New Music: “Feedback” Janet Jackson

12 12 2007
Janet Jackson - “Feedback”

Ummmm. Well, I’ll say this, it’s better than anything off 60 Years Old. But that’s not saying much.

I don’t know, it’s not terrible, it just doesn’t move me. It sounds like they tried to mix Britney’s new sound, JT’s “LoveStoned” and Full Moon-era Brandy and this is what they came up with. I don’t even think Janet is confident in what she’s saying here, and that weakens the whole vibe. “Asian persuasion”? “Heavy like a first day period”? Now that’s just nasty.

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70 responses to “New Music: “Feedback” Janet Jackson”

12 12 2007
angel (15:38:55) :

wait, hold on

12 12 2007
Blaq Girls Rock!!! (15:57:27) :

Oh, this is ironic. I was going to suggest this song here for review. I actually heard it in the car on HOT 97 tonight. Funny, my 2 yo was already singing the hooks. Now, if a 2 yo can break it down and the song is just released, ya need to do a little more work there, J

12 12 2007
A dime a dozen (15:59:21) :

since when was she asian ?

& the song is wack.

12 12 2007
MusicCritic (16:06:03) :

The song isn’t that bad I’ve HEARD WORST EVEN THROUGH THIS RECORD COULD OF BEEN ON THE DAMITA JO ALBUM. But overall the song not that bad I think Ciara watch out because janet coming for that ass lol. Janet I can’t wait until she Get’s her big come back like Mariah Carey people was doubting her with her first single its like that but when her second made it people start giving her hope I think the same thing is going to help for janet watch ya will see its. the song is club material its good enough.

12 12 2007
Beyaki says...Feedback your ass to the studio.. (16:32:34) :

Wake me up when she turns 50.You not that young and she sure has fooled us over the years thinking she has a voice.
Again, let me get drunk and I get back to you because I don’t know about this song
Bring my What Have You Done With Me Lately Janet
The Zoot Suit Janet..
Asian persuasion?People say anything…
Sounds like a Britney record.

12 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (16:40:49) :

I for one am happy she decided to actually sing and quit being so damn lazy on her vocals like she usually does, sounding like someone slipped a Benedryl in her Cognac or somethin. And when did Ms. Damita Jo decide she was gonna be a rapper? She can keep that period blood to herself, better yet mix it up with some spaghetti sauce and serve it to Jermaine Dupri so he won’t leave ya ass when the next album flops. Overall this song will ONLY see success if she has a fiya video where she dances for the full 5 minutes, non stop with nothing but a hoola skirt, clogs and her hair in a Amy Winehouse beehive.

12 12 2007
Stardancer2001 (16:44:07) :

It’s alright. She’d better deliver a kickass video along with this one!

12 12 2007
naenae (17:42:58) :

Lately music seems to be to Janet Jackson what a little red convertible is to middle aged men. and um…Kangol makes pink gangster hats now?

12 12 2007
Shoulda Let You Go (17:51:00) :

I like it. hope she dances her ass off in the vid

12 12 2007
meka (17:58:14) :

sorry, but i’ll take any track off of britney’s blackout album over this song.

12 12 2007
SayWhat (18:02:57) :

smh my first day period aint that heavy

12 12 2007
DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio (18:14:19) :

* sends S.O.S. Smoke signals to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis *

Dear Janet,

Please stop being d**k-motized with Jermaine Dupri and get back to making really fire joints please.

Thank you.

Your peoples,

DJ Fusion

12 12 2007
geminigirl (18:15:31) :

Well, here’s my feedback … lose this ish and go back to the drawing board. I use to STAN hard for you back in the day … but yo ass is like 41 years old … save this ish for Ciara or another youngin’ it’s time for you to start saying something … or cut your loses and start droppin’ babies.

However, because I do own all your other albums I will most definitely be buying this one … can’t break the collection.

12 12 2007
ALSmith (18:18:41) :

^^^ co-sign.

