You Did The Work: Chingy Trollin’ The Web For Hoes

13 12 2007

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Chingy’s weedcarriers must have been laid off because of the Writer’s Strike or something because now he’s giving out his phone number too via the web.

Now, come on….I mean, Chingy is a good lookin’ dude (No Homo) compared to Mike Jones, so WHY is he doing this?!

He can’t find enough free tittayballs and sugarboxes to play with on the road?! Is he setting up an advanced tour before he hits each town? I don’t get it LOL. He really just must be bored in that hotel room, eating them buffalo wangs (I see you, Chingy!).

And you know who I feel worse for? The person taping these Youtube shenanigans.

I can just see Chingy on the phone late at night, high school style, with his “low” voice, talking to Keesha in Missouri, setting up playdates. I bet you he recites his own corny lyrics when he is spitting game ROFL.

So who from A Hot Mess! is gonna call and see what’s really hood with this number? LOL

Thanks Beyaki!

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26 responses to “You Did The Work: Chingy Trollin’ The Web For Hoes”

13 12 2007
Beyaki says...give respect where its due momofuckers! (13:32:25) :

AHhhhh didn’t know yall would post this lol..

Him, Lil Roof Roof and Offolio should get the Nigga Nigga please award (a las Kanye) they killing me soooooooftly with full zest in effect

Yall know I’m gone call but…

It would have to be after my Free Minutes start lol I just tell him to hand the phone to Luda (aha)

13 12 2007
Shoulda Let You Go (13:38:17) :

“I just tell him to hand the phone to Luda”

lol. a mess

13 12 2007
DatDude (13:47:34) :

Fuckery and Niggardom.

13 12 2007
Ms. Niqua..... Chinky needs to get a 1-800 number. (13:48:13) :

Ching-a-ling is stooping low to get people to buy his new album.

I’ma be a hoe and call anyway. That phonenumber is NOT IN MY area code. I am NOT wasting long distance on this foo.

I’m call Just to hear his voiceback tone. If his voiceback tone is one of his own songs, I’ma slap the black off’a him myself.

13 12 2007
Licia (13:57:39) :

WOW…I guess Ching-a0ling ain’t got much ding-a-ling huh? Sounds real sad to be asking for folk to call you. Shouldn’t he be working? Tryin to sell them wack assed CDs? Next time Chingy, get naked, get all oiled up, pose and take a glossy picture to put on a business card. Cause either way, you look real pressed and pathetic asking folks to call you. Hint boo, ain’t no fly chick calling a lame ass dick..

13 12 2007
taalsi (13:57:54) :

Damn, I guess that motherf$cker really is One Call Away.

13 12 2007
Erin T. (14:04:27) :

taalsi (13:57:54) : edit

Damn, I guess that motherf$cker really is One Call Away.

quote of the day!

13 12 2007
Sydney's Momma (14:09:33) :

I’m a grown 30+ woman and I just called this number. I need a life…seriously. LOL

13 12 2007
DatDude (14:10:53) :

@ Licia

Hint boo, ain’t no fly chick calling a lame ass dick..

Well goddamn- you done taught me somethin moms, lol

13 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (14:14:29) :

F- Yall, I’m calling. He fine. I’m sure my man would understand if I met Chingy at the Holidae Inn

13 12 2007
rica (14:19:15) :

i called….its an answering service. i was so serious. getting my sexy voice ready…….just so i could ask “is chris available?”

13 12 2007
msantina (14:34:52) :

I would call off my job phone but if him or Luda not trying to meet a sister, it aint worth it. Your voice is not what I want sweetie.

13 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (14:36:41) :

lol its a saynow account!! anywhoo..i left an interesting message. Holla at me Chingy lol

13 12 2007
TiffanyGNoneOtha (15:43:14) :

what a peace of crapt! this is a lame way to try to boost album sells he ain’t finna hit the jackpot this time

13 12 2007
C@LiKelz (15:53:25) :

Whats the number? The vid is no longer available, lol

13 12 2007
Deezie (15:54:46) :

LOL @ you grown mofo’s calling an answering machine
(secretly calls the line herself)

13 12 2007
C@LiKelz (15:55:17) :

neva mind, lol i saw it……………looks like he’s reading off a script on the table, lol

13 12 2007
Aairy (16:24:17) :

say wat ya wanna! u can front on his lyrics and songs but when it comes down to his looks, babyboo is gorgeous! now where my phone at so i can call him and leave him a lil seductive voice mail for him! he betta call me back or i will go stalker mode on his ass! dont play ching-a-ling!

13 12 2007
tt (17:42:26) :

i agree with Aairy… he is very good looking but he dumb as hell for this!!
WHY!! i truly love him but i aint gonna call cuz i think this its stupid.. waste of time and minutes.. im so disappointed i cant look at him the same anymore..

13 12 2007
natalie (18:32:18) :

i sent him the following text message - “soooo, how tall are you anyway, you look kinda short on tv…and I keeps a set of 4″ heels on my feet, putting me at about 6′ on any given day” was that too much? hahahaha! he’s cute tho. bammafied, but cute.

13 12 2007
lala (20:19:18) :

hollering at gurls while eating chicken wings is not pretty lol

13 12 2007
FOXXY (22:15:57) :

Hey U gotta get it where U can… U know that boy hungray!!!

14 12 2007
bronx_chic (01:33:20) :

“bammafied” lol, gotta steal that one!! and what’s up wit these negroes staying at the super 8 motel?? damn, what happened to the holiday inn chingaling? something in the milk ain’t clean if he has to holla @ hoes via youtube.

*replays vid to get the number* :)

14 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (06:29:07) :

lol @ yall..its a saynow account, all these celebs have one. Rihanna, J. Holiday, Alicia Keys, and now apparently Chingy. They use it to keep in contact with fans without giving out their real number. Saynow lets you leave a message and then they can reply back but its a fake number. I have a say now number too. But I only use it to stalk J. Holiday lol

14 12 2007
shyynee (06:29:07) :

u know fosho when he done recordin this shit he wiped his greasy hands in dem curtains…

14 12 2007
Dee (10:47:52) :

Imma need yall to post the number ASAP….

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