Omarion & Bow, “The Road to Platinum” Was That Way ->

13 12 2007

Omarion & Bow Wow, “Road to Platinum”

What were ya’ll calling them, Ofoolion & Lil Woof Woof? LOL *dead* at that. Was he trying to freestyle? LOL. My little 3 year old cousin raps & sings better than these two on their best day evar!

Please watch these two diluted black young entertainers think the music they are making will ever outlast 2007. I seriously am all for good music, great concepts, something new and fresh, but this heah was a bad idea from jump, and I don’t see it getting any better.

Did you see them arguing? Awwww. Their first fight! No, kidding. Bow got crunk for his “bro” at one point in the clip. I thought he was gonna start crying or something. “Don’t be disrepecting my man like that in front of me! It’s not right!!”

I think they took a detour off that “Road to Platinum.” They might want to call up MiJac and ask for directions to his Yellow Brick Road, because platinum? Ain’t happening.

According to HITS, their album is set to debut with about 100K in sales. Well, they got about 900K more miles on that road to ease on down.

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81 responses to “Omarion & Bow, “The Road to Platinum” Was That Way ->”

13 12 2007
Floridaboy8703 (10:33:03) :

I personally think its irresponsible to use RECORD sales as a indicator of someones talent. Because like no one is going to sell the kind of albums people sold PRE-Internet lol.

But with that being said. Omarion and Bow Wow need to go sit down somewhere. They are not adding any substance or creativity to the already generic music landscape. They will not be missed.

13 12 2007
taalsi (10:43:11) :

Thanks IPS. There’s a wasted 3 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. That clip stank with the funk of young foolishness and niggery. Normally, I don’t use that word but I think it applies here.

What’s so sad is that these fools believe their own hype. If it weren’t for teenage girls, they wouldn’t even have a fan base.

13 12 2007
Ms. Niqua....."Please add the "Ho Sit Down" tag to this. (10:43:19) :

Someone tell these two to let the “Brotherly Love” quell a bit. Platinum! I guess I can’t say they’re not ambitious.

They threw Sway from MTV News into this debauchery. Mr. Calloway, how could you let yourself stoop down to this.

This really has the feel of a “movie trailer”.

13 12 2007
MsAkala (11:03:42) :

why…why is bow wow yelling at me?

13 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (11:07:59) :

lol @ Bow Wow, if he isn’t acting like a spoiled brat in this video I dont know what he’s doing. Somebody missed nap-time and is cranky as hell. Lol,

And why oh why is Bow Wow so hostile. If he dont calm down this relationship will never work. Somebody needs to sit down with him and have a one on one talk with him. Relationships are about give and take. Omarion dances for you in his leopard g-string and you grease his scalp. GIVE and TAKE. You can’t be a dick to the one you love.

13 12 2007
MsAkala (11:09:29) :

and wtf is blackarazzi

13 12 2007
hdabara (11:10:14) :

The parting shots oh Kiki ‘nem screaming and stomping in their swap meet uggs[LOL to whoever said that one] all over the pavement for these two minuscule musicians killed me. Ima need all twelve of them to take their fast lil behinds back to school because they KNOW they have final exams!

13 12 2007
Erin T. (11:11:04) :

“Omarion dances for you in his leopard g-string and you grease his scalp. GIVE and TAKE. You can’t be a dick to the one you love.”

okay, I fell out at this because when I saw those pics of Omarion with his hair all out and ish the FIRST thing I thought was hot Bow Wow parts that hair with a rattail and puts blue magic on his scalp.


13 12 2007
Erin T. (11:17:33) :

Okay I just tried to watch this.

yip-yip is on those EXPENSIVE DRUGS! He probably does lines off of Omarion’s french braids.

I feel soooo bad for those girls screaming for these two shrimp on flatbush avenue or wherever the hell they are.

So who’s the dominate one? Looks to me like Omarion is on top of thangs. Make him say “O!” Omari. I ain’t mad.

13 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (11:31:41) :

Nah Bow Wow is the dominate one, he was straight checking folks all through this video. At least thats the way they edited the video to look. The full length video shows Bow Wow getting his ass beat 10 different ways and half the yelling he’s doing is when no one else is really in the room.

13 12 2007
babymomma#4 (11:33:35) :

aaaaaaaaaahahahaha!!! this is sum str8 BULLLL-SHHHHHiTTT!!!

i laughed at that whole takin dance moves from CB “thats str8 disrespectful…get’em outta here” aaaaaaahahahaha!!!

