonna jump on stage like ODB (RIP) and super soak that sucka!

6 12 2007
The IPS (16:16:35) :

@MJ, you acted like I nominated her personally ROFL. I got one more album to go before I become apart of the Academy!

6 12 2007
~MJ (16:26:44) :

I know you didn’t nominate her personally. I was asking why was she nominated (by the people who this) again.

6 12 2007
2snaps (16:37:30) :

Akon realizes that we can see him because he’s standing in front of a white backdrop.

yall need to stop lmao

6 12 2007
Jenni (17:16:58) :

Chris Brown was nominated along with t-pain for the song kiss kiss
i hope he does a performance and kills it like he did this year
oh and actually win
but if he dont least he can say i was a 3 time grammy
nominated artist
i think thats how many times he was nominated
anywayz i cant believe soulja boy got
nominated for something i mean
i think he just came out as an artist
i love that song by chrisette michelle!!!!

6 12 2007
The IPS (17:27:52) :

Of course “Irreplaceable” was nominated. It was a huge song around the country/world. No surprise there, I’m not mad at her! No denying Bee’s had some hits this album, despite my initial resistance to her experiment in making albums in two weeks.

Wish I could make an album in two weeks and that ish get Grammy noms!

6 12 2007
Mika (17:37:40) :

Looking @ the rap noms, Kanye HAS to have a good night. Everything else. Soulja Boy?

6 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (18:02:10) :

AHM, check your email. And don’t say I never gave yall nothing lol

6 12 2007
dani (18:07:11) :

ugh as usual overrated alicia keys is nominated. i nearly shit when i saw soulja boy’s name, but i’ve known the apocalypse has been coming for some time now.

6 12 2007
geminigirl (18:17:07) :

I’m not really rooting for anyone to win anything … other than A. Keys cause I’m a stan … I more so just hope certain ppl don’t win … like Soulja Boy ( I think it’s time he had a nickname), Beyonce, Justin (Something about him works my nerves as soon as I see him).

6 12 2007
meka (18:29:20) :

Umm…ok, i saw the full list of nominations and i was like WTF!!!

Soulja Boy in the same category as Common. Ridiculous. I love Common (MAJOR stan) and I’m rooting for him in all categories, but I know Kanye will (and deserves to) win. Yes, Beyonce is still ridin’ Irreplaceable…I was surprised by Beautiful Liar. It was a hit but I thought it was corny as hell and it shot up and down the charts pretty fast. I’m an A Keys fan so I hope she wins for No One…I kind of wish she had released her album in time for the deadline to be nominated in other categories. MJB’s Just fine nominated? SMH. STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THAT ONE. Go Jill Scott (nominated for best R&B album).

Where’s Tamia!!!! That’s a travesty right there. Amy Winehouse definitely is this year’s best new artist…I just hope she cleans the coke out of her nose before she accepts her award. SMH.

6 12 2007
Breezy; (18:30:25) :

I can’t over the fact that Shop Boyz are nominated. Hopefully that was because they needed another group to fill up space and not because of talent purposes.

6 12 2007
meka (18:30:57) :

last complaint….MAKE IT RAIN IS NOMINATED?? WTF?? Yeah, make it rain on those hoes that NOMINATED this trash. Hot beat but not even on the same planet artistically as Southside and Int’l Players Anthem.Bulls**t.

6 12 2007
Ms. Niqua is currently thinking.... Where are Jenny Lo's Grammy Noms? (19:13:23) :

Where are Jenina’s Noms? Not even Los Grammy’s Latinas? Damn….

6 12 2007
CUZZO (19:13:38) :


6 12 2007
ALSmith (19:21:06) :

At this point, anything Yon-Yon stamps her name on gets nominated. I was surprised that cell phone with her name on it wasn’t nominated. Go ‘head Yon-Yon. I hope she performs Get Me Bodied.

Anyway, ever since 36 Mafia won an Oscar, the bar for awards for rapper has been lowered raised… we have the Oscar’s to thank for this Souljah Boy mishap.

Is it wrong that I”m rooting for the Shop Boyz, though? I was partying like a rockstar all summer long. Me and my ringtone. Anyway, UGK and Outkast probably will win that one. White people feel obligated to give awards when people die.

If Maroon 5 doesn’t win for Best Pop performance, it’s gon be on and poppin. I need U2 to sit their old asses down and while I love Daughtry’s music, he’s an asshole.


