Throwback of the Day: Lil’ Mo - “Superwoman” Feat. Fabolous

11 12 2007

Lil Mo - Superwoman

Man, this was my joint! I’ve always been a Lil’ Mo fan because Mo can sang.

She may fit in my pocket, but girl has a voice on her. I’m willing to bet that this was probably her biggest radio hit ever. The album that this song comes off was pretty decent as well. I also liked “Ta Da.” It’s a shame that Mo went the indie route…she just put out an album called Pain & Paper…and it’s not very good. I know she has been calling herself the “Godmother of R&B” and everytime I see that a little piece of me dies inside. I’m like, godmother? Really?! Everyone giving themselves titles. Can I be “The Uncle of Black Blogs”? LOL.

I swear to ya’ll, I don’t think I’ve ever not liked anything Fabolous has put out. Fab is a solid rapper. He may not be the best, but his voice and his lines just get to me. I liked his last album too. “Return of the Hustle” is that ONE. They were such  great combination, and I know they tried to re-create that in later years, but nothing hit as hard as this joint.

Remember when she got Ja Rule for all that money for singing his hooks? Please believe Lil’ Mo has written on all them joints and so I’m sure she’ll be eating for the next couple of years LOL. I might have to snatch this “godmother” crown off her head though…a mess.

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29 responses to “Throwback of the Day: Lil’ Mo - “Superwoman” Feat. Fabolous”

11 12 2007
SayWhat (08:47:32) :

Am I the only one who emphasis the “chickenhead” part?… probably… first?

11 12 2007
The IPS (08:53:58) :

^^ No SayWhat, LOL everytime that part come on I always be like, “CHICKEN-HEAAAAAAAAAAD!”

She meant that thing LOL

11 12 2007
TINY (09:07:26) :

The Uncle of Black Blogs”?
IPS, ya ass is way too much. LMAO!!! I remember this song and fabolous with that damn chipped tooth. That paper towel tied around his head is killing me softly. Thank god that braid phase in the early 2000’s is over with.

11 12 2007
mauweezie (09:28:46) :

such a class early 2-Thou joint(i miss these jams), Fab is a rapper everyone likes, may not be your favorite, but you’ll bump his ish

11 12 2007
~MJ (09:35:52) :

Poor Lil Mo. No career, no man to speak of, and a penchant for naming her kinds after rainbows and balloon animals.

11 12 2007
Chris (10:02:04) :

I still listen to this track once in a while. I was hooked on it. Great mix Lil Mo and Fabolous.

11 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (10:07:05) :

loved this song, D-D-D-Damn lol. I wasn’t always a Fabolous fan but I must say his new album “From Nothing To Something” is pretty solid as well. I love it. Lil Mo is definitely still eating off those Ja Rule checks, too bad Ja isn’t lol

11 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (10:07:57) :

And I hearby dub myself Princess of Bitch Please lol

11 12 2007
naenae (10:39:42) :

Lol MissOMyGoodnezz: “Lil Mo is definitely still eating off those Ja Rule checks, too bad Ja isn’t lol”

WOWEE I missed Lil MO! Love her voice and she has a pretty little “Maybe its Maybelline” complexion i am super jealous of… =D


*MURDERED* at the video ! Which one should i wear to the Slauson Swapmeet today? The silver vinyl with the superman logos that were JUST stitched on 5 minutes before or the FULL BODY patchwork jean suit? decisions, decisions…

and we ALL were checkin them hood-mouse blue braids. I cant say her legally-a-midget self didnt rock em tho…

can I be the Duchess of something? please?!

11 12 2007
Z'maji says LOOK AT THEM FATTY SOUP COULERS (11:01:33) :

Lord prepare a moist towlette for Lil Mo’s juicy chicken greased lips and Fabolus still ain’t fixed that raggely ass toof’is



-Z’maji @

11 12 2007
charli skipper (11:58:24) :

well, if we’re throwin titles around, i’d like to be the
sultaness of high sedity.
i did like this song….and i only recently realized that lil mo’s career was goin nowhere. you know how you just look around one day and you’re like, “oh yeah, i sure HAVEN’T seen her face since about august, 2001. go figure.”

ips, can we please get “i can love you” w/ mary j. and pre-op lil kim’. i ran uponst that the other day and all i can say is “jam!”

11 12 2007
Z'maji says Lets all "Run Uponst" (12:04:18) :

I would love to “run uponst” Mary J tonite at about 1:35 am.

-Z’maji @

11 12 2007
Donnz (12:05:03) :

She could sing I loved her voice but she can’t dance to save animals dying from foot and mouth disease!

11 12 2007
charli skipper (12:07:04) :

hee hee hee. it is sooo important to run uponst good stuff every now and then

11 12 2007
Marly Marlowe as The Princess of Witty Comments (12:29:25) :

This used to be my song back in 8th grade. I copied her braids (i had some crazy colors in them)

Awww… middle school sometimes

11 12 2007
Beyaki says..if IPS is the uncle of blogs what does that make me! (12:29:59) :

I like the joint without the rap.And the man she had in the video he was in my dreams back then lol

11 12 2007
The IPS (12:43:11) :

Ain’t that dude the dude from Noah’s Arc?!

11 12 2007
Madame Zenobia (12:43:22) :

IPS, can you PLEASE do a throwback of Jerzee Monet’s Most High???

Oh, and I LOVE this song and Fabolous can still get it, most definitely ;)

11 12 2007
Beyaki says..if IPS is the uncle of blogs what does that make me! (13:00:38) :

Madame Zenobia (12:43:22) :

I love that song!

11 12 2007
Jovan (13:37:22) :

AHHH man this song was hot! I actually have the CD single to this song, with the original version of Superwoman on it. I should really look for that…

11 12 2007
ALSmith (13:40:44) :

I stans for Lil’ Mo all day long, but IPS you’re right, Pain and Paper is not the business…. I mean it’s better than a lot of what’s out right now, but it doesn’t hold a candle to her previous albums.

Love love love Lil’ Mo and I loved this song. She be sanging.

11 12 2007
Breezy; (13:52:53) :

They played this on the radio the other day and i almost had a stroke.

11 12 2007
rap-up-player (14:41:48) :

SHIT….YESTERDAY AND TODAY I WATCHED THE VIDEO and now its here.daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

11 12 2007
meka (15:41:39) :

Thanks for posting!!

This was definitely my college jam! But “Godmother of R&B.” Hell to the no. But IPS as “Uncle of Black Blogs”-I like. lol

11 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (18:09:34) :

Lil Mo, Lil Kim, Mya, Ginuwine, Latavia (from the original Destiny’s Child) and MA$E should all sign to Koch Records and do a song called “Where The Hell Are They Now”

11 12 2007
Rebecca (19:35:01) :

Claude Hamercy, I had forgotten about Lil Mo. This song was hot and I still love her, but my jam was “4ever”. “I’m ready to walk down that aisle in all white and dedicate my life to you”. That song was a sincere and sexy way of saying to your man “Look Ni**a , why is we bullshittin”. I love that song to this day.

12 12 2007
angel (09:11:33) :

Uncle?? I thought you was female =/
Now I can’t come here the same way I did before.

12 12 2007
msantina (09:15:00) :

^^It’s more than one writer on this blog. One is a female.

13 12 2007
angel (04:07:57) :

Oh okay, thats cool. lol

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