Bow Wow is gonna be the next one to hit up rehab… u bet u $2

13 12 2007
Licia (11:35:47) :

Huh? “We were at a point in our relationship, where we didn’t talk”? WTF????!!!! ARe they the new JLo and Marc Anthony? Which one will be having twins and not acknowledge that they’re preggers?

13 12 2007
msantina (11:51:46) :

“We taking over the 4th quarter!” Really tho? I didn’t have a inkling you were in the game. At least Omariwrong does have talent, but Bow Wow needs to give Dr. Seuss his steez back. “Green Eggs and Ham” have a better, more believable flow than any of his new verses.

And Kibbles and Bit need to sit his napoleon complex having ass down. Screaming throwing bish fits and no one paid him any mind. It’s because they couldn’t hear you fool. You’re too far down. Try a microphone next time genius.

13 12 2007
WTF!?! (11:59:30) :

those two oompa loompas need to get back on Charlie’s line before they lose their jobs! clearly those groupies were paid 5 dollars each for a chinese food meal in the hood to scream. cuz i kno damn well if those heffas really wanted webster and gary, they would have bumrushed the one security guard that was “holding them back”. Dead @ that though.

13 12 2007
passion4writing (11:59:41) :

Can some1 say, Whitney & Bobby?…….Clearly Bow Wow is Whitney….protecting his man O. I believe there is some DL “zestiness” going on with them……..and i’m not understanding the yelling……
but honestly, i cant blame bow wow for wanting to attract an older audience after being out for so long and still having a fan base between the ages of 12-15…..pretty sad.
but, he is makin dat money……….so do what u do….

13 12 2007
Afrochic (12:03:35) :

lol at the road to platinum being that way ->

All that promo only got them 100K…even the lil girls can see that something in the milk ain’t clean with these two. They cater to a niche of a niche market.

13 12 2007
Jodeci (12:07:35) :

Someone plz tell bow wow to sit his little ass down I hate when he be trying to act hard in ish I can tell you now that I truely don’t like omarion no more just for the fact that he starting to act just like bow wow he feelin hisself to much and the album face off aint even hot like they mking it out to be

the way they acting and showing they ass-off like this the gon loss alot of fan key word they only gon sell 100k lets be real that is not alot woof woof and o-fag

last time a checked you can’t own the 4qurt. with them sells
Alicia Keys owns it right now and who knows how many my girl
Mary J gon sell her first week I really do think that they the only ones in this hype of face off oh and they lil female fan base trust no true nigga would ride to this madness in there car

And that whole Chris Brown comment LMAFO it was not disrespectful to me Chris Brown is a way better dancer then Omarion. Omarion does the same shit with his moves nothing new about him

And im lost B2K was not apart of the history of boy bands
they was never great they didnt even sing that good
they damn sure wasnt no Boys 2 Men, troop, Blackshreet, Guy and others but you get the point

13 12 2007
LA (12:16:37) :

lol okay,bow wow trying to be hard is funny as hell to me,i wish i could have been there to tell his little rowdy ass the shut the hell up,lol i know that whoever he was “yelling” at couldnt stop laughing at him

13 12 2007
Mina (12:34:49) :


For some reason I was dying when Bow Wow made the question mark, he looked extra gay doing it.

Hmmm dissing Omarion over Chris Brown moves? I believe Chris Brown is the headliner of the tour he is currently on, so Bow Wow’s fruity ass needs to STFU before he gets dissed and kicked off that tour Ne-Yo style.

Ohh boy that shit was really hillarious

13 12 2007
Mina (12:46:59) :

Off topic but why is Lil Wayne talking about murdering people?

13 12 2007
C.J. (12:52:22) :

LMAO @ this foolatry and baffoonery!!! Why is Bow Wow screaming so hard? Why is he moving his neck side-to-side and “talking” with his hands like that grown-ass 3 year old girl from the neighborhood that you knew would grow up to be bad…. O needs to take him to the back room and shake the shit out of him and tell him to get it together…*SMH*

13 12 2007
Beyaki says...give respect where its due momofuckers! (12:55:55) :

Ummmmmmm when Ofoolio (ROOOOOOOFIOOOOO) was saying everybody excited I had to do the Side Eye of Death…

Relationship?Ummmmmm it would been wise to say friendship…
Looks like T.I. lost son.