I’ll wait to see who’s performing before I decide to watch. Sigh.

6 12 2007
~MJ (19:21:10) :

I guess foolywang still equals music.

6 12 2007
Regina (19:24:24) :

At this point i am pretty much disgusted with the music industry.
souljerky boy!!! are you serious. I want to slap his momma, just because I had to sit down with my 13 year old and discuss supersoaking, ejaculating, and why a catchy beat don’t make a song good.
Yall are lucky I’m saved because I want to tell soul jerky and his momma somethings…
and then my son told me about that fool on a hotel balcony pissing on people below, and this fool gets a grammy nomination..
Yea , I am all upset all over again…

6 12 2007
Kinga (19:25:31) :

Sometime ago I tagged J-Kwon as “one hit wonder” and my friend was like “oh come on he will be back., we will hear about him”.
And I replied:
“Yeah, sure. And Soulja Boy is going to win a Grammy.”

I was just trying to be sarcastic and now I feel it is all my fault.

6 12 2007
KBJr. (20:00:37) :

I gotta disagree with you IPS on the ‘Female Vocal R&B Performance’, that is Fantasia’s to lose. That song was a slice of urban/R&B heaven, and if nothing else , a win here would be restitution for her losing the same award for ‘Free Yourself’ (which will be a classic).

Truth be told, there are a few artists I’m just tired of seeing nominated for Grammy’s for anything they put out. U2, Beyonce, John Mayer, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, and Mary J. Blige, just to name a few. These artists are perennial nominees and winners. It gets boring. Alicia for ‘No One’? Is that really one of the best Female Vocals of 2007? No. Mary J. for ‘Just Fine’? Hell no.

For the life of me why is T-Pain and Akon considered an R&B tandem? ‘Bartender’ is NOT an R&B song! As a matter of fact, the entire ‘R&B Collaboration’ field (with the exception of ‘Baby’ by Angie Stone) is a joke. A major blunder. Love Chaka & Mary, but ‘Disrespectful’ was a disaster.

Prince nominated for ‘Future Baby Mama’, that had to have been the most disappointing R&B song of 2007. I would’ve nominated him for ‘Guitar’ in the Rock category instead (alas, black folks can’t get Rock nominations). A nice nomination and (should be) win for Musiq with ‘B.U.D.D.Y’, I have a hunch Prince is going to sneak steal this one though.

Hope Gerald finally snags a Grammy for ‘In My Songs’, although I wouldn’t be mad if the immensley talented Ann Nesby wins. Lupe and Jill should win for ‘Daydreamin’ I’d be surprised if they lost.

Sorry, but ‘Hate That I Love You’ & ‘No One’ should NOT be in the best R&B song category. Two wasted slots.

If Jill doesn’t win for ‘The Real Thing’, I will be outraged. There are able contenders in that category (for the first time in a LONG time) but ain’t no competing with Jilly. As for the contemporary category, my bias, Fantasia deserves a win here. Especially among the trash that is ‘Konvicted’ and ‘Because of You’.

Just some minor points. I could go on & on (like Ms. Badu).

6 12 2007
Chant3l (20:08:14) :

*Akon realizes that we can see him because he’s standing in front of a white backdrop. *


6 12 2007
Bref_Stank (21:00:56) :

Souljah boy nominated for a grammy? wow……da music industry has officially tanked. smmfh.

6 12 2007
bronx_chic is saddened by the state of music today (21:31:35) :

yeah…this foolishness just confirms to me that sweet minty is coming back for his people, and soon!!

but didn’t “make it rain” come out like 5 yrs ago?? it seems that way. where are the real talented artists (tamia, jojo etc)?! most of the noms are straight fuckery.

i’m just about to quit pop music. damn.

6 12 2007
Ghost (22:00:57) :

Now that the devil-I mean Soulja Boy got nominated…How many copycats are going to come out of the wood work with thire version of Superman that H*?

It’s already bad enough that Bow Wow/Omarion project is just Bow Wow using every which way to tell the world he’s in heat.

It’s worst that Master P/Romeo put out a cd that was clean of profanity and not even nomination? They could have taken place of Shop Boys.

We whine, cry, fuss, Bytch about clean rap music and it comes out and does decent and nobody cares. And we wonder why most of our rap music in coming out offensive more often than not.

And yes Soulja’s day are number. Because WHITE folk are discovering what his lyrics mean and are banning his music and dances from school dances. Maybe some black schools need to follow the lead.