The Velvet Rope, however dark and scary it may have been, was the last great album she put out. Lord. Why must people fix what’s not broken?

Am I asking for too much when I ask for a song. A simple song? A song with lyrics that make some sense and maybe say something really intelligent. A song with a beat that goes hard… but also MAKES SOME SENSE… and a melody. I like melodies. Who decided melodies were uncool?

Lord, Lord, Lord above.

But I won’t even front. Janet is one of those Top 5 Greatest Performers of All Time and so on that alone, I will probably buy this album too (although I did put my foot down on All 4 You… that was just asking too damn much — I gave in on Damita Jo and 20 Y.O.).

12 12 2007
kelis (19:17:42) :

I love Janet but….. this really does sound like a rejected track from Britney’s last album. Britney is nothing really but a knock-off white janet, and jt is a knock-off white version of mike….so it makes absolutely no sense for her music to be sounding like theirs. Janet, you are supposed to be the original one here, not sounding like a bootleg version of yourself…!! Please go back in the studio.

12 12 2007
Dee (19:33:30) :

Um….this song sucks period…point blank….I called on sweet minty jesus right after she began the chorus….sombodi tell this chile to sat down somewhere……she 2 seconds away from being a has been like Gary Coleman with this crap

12 12 2007
Regina (19:44:18) :

That period line is nasty! janet has not been hot in my opinion since “velvet rope”. Now that was Janet at her best! maybe she had better get rid of the midget holding her back (JD) and get back to what she knows works (Jimmy jam & terry lewis).


12 12 2007
Ms. Niqua is thinking.... This Feels like iTunes Bonus Track Material. (19:53:23) :

This was unexpected for me. This is more unexpected than when they kicked the cookie monster off of Sesame Street. (He’s now Brussels Sprout Monster).

I can officially say that ALL the pop music of this year has sampled something else. This is cute; not first single material (but then again, what was in the last 5 yrs)?

12 12 2007
Rick Daniels (21:37:45) :

Janet should get back with Jimmy and Terri. Jermaine Dupri is fucking her sound up. Her music isn’t memorable anymore.

12 12 2007
hoyachick (21:50:26) :

Uh Janet has been trying to make a come back fof like 5 years now and each album has been worst than the last she shoulda retired when she was still on top.. This song is wack!

13 12 2007
cybergurl07 (00:28:55) :

I am not feeling this at all. What club will this play in? Not any r&b clubs this is when you will stop dancing and go to the bathroom or up to the bar and order your buffalo wings. The beat is wack she is not appealing to her black audience at all. I guess we aren’t buying enough of her cd’s. I love janet i’ve been a janet fan since the 80’s. She has gotta do something, let jimmy jam and terry go and work with Jermaine. Her man is known for making music with good beats. She needs to let Jermaine fully produce her album let him run it and we will get some good music. I guess he was in on the last one but got the boot. This pop techno sound is not working.

13 12 2007
The IPS (01:29:20) :

LOL! This song….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rodney Jerkins produced this, and I stan for Rodney. But this does sound like a song he pitched to Britney and they were like, “umm this too urban.” I don’t know.

I don’t hate it though. All she needs is Missy Elliott on the remix and a hot video, and I could see this bangin’ in the clubs. For real, no joke. You could strip the words out and just dance to this joint.

Wow, i don’t HATE HATE it. I like the 2nd verse, going into the 2nd chorus. That’s hot. You have to give this song time to build.

13 12 2007
The IPS (01:32:03) :

OK, I like it. I am dancing. Feedback, feedback….feedback, feedback…

I love those drums, those “Lose My Breath” drums…

I like it Rodney & Janet, I like it. And Janet sounds…good.

She’s the black folks “Madonna” and I must say, I like this sound.

13 12 2007
angel (04:03:18) :

How has Janet been trying to make a comeback for 5 years? 5 years ago she released All For You, which was probably her highest selling album to date (could be wrong about that). And ‘Damita Jo’ was a better CD than All For You (IMO).

