Throwback of the Day: En Vogue - “My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)”

13 12 2007

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This is probably one of my favorite songs ever. And the breakdown?! SWEET MINTY JESUS. That “never gonna get it, never gonna get it…” is one of the best vocal breakdowns ever in my book.

I made a ringtone out of it LOL. It’s what plays when bill collector’s call! Don’t hate, that’s hot ROFL.

Anyway, so sad they couldn’t get it back together and Dawn left and blah blah blah. Before there was DC-3, there was En Vogue, Jade, Brownstone, The Supremes, The Jones Girls, The Pointers….I could go on. Bow down and respect!

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20 responses to “Throwback of the Day: En Vogue - “My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)””

13 12 2007
MsAkala (11:21:04) :

what’s it gonna be?

cause i can’t resist.

13 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (11:23:15) :

Oh how I miss En Vogue. I love it when every single member can SANG, not sing, but SANG. They all had strong voices and no one was put there simply as filler.

13 12 2007
MsAkala (11:24:11) :

or was it pretend?

13 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (11:29:20) :

it was pretend. I remember having to sing that song when I actually used to sing lol

13 12 2007
Phillip (11:50:29) :

I remember when this album came out my moms got it for my bday it was my first ccompact cd.

13 12 2007
Salty Beans... (12:10:32) :


All them chicks were hella fine and could SANG….those were the good ole days before corporate controlled hell took over quality music…..

13 12 2007
TINY (12:21:00) :

Love this song and video. I’m pretty sure Ciara got the idea off the hook of this song to write “Goodies” What ever happened to Dawn Robinson? In my opinion she’s the best of them all!!! DC ain’t never have shit on EV!!!!

13 12 2007
taalsi (12:34:54) :

Hell yeah, I loved me some En Vogue. They sang at Grad Night when I was in 12th grade and tore it up. However the people at Grad Night effed up. Some of the performances were going on at the same time and I had to choose. Do ya’ll know how hard it was to choose between En Vogue and Billy Ray Cyrus? I missed them tight ass jeans and that mullet.

13 12 2007
mcsmellymel (12:38:41) :

Actually I was in DC early Sept at the Black Family Reunion that happens ever year on the mall. And En vogue- all 4 including Dawn- performed and were on point! And all looking good. Would send pictures but my boyfriends camera was stolen during that trip! Not sure if they’re putting out anything new, they didn’t say.

13 12 2007
Beyaki says...give respect where its due momofuckers! (12:47:50) :

Love EnVogue
I think Cindy was probably was my favorite
And their remake of Yesterday is THE BIZZZZZZ
Yep DC know what it is..
The Emotions was bad too and I can’t front Sister Sledge *dead*
LOL Taalsi “dont tell my heart my achy breaky heart…”
I stop

13 12 2007
blaquestar (13:04:36) :

Actually, it was,

“What’s it gonna be? Cuz I can’t pretend”

So it was both…..

13 12 2007
epiphanyblog (13:14:22) :

What happened to that reality show Dawn and her Boo had? I saw a clip on AHM….there were some shenanigans with a rat in the bedroom or something? Is she still with that dude? He seemed a little hanger-on-ish to me….talking about everything “they” accomplished, when he was still a no name chump trying to get a record deal. Anyway I agree with y’all. Those girls were the real deal. Remember when they won a grammy or something and accepted their award my singing an acapella thank you right there on stage? HOT!!!!!! COuld you imagine Simba and her cub-ettes trying to pull that off.

13 12 2007
Shoulda Let You Go (13:19:11) :

“I made a ringtone out of it LOL. It’s what plays when bill collector’s call!” LMAO this was too too funny to me….makin me drop my food like that what the hell wrong wit u?

& doenst the girl from Jamie Foxx Show (look up Plain White Rice) sing in En Vouge now? & i like this song, but my fav from them has to be “Hold On”

Hold on to (your hot sweaty monkey) love (fa-real do hey!)

13 12 2007
The IPS (13:29:47) :


COuld you imagine Simba and her cub-ettes trying to pull that off.

ROFL!! Ok just stop!!! *dies*

13 12 2007
pooht2 (15:17:46) :

i am officially reporting the following people to the FBI and names are as follows:
1) IPS

13 12 2007
meka (15:31:05) :

damn i miss them! en vogue had the class that destiny’s child SHOULD HAVE had to match their amazing vocals. dawn did screw the group though…once she left things fell apart, and it’s not as if she a beyonce-like solo career. I’m praying for reunion (not EV3, but ALL of them).

as far as epiphany: COuld you imagine Simba and her cub-ettes trying to pull that off.

13 12 2007
Aairy (16:18:48) :

i love this song!
i was yung wen dis song came out but i knew everydamn word to it!
IPS u r so rite, that breakdown was off the chain! cant nobody do it lik them!

13 12 2007
everyonehasproblems (17:02:17) :

EnVogue really did the girl group right only they weren’t girls, they were women with talent to match. I miss them. This song was the unadulterated ish.

13 12 2007
lucy van pelt (21:06:57) :

As someone posted previously, En Vogue was a class act, all the way. Talented, beautiful, accessible and nice young women (sangin’ wise, i think Terry Ellis was the weakest link).

14 12 2007
kelis (13:10:28) :

This was the JAM!!! That breakdown was the sht man.. The best part was the “woo woo woo woooohhh”. I had the cassette single and I would fast forward through just to hear that part. Me and my sister would fight over who got to sing it.. LOL. Cindy was my favorite. “Free your mind” and “Yesterday” are 2 of my other favorite songs by them.

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