Mina (12:34:49) :


For some reason I was dying when Bow Wow made the question mark, he looked extra gay doing it.


13 12 2007
blah! (14:13:49) :


13 12 2007
msantina (14:30:09) :

^No it’s called honesty honey. And if you don’t like it click the red X. DISMISSED!

13 12 2007
vocallyinclined2002 (14:33:04) :

ok….ummm…doin way 2…puttin 20 on 10!….”we actually got to the point in our relationship where we werent talking and im not afraid to share that anymore”…is O tryin 2 tell us something??????? wat exactly is he not afraid 2 share????? lmao! they up der tryin 2 pull stunts n shows 2 prove they hard…and bow wow look like a lil mexican jumpin bean whenever he wanna raise his voice….niggah SIT DOWN! and omarion talkin about they been in the game long enuf 2 pull out the guns????? wat guns??? water guns??? dont nobody give a fuck bout yall but then 12 yr old girls that aint got a gaydar yet….i can jus see dem crusing the homothug clubs in atlanta together lookin 4 dancers 2 take on they tour…lord jesus…too much zest 4 me!

13 12 2007
blah! (15:21:40) :

ummm yea yal have way to much time on yall hand to criticize i know yall got best friends and shit all of a sudden yall think they gay omari has a girlfriend idk about bow but omarion does yall are to observant as hell.

as soon as the album goes platinum and yall saying the ish gone flop just wait when it does go platinum i want yall to feel like shit! and the people that are commenting obviously care yall just jealous because yall aint in they shoes.

and the person that said this wasted like 3 minutes of their life why didnt u just stop it i bet you ass watching over and over again/ also not just teenagers buy it im 20 AND THERE!

p.s and before u say i have to much time on my hand i do bitch! anything else?

13 12 2007
Ghost (15:44:11) :

I wonder how many copies of the cd will end up on Ebay or at Cd Warehouse?

Because anyone noticed that the Dirty verison of the cd never came despite it being listed on, Sony and other websites? And now you can’t find it listed on most of the websites.

And why was Bow Wow blasting Chris Brown? Is he jealous that like Romeo, Chris Brown has done something he hasn’t? Have a hit movie and a better tour? (Romeo is actually playing basketball in high school and soon in college unlike Bow Wow)

Own the 4th Quarter? Soory Alicia Keys has that on lock. Bow Down to her and take notes Bow Wow, you don’t see her showing her ass, cussing, dissing folks and draped over Omarion. She knows how to sell albums with class! You might want to call her for lessons.

Where’s Tevin Campbell to both of these clowns in their place?

13 12 2007
Ghost (15:50:17) :

And yes this album might go platinu, however a lot of those sells were presales and the few people I know that bought the cd are upset that it appears this cd is edited. THat’s despite the fact many people ordered the dirty version.

I don’t why these two are so scared about having that label warning on the cd. Bow Wow drops the n word at concerts and loves saying it. The profanity is at a minium. I think Listen is the only song with profanity in it.

He wants to be taken seriously, it’s time to put that parental warning label on the cd. All this edit stuff is part of the reason he gets bashed so much. I’m seeing too many of Price of Fame in the resell bins or ultra cheap on Ebay.

13 12 2007
TiffanyGNoneOtha (15:53:19) :

this is a mess and alicia sucks ass, just my opinion^^^ bow wow is like a short person with a complex problem, gotta get all loud and shit just to be noticed

13 12 2007
Donnz (15:54:34) :

Yes im proud that black people are making money (you know the YT’s are mad as hell) but atleast bring some intelligence into the operation ‘Yo N****’ and stripper songs are not getting us anywhere! You already know that what the majority of other races think black people are solely good for (music & sports..Not True BUT we .. well should be representing in those areas alongside others!)

13 12 2007
Aairy (15:57:04) :

ugh! they can both go kill they self wit a dinner fork!

13 12 2007
Agie (16:11:03) :

Seriously though, these comments are extra funny and I’m not even about to bother watching the clip as I won’t be entertained as much.