This song will have to grow on me.

The period line is the answer to Mariah’s “them chickens are ash and I’m lotion”. Don’t act like thats not hot!

13 12 2007
Mz.Jenn (04:29:22) :

I really wish that she would STOP wearing her niece Paris’s shirts…But I really liked the Damita Jo album…since then she’s kinda fell off /keeps falling off

13 12 2007
Madame Zenobia (05:09:48) :

Maybe it was because I bumped my Design of a Decade and Janet albums last night, that I find this new track REFRESHING and FAMILIAR…. To me, it ’sounds’ like Janet Jackson and I like it! I think she needs to hurry and shoot a video for it; I think the video would help improve peoples perception of the song. It’s a live song and I’m sure it will get major play in clubs……and gay clubs…..especially gay clubs :lol: It’s a good song folks! ;)

13 12 2007
Chris (07:03:32) :

Found this one yesterday. I think it’s monotone and it sounds like it was produced in the beginning of the 90’s (that’s a bad thing).

So Janet I’ll give you some feedback: It sucks!

13 12 2007
nick (07:11:55) :

its HOT HOTT HOTTT — y people always hatin ??? Janet is the ICON of female dance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) HOT VIDEO baby-we need it’NOW!!

13 12 2007
TINY (07:24:43) :

She acutually went from “Pleasure Principle” to this???
She needs to give it up. Her “control “days are over!!! Way over due.
Was that a leftover track for Britney’s album that was given away at the last minute???? (SCRATCHES HEAD)

13 12 2007
msantina (07:36:15) :

This song wouldn’t be so bad if it was done by somebody else. The beat is hot, very danceable, but I just don’t feel Jane delivered on this song. For one she is too old to be doing songs like this! Whatever happened to maturing as an artist? It’s like she’s moving backwards instead of forward. And smh at her 5 year effort to put out a chart topping album. She’s better off putting out a “Greatest Hits” album. Not even going to get on the “period” line because I will get too upset. T-M-MUTHAFUCKING-I Janet.

13 12 2007
dejay thomas (07:41:57) :

I love this song. It will be a hit! Mar my words! Already getting tons of positive feedback on radio!

13 12 2007
lucy van pelt (08:03:27) :

I’m sure it will get airplay and will be bumped in da clubs… but it’s still crap.

13 12 2007
honeyluv (09:14:34) :

I like it. Hot! I am happy Janet is back!

13 12 2007
Ms. Niqua (09:55:28) :

New Janet album Titled “Discipline”

13 12 2007
Robert (10:50:42) :

Now listen…

Fergie is like 38 and talking about “Big girls don’t cry”.. Beyonce who is almost 30 went from singing “Dangerously in Love” to “Freak’um Dress”.. And most importantly, Madonna who is like 204 just released a song called “Candy Shop”..

Pop is what it is.. Do not expect these women to put anything like Lauryn Hill or Indie Arie.. that type of depth just isn’t their arena…

This song to me is Hot.. does it sound like it’s alil britneyish? Alil bit, but when you think about it, britney is a white replica of Janet.. How can you copy yourself?

People just get into this predisposition to h*** janet before they even have a chance to hear it.. thats just the way it is for her right now.. try to stop h**** and enjoy the beat.. it’s actually pretty hot =)

13 12 2007
TINY (11:32:37) :

^^^ Hey IPS, I thought if anyone used the word “HATING” in their comments it won’t get shown??? Handle your business daddy!!!!

13 12 2007
TINY (11:35:24) :

please go to Janet’s myspace page and talk that smack cause we don’t want to hear it !!!!!! K

13 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (11:40:25) :

A predisposition to hate Janet? I could have sworn a million folks said how we roll HARD for Janet, but does that mean every song she does is good? No! Even Khia (and all her good advice) couldn’t save her last album

13 12 2007
msantina (11:53:42) :

Is it really possible to “listen” to words WRITTEN on a blog?

