Amazing… 13 Year Old Canadian Sings Ella Fitzgerald’s “Airmail Special”

7 12 2007

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For those more musically diverse patrons of AHM!, I bring you 13 year old Nikky Yanofsky. I was listening to “We All Love Ella: Celebrating The First Lady of Soul” (which is a great album, BTW — Gladys Knight does a cover on there of ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ that’s fantastic.) which I downloaded legally from Rhapsody last night. And WOW, I heard the song first before I saw/found the video.

This little girl sings this song…so well. It’s uncanny how her voice resembles Ella’s! I don’t know if we have any Ella Fitzgerald fans here. Even if the girl doesn’t sound just like her or whatever, SHE’S 14 AND SINGS LIKE THIS. You can’t deny talent like that.

It’s about 7 minutes long, but the singing only lasts about 5 minutes, and she’s Canadian, so all the dialogue is in French. But it’s pretty amazing to me, and I’ve fallen in love with her voice. She kinda reminds me of Renee Olmstead (Google her too!), cause of the age and the amazing voice.

A nice break from the schlock I have to post up here all.the.time. One more Omarion/Bow Wow song and I am going to hang myself from Queen Latifah’s underwire!

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28 responses to “Amazing… 13 Year Old Canadian Sings Ella Fitzgerald’s “Airmail Special””

7 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (16:45:48) :

I don’t listen to much Ella so I didnt know this song at first, just thought the girl was scatting the whole time lol…Now Billie Holiday..I can get with that lol

7 12 2007
~MJ (16:53:24) :

*dances to scat while wagging index finger and doing the jazz step*

7 12 2007
thediva79 (17:17:13) :

Thanks for the breath of fresh air. I am a fan of Ella Fitzgeral and jazz-period. So I can really appreciate the RIDICULIOUS talent of this little girl. Ella is pretty hard to immitate.

7 12 2007
~MJ (17:58:59) :

Canada has given me so much……. Tamia’s awsome vocals, delicious bacon, and my favorite TV show (check my homepage and yall will see what I mean).

7 12 2007
A dime a dozen (18:03:38) :

lmao ~MJ your such a foooooool boi.

little gurl is very talented.

7 12 2007
kakaxi (19:04:55) :

I like th singer !Her song is well-sound.she was said to appeared on .A site for celebrities and millionaires.She is so porpuer there.

7 12 2007
geminigirl (19:07:31) :

Ummm … I guess so far I’m the only one that found that absolutely annoying.

7 12 2007
hazel (19:14:44) :

She’s cute but how could you think that sounded like Ella……….. I mean obviously it’s the same style but that was not even in the same league as Ella, nor was the tone of her voice same. Girl definitely sounds her age and didn’t really make me jump up. She has a pretty but ordinary voice………. Next……… Go back and get some of that Charice girl singing J. Holiday, now that was amazing.

7 12 2007
krikri (19:32:48) :

Crazy that a girl in braces can sound like that!!! I am a huge Ella fan and I do hear a little Ella in her voice as well, something about the way she does all the little trills and just the overall smokiness of her voice… not to mention it’s nice to see someone that age singing & appreciating jazz instead of dressing up like a mini-harlot talkin’ bout hit me baby one more time…

7 12 2007
Marc (20:31:54) :

GET IT KID!!! She is killing that song!!!

7 12 2007
Tam (21:09:24) :

Um, sounds like a little girl imitating skating to me. I love Ella and Duke Ellington and all that and this is not it. I think she has some talent but there’s no soulfulness or anything jazzy about her voice. Nice imitation though. She has a pretty voice for her age and w/time maybe she can get to that Ella level but now, nope.

7 12 2007
divaTy (21:10:24) :

You mean Renee Olstead.

7 12 2007
REALQUEEN (21:18:26) :

WOW!!! Amazing. Not quite Ella, but good. Just happy to see somebody singing with their clothes on and not bumping, grinding, and wallowing in the bed.

8 12 2007
Bologna Sandwich (01:22:29) :

Yeah she’s a talented. Bravo.

8 12 2007
debra1111 (07:28:28) :

Yes, the girl has talent. I remember growing up and my parents were listening to Ella, Billie Holiday and Sara Vaughn….classic!

8 12 2007
cg (12:49:14) :

hot voice!! sing it girlie.

8 12 2007
ray (17:11:48) :

im sorry but i aint no jazz fan so 2 me it was horrible.

8 12 2007
DAiJAh (17:16:10) :

um am i the only one that is not impressed? i mean i give the girl props because for one she is a 13yr old doing scats from and Ella song but, it justs seems to me that this girl has been up in her room practicin this song like forever..

9 12 2007
Beyaki says.. (08:01:04) :

Mj can’t forget about good ol Deborah Cox!
I’m a jazz fan.I think she did ok, just ok for a 13 year old.
Her skats can not be compared to Ms Ella
Love some me Sarah,Dinah and Billie.

9 12 2007
Phillip (09:42:53) :

Omg i love me some Ella that lil girl did that.

9 12 2007
babymomma#4 (11:43:03) :

awww that was great!

9 12 2007
Layla (12:45:55) :

She must have practised for a long time to be this polished, but talent, no.

9 12 2007
beeboppah (15:23:55) :

terrible. mechanical. annoying. talent nonetheless. she should find someone to write songs for her. obviously someone older than her made her practice & perform this to get over on the world. i think ella’s leg donkey-kicked up out of her coffin when she heard this.

9 12 2007
bronx_chic (19:35:08) :

america ferrara’s lil sis–is that u??

let me stop. i’m not a jazz person, but i’ve heard better scatting. i was more amused by the way they spoke french yet said american names with appropriate accents.

my fav scatter of all time is beyowulf. if u love, h.a.t.e, or love to h.a.t.e (like me), please check out this clip. you will thank me later.

9 12 2007
everyonehasproblems (21:05:42) :

She was definitely above average considering her age, etc. No one can touch Ella, though. Thanks for posting something off the beaten path.

9 12 2007
Marc (23:46:41) :

Oh yeah bronx_chic, when she did that mess at the concert I almost fell outta my seat; that was “Nuts to War”. (Dinosaur reference for those so inclined :))

10 12 2007
bronx_chic (04:39:34) :

^^from that show?? lol u a fool :)

i kinda regret not going now, i had the chance and said fuck beyaweh, she ain’t gettin no more of my money! but me & my girls will be gettin the dvd and actin’ a fool just the same :)

10 12 2007
Salty Beans... (05:49:28) :

The gurl may not sound exactly like Ella Fitzgerald but just the fact that this little white girl doing her best to scatt like Ellas scatting just goes to show you how the Greats of Black music continue to inspire white people to copy cat like a mug. *Cough* Fergie, Justin, Winehouse *Cough*

Unfortunately we don’t respect our greats like the white folks do. That’s why with a few exceptions today’s music sounds the shittiest it’s ever sounded.

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