13 12 2007
The Countess formerly known as Ms. Niqua (16:11:35) :

Own the 4th Quarter? Soory Alicia Keys has that on lock. Bow Down to her and take notes Bow Wow, you don’t see her showing her ass, cussing, dissing folks and draped over Omarion. She knows how to sell albums with class! You might want to call her for lessons
Don’t Forget Mary. MJB 12/18/2007. Mary J. takes the 4th quarter

13 12 2007
Jamie (16:24:28) :

thats it…wtf is going on? LOL

13 12 2007
Ghost (16:39:40) :

I forgot Mrs. Mary J. Please forgive me. ANd I figured out how they are going to sell so many. Guess what? If you buy it in stores, you are getting the CLEAN version. You have to go online to get the dirty version.
Imagine all those fans having to buy it twice. When you have to resort to doing that, you need help. Somewhere out there Kelly Rowland and Soulja Boy are thinking why didn’t they do that.

13 12 2007
The Countess formerly known as Ms. Niqua (16:46:40) :

^^ You are forgiven. BTW. Did anyone know Soulja Boy sold more copies than Ms. Kelly? I know we all THOUGHT it’d happen, but DAMN.

13 12 2007
blah! (17:02:00) :

ummm i got the dirty version in a store and “ghost” u are from the king-o website yes in deed dont lie! lol

13 12 2007
Ghost (17:12:23) :

Was there anything to tell you it was dirty? Because every copy I have seen doesn’t tell you and that’s pretty much the reason why it has remain in bulk in stores.
I’m just trying to do a FAIR review for my school and that clean version isn’t cutting it.

13 12 2007
Mo'Ree (17:23:58) :

Jesus take the wheel and steer this tractor trailer into a brick wall. AMEN

13 12 2007
blah! (17:24:30) :

well it has cursing and it doest cut them out.

13 12 2007
Mo'Ree (17:25:28) :

ALSO…they have a cocky level of about 85% and a talent level of about 23%…And I’m being generous….

13 12 2007
Spark (17:32:39) :

What in the hell are these two cartoon midgets talking about?
“Ride with us…Queeeessstion mark?” Little midget please…

*Returns to watching The Boondocks*

13 12 2007
blah! (17:36:20) :

Jealous Much? I sense that *rolls eyes*

13 12 2007
The Countess formerly known as Ms. Niqua (18:17:12) :

Spark (17:32:39) :

What in the hell are these two cartoon midgets talking about?
“Ride with us…Queeeessstion mark?” Little midget please…

*Returns to watching The Boondocks*
What channel are you watching it on at this time of day?

13 12 2007
geminigirl (18:57:22) :


13 12 2007
blah! (19:39:00) :

learn to spell *point*

13 12 2007
Spark (19:56:02) :

Ms. Niqua

Youtube baby! W00T!!

13 12 2007
LA (21:11:59) :

This is for blah!…
If you don’t like what someone has to say,get off the website,your real cool calling names on the internet.. smh..
what 20 year old acts like that,either your boosting your age or you need to grow the hell up,you can’t get mad at people’s opinions.

13 12 2007
MsAkala (21:28:43) :

blah is just bow wow’s lil cousin peaches..dont pay them no mind

13 12 2007
A Hot Mess! » AHM! Picture Post: Omarion & Bow Wow Release Party (22:51:58) :

[…] it’s all about the body language. And we just saw a video where Omarion admitted that “there was a point in their relationship where they weren’t […]

14 12 2007
bronx_chic (00:21:54) :

*cries* the whole video is pure comedy. i laughed the whole way thru. thank you, i really needed that. bow taking up for omari over chris breezy? priceless.

as for yip yip (lmao), he need to stop with all the cockiness/insane swagger-its does not look good on him. worse cuz he can’t back that shit up!

omari has been looking good to me lately, i dunno why…i guess that what happens when you’re constantly next to bow wow. maybe i just want his hair.

14 12 2007
Cause I Care (02:29:15) :