6 12 2007
The IPS (23:07:33) :

@ KBJr.

I know you love some Tasia Mae, and trust me, I do too. However, Chrisette sang that song. “When I See U” is great, but vocally, Chrisette SUNG that song. Her voice is so textured, her runs are so mellifluous…I love it. She needs to win.

7 12 2007
rap-up-player (05:58:45) :

ROBIN THICKE was up for two RNB categories…but didnt get nominated bc he is WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….hate it when people can do what they want but dont get appreciated….rock=white…rnb=black…….let everybody do what they want

7 12 2007
TINY (07:34:06) :

Akon and T-pain, what contributions have they made to the music world other than nappy chorus lines and dry humping.

7 12 2007
ALSmith (08:03:07) :

@Ghost Have you not heard “Batman dat hoe” or “Spiderman dat hoe”?

I believe the chorus of “spiderman…” is “We don’t superman no mo’, we don’t batman no mo’, we spiderman dat hoe!”

The tragedy has already started. What we have to look forward in the event of a Souljah Boy win is Souljah Boy mania followed by white copycat acts.

Thank-you youtube for validating white people’s visual place, however insignificant and unfortunate, in ringtone hip-hop.

7 12 2007
EJ (09:10:25) :


MTV VMAs part 2…look for Timberlake, Rihanna, and other God-awful mainstream pop B.S. to rule. If they don’t, I will embrace the industry again. Really all I am asking for is for the talented to walk away with the awards, but that sh*t ain’t happening. :-( Guess a Grammy is just not what it used to be, cuz what big deal is it to win when everyone else in your category is a no-talent, 15-minute-having, wanna-be-like-the-greats ASSCLOWN?

7 12 2007
J Matthew Cobb (10:13:28) :

LOrdy, dont tell me the GRAMMYS decided to award that “superman that ho” song???

What in the world is goin’ on. I can’t believe that song was even at #1 that long - black folk must not be eating enough iron.

I’m just glad to see Chaka getting two nods this year for “Funk This” and Ann Nesby even snuck in one with a nod for Best R&B song. There is some good news out there.

7 12 2007
nga (11:18:46) :

u know what this is ridiculous. i quit. music is so damn boring and predictable.
hate that i love you?? are you kidding me?? the first 10 seconds of that song she sounds like she has a stuffy nose. secondly how a song with a recycled old neyo beat gets nominated. and soulja boy? i dont even need to comment on that one. this is why no body buys albums anymore. y should i? the so called artists don’t care about artistry so y should i spend my hard earned money for their crap. i’ll say it again everyone wants to be famous nobody wants to be an artist.

7 12 2007
J.Lee (11:47:17) :

Ms. Chrisette has everybody on lock in the Female Vocal category BUT I think Fantasia and Ne-Yo are going to be against each other in the Contemporary R&B album tip. Rihanna might get the Best Dance award because Don’t Stop The Music was hot and everything else she was nominated for she is going to lose in…

7 12 2007
Me (17:51:34) :

LeToya should’ve been nominated. Het debut went platium and Torn was a major hit. She Don’t was a minor. She’s had tons of success. It’s messed up she isn’t a nominee ’cause of Beyonce.

7 12 2007
Christen (18:34:33) :

Fantasia needs to win!

9 12 2007
Beyaki says.. (07:56:51) :

I agree with NGA.Nobody,well, a few people respect the artistry, but some oh Sweet Minty we all know who just wants to be famous, Ringtone Rappers.

I think Fantasia has a great possibility.
Chaka!My girl.
Raheem is nominated.That’s whats up
Randy Crawford?Shit,haven’t heard from here in awhile
Best R&B album…oh wow I can’t tell.But Tank I should say the least may not get that.
The songs that can be excluded - Rihanna Hate That I love You, Alicia Keys - No One (still garbarge), Soulja Boy, Jay Z Show Me What You Got (wtf), Make It Rain, Party LIke A Rockstar and a lot of them

Save Black Folk Music 2008!Bring real Artistry Back!Teedra Moses (thank goodness!) Raheem DaVaughn and I don’t know who else is coming back next year but please I think we all tired of this trash!

9 12 2007
angel (13:01:13) :

lean wit it rock wit it soulja boy up in this ohh chicken noodle soup with soda on the side girl shake that laffy taffy

They all sound the damn same.

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