13 12 2007
Phillip (11:54:23) :

I love her new song SHE’S BACK!!!! some folks better start pushing there albums back lol.

13 12 2007
TINY (11:55:08) :

Well in this case I meant J not IPS. Get him mama!!!! (my fault)

13 12 2007
TINY (12:00:33) :

msantina (11:53:42) :

Is it really possible to “listen” to words WRITTEN on a blog?

LMAO!!!! These stans go extra hard. That’s a technique I have yet to discover!!!

13 12 2007
dejay thomas (12:55:51) :

This is going to be a big hit! “crank it up, give it to me come, give to me, give it to me, come on.” Love it! Thanks everyone for providing their “feedback.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 12 2007
iammyself (14:06:03) :

Don’t get me wrong…Janet is my girl and always will be, but I always thought she sounded like a mosquito when she tried to sing. I never viewed her as a singer, but I’ve always viewed her as the consummate entertainer. However, after listening to “Feedback”…man, Janet, it’s gettin’ hard to defend you baby. Mariah had the little slump, went crazy, then bounced back big time. Maybe you need to go crazy sweetheart, then get your brother to produce your next joint. Or get back with Jimmy and Terry. Growing up doesn’t mean you have to get nasty with lines like, “heavy like your first day period…” Come on Damita Jo…you’re more talented than that. I hope the rest of “Discipline” is a little more…um…disciplined.

13 12 2007
Rebecca (15:27:04) :

I echo everyone else’s sentiments. GET BACK WITH JIMMY JAM AND TERRY LEWIS. There’s magic between the three of them. Just like with Snoop and Dre. Janet hasn’t really been popping since “Velvet Rope”. Also Janet really doesn’t have a niche musically. Let’s keep it real she is a mediocre singer and now there are so many other mediocre singers out there she just gets swallowed up. Maybe she should start her own label and develop other artists.

13 12 2007
angel (15:28:05) :

Janet isn’t a SANGER but she is above mediocre. She doesn’t get swallowed up in the least.

13 12 2007
Aairy (15:40:11) :

hahaha @ mixin period wit spaghetti sauce.
NO ME GUSTA! u aint rite at all!

am i suppose to lik this??
ima need her to dig back in her bag of nasty tricks and pull another sex card out cuz dis shit as got to go!
now dats my damn feedback!

13 12 2007
Michael (16:42:52) :

Anyone who does not like this song is pretty much wack. This song is for the club bangers and not for folks who want to hear Gladys. I like Gladys and so does my grandmother. So what, the song sounds like a Britney piece. She is showing all the little dolls who the real QUEEN is. Janet started this game and now she is back to finish with “FEEDBACK” I’ll see you ha***s in the club in a few months sneaking your moves when the song request to ” Crank it up give it to me come on, Crank it up give it to me come on.

13 12 2007
Jennifer (19:01:26) :

First listen…HATE-ED IT!

Second and third listen…it grew on me. Now I like it. I can honestly say it’s a good song.

HOWEVER…my Janet Jackson litmus test is this: is this a song that I can’t imagine anyone else singing but Janet? And the answer to that is overwhelmingly NO.

B+ for effort, D for originality. Less “generic urban pop” music, more “Janet Jackson” music.

13 12 2007
Jennifer (19:04:37) :

(sorry for the double post; hit reply too soon. Please combine if possible!)

And Aairy, I disagree with you. NO MORE sex tricks, please! The janet. album was released in 1993, and Janet’s main subject hasn’t evolved since! You know why that album was so titillating and raw for me? Because I was ELEVEN YEARS OLD. Now I’m nearly 26. Janet, I’ve grown up. Please do the same!

13 12 2007
brandon (22:39:03) :

I like the song. For an artist to still be relevant and talked about 20+ years after their debut says a lot to me. It’s not about liking Janet or not, but give props when they are deserved. She has earned her place in music history.