Cause I Care,
Bow and Omarion…please, please, please fellas… just stop. Ya’ll just foolin these young azz girls, makin them believe that one day they may get with one of ya’ll, when everyone over the age of 16, know damn well O is bustin Bow’s guts. Just like Chris Stokes busted out O’s azz and LDB and Batman aka Marques Houston and Romeo aka Young Rome aka Jerome Jones aka some other shite next week.
“O” you poor child…your azz should have broke camp with Raz-B, Lil’ Fizz and J-Boog. True that, your azz would be broke just like they are but, at least your azz would still be be YOUR azz and not the property of the Pied-Piper of T.U.G. “O” unlike Bow Wow, you’re a good dancer. You could have made some money dancing at the clubs and private shows for the “Children” just like Mega-Body and Bobby Blake. And don’t act like you two don’t know who Bobby Blake is…because …I know Bow and you have spent many nights together watching Mr. Blake’s videos while ya’ll wiping each other down.
Forget all this “Face-Off” foolery. I heard that shite and babies…it ain’t goin double aluminum. Thank God that CD was a bootleg gift from Mila J. If I had to pay for that mess… I’m just saying… And Bow Wow, you don’t want Miss Teresa to have to turn out Jermaine Dupri to save your azz again do you? Mama’s done that enough! You’re a grown man now; it’s time for you (or Jesus) to take the wheel baby.
What you two need to do is make your own sex tape. Chris Stokes already made many tapes of Immature aka IMX, so you know he would direct your sex tape for free and with a smile on his face. Call it “Little Black Workout Face-Off”. Hell, ya’ll already turning each other out already for free, so you little niggas might as well get paid for it. Believe me, people won’t pay jack for that “Face-Off” mess, but a video of Omarion and Bow Wow taking each other’s “boy cookies” (“O” you could throw in a little J-Setting between the bed action scenes)…20 million sold easy. With money like that, ya’ll could really make it rain on them hoes (especially Chris Stokes, Miss Teresa and Precious).
I would not say this if I didn’t care.

14 12 2007
Chant3l (05:52:31) :

Well…we can all see Omarion is the bitch in this group

14 12 2007
deon (06:09:35) :

Bow WOw chicken necking us?

14 12 2007
Tia Mia (10:32:46) :

@ Deon…

YES he was, and it was HILARIOUS! Those hand movements were on point! *makes exclamation point with finger*

14 12 2007
Tia Mia (10:35:37) :

I just rewatched this… i am in need of a good laugh and this is doing it for me today.

I LOVE bow’s hand movements when he says “…and if you don’t jump on the bandwagon”… LMAO!

14 12 2007
Mina (12:51:33) :

LMAOO ^^ right
ROTFLMAO @ Cause I Care

14 12 2007
kelis (14:04:05) :

“question mark” is correct bow wow, for all the wrong reasons….. oooookay?

14 12 2007
mic check 1,2,1,2 (14:27:00) :

wow i am baffled at lil woof woof confidence, thats just ridiculous. they r not adding anything as far as lyrical content, creativity, or anything else that separates the great from the mere mediocre. onto the music scene. his audacity…

14 12 2007
mic check 1,2,1,2 (14:27:37) :

only pre teens will be buying those lps

14 12 2007
mic check 1,2,1,2 (14:31:14) :

lol at stealing moves 4rm chris brown remark/question

14 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (14:53:04) :

Why did I watch this again, only to see Bow Wow’s hand gestures. He Better WORK!

14 12 2007
karebears (16:40:15) :

LMAO at Bow wow fightin wit Toure

14 12 2007
karebears (16:40:36) :

boy stop!

14 12 2007
lihara (17:12:40) :

I believe this is FAKE!! Toure would not interview like that..

14 12 2007
blah! (17:32:48) :


14 12 2007
YungChic (17:44:21) :

I agree with everyone one here when its stated that bow wow needs to check himself before he checks somebody…I watched the show and its a straight joke to me… he gets mad at toure’ who wouldnt even harm a fly and then he gets his bodyguards on toure’… if he’s the one poppin off at the mouth then he needs to deal with toure’ not his bodyguards…which shows bow wow is a p****y…he’s all mouth because he got his crew of friends with him… The way he was actin in the episode is one of the reasons no one respects him…And to me it seems like Bow is tryin really hard to act like T.I… And I truly believe bow wow can be better artist but his attitude gotta go…

14 12 2007
JBTheDon (18:45:40) :

LMAO @ all the comments but I honestly can’t and will not hate on the two homies, they’re doing what thwy know and I think their the product of the industry. While Bow wow does come off as exrememly narcissistic and arrogant, some of his songs are catchy and Omarion does have some clout in the “CB/Neyo/TreySongz Areana”. I;m not a fan of either of their music but I gotta give them their props if they do reach that platinum status.

14 12 2007
2-steppin (20:27:59) :

did u c Bow workin his lil finger/hand like he was Bootz from Flavor of Love 2 lmfao and him throwin a bitch-fit at them people cuz O is still Chris’s moves…hell they lla stealin em from Usher who got em from MJ!

dz niggaz on da DL everybody kno!

14 12 2007
g2 (22:20:06) :

The entire show was hilarious. Is Chris Stoke officially ‘out’?

