Conspiracy? Or Just Not Worthy? Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Get White-Washed

13 12 2007

So I saw this and I must say, I wondered aloud if this was me being paranoid or if this was done purposefully, conciously or unconciously:

Madonna and John Mellencamp will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year, alongside Leonard Cohen, the Ventures and the Dave Clark Five. Philly Soul songwriter/producer team Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff will be presented the Ahmet Ertegun Award (previously known as the non-performer category) and blues harmonica player Little Walter will be inducted in the sideman category.

This is Madonna’s first year of eligibility; her debut single, “Everybody,” was released twenty-five years ago in 1982. The induction ceremony will take place on March 10th, 2008 at New York’s Waldorf Astoria.

Among the artists who were nominated this year but did not get in are the Beastie Boys (who were eligible for the first time) and Donna Summer. (source)

Look at this list of nominees though, for actual induction:

Donna Summer, Chic, Afrika Bambataa, Beastie Boys

I’m sorry, but no Nile Rogers?! Are you serious? Nile was such an important figure of the 70’s. Afrika Bambataa? Do we even need to go there? There would almost be no hip-hop and no Kanye/“Stronger” and more (electro-funk, techno, etc.) without his influence. Of course, Beastie Boys too. I’m not a fan but they were groundbreaking as well.

Madonna cool and all, but…

This just smells funny to me. Rolling Stone is so OVER as a credible magazine anyway, and the founder/owner of Rolling Stone basically picks what he wants. I’m calling Al Sharpton to start a protest, and I need someone to ring up Spicy Creole, Camel, Ash*tty, Fluff Daddy, Flusher and all them so we can fight the power!

Hell, call Anna Mae Bullock, she might even be in the States for Ike’s homegoing LOL.

What do we think about this?

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14 responses to “Conspiracy? Or Just Not Worthy? Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Get White-Washed”

13 12 2007
D (14:36:20) :

Come on Afrika Bambataa shouldn’t have even had to worry about getting in but that’s the industry. I am not suprised about Madonna because she is still relevant but Donna Summer dont have a shot in hell even if she is talented and posses a plethora of hits. As far as calling Spicy Creole and Camel Toes I would rather pick cotton than to see them mofo’s again.

13 12 2007
Beyaki says..Hey Luda call 1800GetBeyaki (14:53:33) :

Mannnnnnnnnn Nile produced hits for Madonna so ummm he should up for something!Him and Benard (RIP) were beast!

Really, I really don’t pay attention to those things because WE ALL KNOW who has great music and what not.It’s nice they get more fame again off it.

13 12 2007
Ms. Niqua (15:35:42) :

I’m calling Al Sharpton to start a protest, and I need someone to ring up Spicy Creole, Camel, Ash*tty, Fluff Daddy, Flusher and all them so we can fight the power!

*starts singing “We Shall Overcome”*

13 12 2007
hazel (15:41:13) :

I quit this a long time ago. Did you know the guy who founded the Hall of Fame inducted himself in the first year of ceremonies? Yeah. Wtf did he do again?????

13 12 2007
meka (15:47:39) :

ok IPS, I agree with most of your points, but you have to acknowledge that Madonna redefined pop music for women-she is an icon. The same complaints will be flying when Beyonce gets her induction before Alicia Keys-sorry but that’s how it works…ASS over talent. Donna Summers: WTF? Her ass shouldn’t have even been on the list of nominees. I definitely feel that hip-hop icons like those listed above should be included. Now, if Madonna was getting hers, say, before Prince, then we can start marching (he got his a few years ago). What I want is for Madonna to take her damn recognition and stop making music.

13 12 2007
Angiea (16:31:06) :

^^^ The inductees are usually retired or semi-retired from music by the time their accomplishments are recognized. Being relevant for 25 years is a wonderful accomplishment but Madonna needs to find a hobby and chill. At home. Away from cameras. I love her music but lately, the only people that are really, REALLY checking for her are the gays. And she knows it.

13 12 2007
back2black (16:34:39) :

haaaaaaaaaaaate beastie boys

13 12 2007
Mama's Rice and Beans (17:33:46) :


Yes, Chic deserves it, but Madonna dis deserve to be in the list.

Now this Leonard Cohen dude could be kicked to the back of the line for CHIC.

Freak out!

13 12 2007
Mama's Rice and Beans (17:42:05) :

dis = did , sorry!

13 12 2007
meka (18:33:05) :

ok, i just looked up nile rogers on wikipedia (sorry, i heard his name before but did not realize how much he accomplished until i saw it in list form, and i was too young during the 80s to pay attention to producers…lol). he DEFINITELY deserves to be inducted, but i bet certain “powers-that-be” on the committee said that they couldn’t take him first over madonna, and that’s why madonna got inducted. pitiful.

13 12 2007
Joey (21:22:12) :

They were just redeem themselves because of last year’s mistake.
Nile produced 1 madonna record. Donna Summer should have been
nominated. Leo Cohen is cool as hell!

13 12 2007
divaTy (22:52:46) :

I’m confused, what does the Rolling Stone owner have to do with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

13 12 2007
The IPS (22:56:47) :

^^ He’s the founder and organizer of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

You can look him up on wikipedia!

14 12 2007
ALSmith (08:46:25) :

Man whatever. We all know the real deal with the music industry. Awards, recognition, fame, all that has NOTHING to do with how talented you are and everything to do with how talented you can make yourself look.

As for Rolling Stone… just another example of how white folks can take something irrelevant and make it the end all be all of all things right with the world. I’m so sick of Rolling Stone deciding who’s hot and who’s not that I want to puke.

I won’t act like Madonna and The Beastie Boys ( both of whom who I really wish would SAT THE HELL DOWN) don’t deserve an award, but…. there oughta be some reward for those who knew when they ceased to be relevant to life, love and the pursuit of musical happiness.

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