13 12 2007
JAY (23:49:38) :


13 12 2007
JAY (23:53:01) :


13 12 2007
JAY (23:55:01) :


13 12 2007
JAY (23:58:12) :

did rodney sample perculator?*** the gay clubs are going to eat this song out…. i am sure the drag queens are getting their wigs ready

14 12 2007
bronx_chic (05:30:13) :

^^^um, jay, baby??? its not that serious :)

14 12 2007
bronx_chic (05:31:42) :

oh and the song doesn’t work for me…cosign with a lot of yall, i miss the early to mid 90’s janet, not the pop swagger-jacker one. i do wish her the best tho, whatever route she takes.

14 12 2007
vocallyinclined2002 (13:03:52) :

the song is hot..i love it wen janet steps outta her comfort zone…her and madonna are the only artist that have this longevity and try to reinvent themselves everytime….i stan 4 janet…but if i hated dis i would b deeply depressed, the more i listen to it the more i jam..

16 12 2007
Janetfan (12:13:51) :

Dont get me wrong most of you guys are right the janet from late ’80’s and ’90’s is what we all want back. I think what you all dont like (correct me if wrong) is that she is just too sexual at this point in her life and that dupri is w/her.

16 12 2007
angel (15:43:06) :

Wait a minute now Jennifer, singing about sex is considered immature to you? And Janet now needs to grow up? Look how backwards our society is now. Yes, lets leave the sex singing for the 16 year olds LMAO SMH. I don’t get it, every time a female artist, especially an older one, wants to be sexual if is somehow considered less substantial. You’d never hear some shit like that over a Prince record. Get it together.

25 12 2007
Meka W. (18:48:13) :

Janet is the greatest! nuff said.

P.S. let me see a britney, or a J LO, or a B, or any female artist out right now last 20+ years in this business AND OR even look half as good as Ms. Jackson when they’re 41. So for all the ‘haters’ dont hold ya breath & PLEASE keep hatin, cuz yall make the world go round. Thanx :-)

27 12 2007
objective viewpoint (09:30:19) :

For all the comments regarding Janet’s “comeback,” you naysayers have to admit that the term is relative. Granted, Janet’s album sales are not what they were 10-20 years ago, when each album sold between 3 and 6 million copies. But then, what other artist - female or otherwise - who was hitting the charts as early as 1982 can claim to be making albums in 2006 or 2008 that 1) open at No. 2 in Billboard or higher, and 2) inspire as many blog entries as Janet does. In fact, with few exceptions, no other artists in music history can claim such accomplishments 25 years into their chart careers.

Examples: Aretha Franklin’s big breakthrough came in 1967 with “Respect.” 25 years later - 1992 - she was barely a microcosm on the music scene, although she’s still a respected icon. Diana Ross’ big break with the Supremes began in 1964. 25 years later - 1989 - she hadn’t had a top-40 hit in four years, and hasn’t had one since. The same goes for most other artists. Only a few exceptions - the Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Janet’s own brother Michael, Madonna, and one or two others, can claim to be as relevant as Janet has been 25 years after their chart debuts. That alone is enough to give Jackson her props. The song is not the best Janet material, but it is certainly not the worst. What is she supposed to sing about? Lillies and flowers? Politics? The weight of the world? C’mon, lighten up folks. She’s obviously in her prime sexually. And if she wants us to feel it with her, I by-golly am more than willing to go there musically with her.

28 12 2007
maverick (03:00:56) :

I think that it’s important to understand that the Jacksons are so persistant as a family and have been through so much that it VERY unlikely that nothing we post here negative or positive will sway them either way.

Being that we all have the right to post our opinions it is healthy not only to have fans comment but also have objective “feedback” unbiased by adoration or hate. With that in mind the song did exactly what it set out to do START FEEDBACK world wide. Good or Bad press is STILL press.