14 12 2007
REAL TALK (23:33:51) :


15 12 2007
JaYiSsOoKrAzY (12:06:43) :

The road to platinum was good. i watched it 5 times. I thought it was hilarious. Watching Bow get krunk i was shocked i can see where he coming from, but he wouldnt bust a grape in a fruit fight. But i still think he would get a few punches in if hes tested. Im 5′3 and im not the one to be messed with. Yea he did seem to be “gay” when he was talking bout the VMA’s LMAO. Bow does seem to be nervous he is falling off but thats how it is sometime. I definitely Chris Stokes might be homosexual, O is too feminine but i dont know them personally so i will leave it at that. I havent bought the album yet but i support these two. They will have at least 2 hits like they always do. I cant wait for the next show. Yall can hate if yall want but yall know yall going to watch it. Its the best reality show ive seen this year lol.

15 12 2007
2-steppin (20:31:00) :

The Simple Life was MUCH better!!!!!!!!!!!! way better den dis crap!

18 12 2007
mani (19:53:05) :

I was actually sad on Friday because i missed this show but now by all these previews i’ve seen on you tube and now coming on here..this shit is a waste of bet’s air time..i’ve always tried to give omarion and bow wow the benefit of the doubt but now i dont have a doubt in my damn mind that bow wow is poking omari..its like so fuckin obvious..i mean it’s one thing to take up for your brother….maybe even a CLOSE HOMEBOY who you grew up wit..or some shit like that….but the way THAT nigga was carrying on was just uncalled for..bow wow just needs to accept the fuckin fact that he’s going to forever be known as a heart throb (period) YOU CANT MAKE NO-FUCKIN-BODY RESPECT YOU!! YOU gotta EARN THAT SHIT..he need to get that through his thick ass head..and jumping around raising your voice,,cussing,,talking shit..(not to mention tryna get your fuckin body guards to handle some shit YOU started)is NOT gonna get him respect
And you can tell Omarion dont do shit but stay on bow’s nuts cause all he do is follow that nigga wherever he go..(perfect example when bow said “O LETS RIDE” without ANY hesitation that nigga got his ass up and went right behing bow out the door..and bow was steady cussing at Tore’ and my thing is if it really offended omarion he would have said something his damn self..and whether BOW WOW realize it or not he MAKING omarion look like his bitch cause he always speakin for him..LIKE COME ON..THAT NIGGA OLDER THAN YOU!!!! yOu cant even buy fuckin beer yet YOU STILL 20!!
but thats all i gotta say about this show..i can honestly say i think the b2k reality show is gonna be better than this..(IT ACTUALLY HAS A PURPOSE)

19 12 2007
Bow you got O and i got you babe! (21:03:35) :

i am sorry for all of you who feel that you must sit and watch the show and then run to the internet and post negative feed back cause a nigga making money. BOW WOW is very talented and he is going far in his career, he has matured and experienced over the years and his music reflects that ( not that it wasn’t good before he gave me the worst case of puppy love ever). Omarion is also very talented. he and chris brown have similar dance moves and if there is one or two that are the same (which there may be) both of these young men are paying very talented chirographers* which maybe share style and even could have worked together before. either way dance is an art and nobody said to picasso he couldnt use the red because divinci used it first! Any way get off they dick and dont watch part two if they intimidate you so much. -christin

21 12 2007
b wyld (10:28:10) :


21 12 2007
b wyld (10:28:10) :


21 12 2007
b wyld (10:33:39) :

WOW!!! I can’t believe that these girl scouts are trying to seem hard knock. i will love to whoop Pow wow’s and guitarion’s ass for breakfast, bruncb, lunch, dinner, snack time, midnite snack and again on pre breakfast. LMAO..

21 12 2007
Joan (18:47:46) :

Mina (12:34:49) :
For some reason I was dying when Bow Wow made the question mark, he looked extra gay doing it.

i thought that was EXTRA funny too, Mina!

What am i saying, bow wow? well what i am saying is that your 5 mins (ok i will give you 10) of fame are up. you were hot like 10 years ago.

29 12 2007
missbitch (12:16:38) :


9 03 2008
meme (11:16:54) :

bowwow is really femmine when he gets mad it looks really funny if you really look at him cause he looks really gay acting like that e prolly is i never saw a boy defend another boy like that and not even omarion s going in like he was awwwwwwwwww bowwow is in love and sprung off of omarion how cute

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