The fact that everyone is buzzing about this says a lot about her staying power and coming off the heels of her last SMASH movie , DISCIPLINE ( the album’s title) tells us she knows what she has to do this time around.
I get it. The Jackson’s are known for their one take precision and comeback power.

I read how people thinks Janet is old. For the demographic that she’s trying to reach I think it’s important that she moves one from here ( dance, pop )
and venture into her next logical evolution and that would be a VOCAL evolution. She’s not growing dramatically like she grew between CONTROL and RHYTHM NATION, or the UNPARALLED GROWTH between JANET and VELVET ROPE. Conceptually she’s had nothing to say in years. The title of the record DISCIPLINE sounds more like a concept piece.

This is it for Janet, she better land it on this one and kick ass on the Videos and the TOUR. Visually I would like to see her STRAIGHT UP DANCE and get back to her raw performing talent. Less focus on the sexual subject matter and a brand new hairstyle that could spark a trend with the average black chick is so necessary.

Janet needs to connect with her roots from a linear level. Don’t come so “JACKSON” all the time. Now I wasn’t a huge fan of the album JANET. but what I will say is she was to be congratulated on the way that she ( through Rene’s insight ) came through the side door with ” That’s the Way love Goes” instead of coming through the front door making a big deal.

FEEDBACK is HOT but I know DISCIPLINE will be a reflection of her passion to perform and make the biggest comeback of her ENTIRE career.

31 12 2007
Ang (07:23:26) :


2 01 2008
Greg (17:22:36) :

It’s not a bad song. I really don’t know what to say about it. She can’t sing so I guess she has to use all the other bells and whistles. I wish she could have a more mature sound and still pump the phat beats.

2 01 2008
Greg (17:23:19) :

I’m still trying to think of what to say!! I just can’t!!

2 01 2008
Greg (17:23:34) :

Still thinking!!

2 02 2008
Le Junk (13:27:35) :

the song is very nice … its cool it has a quick dancable beat… and she sounds very sexy and confident about herself. the song is already in the canadian top 20 and at #50 in the US!!! its going very well! i hope that it will become her big comeback sinlge … (i actually hope that it will top the us hot 100).

But, despite its nice addictive beat (i think it has already topped the us hot dance/club play) it is not one of those janet songs which are pfilosofised, which are trying to pass allusions and stuff. i mean songs like “rythm nation”, “that’s the way love goes”, “together again”, “nasty”, “what have you done for me lately”, “lets wait awhile”, “escapade”, “cantroll”, “i get lonely”, “every time”, “again”, “pleasure principle”, “miss you much”, “all for you”, “someone to call my lover”, “runaway”, “if”, “anytime, anyplace” and a great number of songs of her had an original, groundbreaking sound which defined music throughout the 80s the 90s and the early 2000’s. With staggering album sales and 10 us #1s she was the hottest name out there for like 2 decades alongside with madonna. Since the superbowl incident she isnt her old self for some reason; her albums struggle to pass the 3 million mark and her single make brief appearances in the top us top 20. Nevertheless, the song is still better than junky songs such as “r’nb junkie”, “all night don’t stop”, and “call me” ( these songs where just common rnb songs and janet i not just a common rnb artist). Thus, i strongly believe that it will mark the begining of a new carrer period. (yes it is her comebcak single and it will rock the radio and the charts)

6 02 2008
Lee-Suh (11:54:00) :

Okay, Honestly When I First Heard This Song I Wanted To Tear My Ears Off, But It Came Back On The Radio Again And I Really Listened To It And Its A “Okay Song”. Its Not A Song I’d Put On My Favorite Song List, But Its Okay, I think she is a pretty lady and No matter what age a person maybe if you feel sexy and want the world to know, let them know.

13 02 2008
shellz (18:03:07) :

bORING!!! janet time is up and she been sucking for the pass 10 years! time for her 2 retire no one checkin 4 her no more!!!!!!!1

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