Um, Isn’t This About 7 Years Too Late?

13 12 2007

Debbie Nelson, mother of Eminem, is publishing a “tell-all” book about the rapper’s life and how he’s bi-polar and a bunch of other mess.

Nelson has released a tell-all book about her son entitled My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem, in which she says the superstar has battled depression for years. According to Nelson, Eminem’s condition worsened after his ex-wife Kim Mathers gave birth to their daughter Hailie, who is 11. She said his mood has become even more dangerous since Em and Kim split for a second time in 2006.

A family friend told Life and Style magazine, “[Debbie] just hopes he’ll read [the book] and realize how loved he is. She fears she’ll end up burying him unless he gets help … We all see him teetering on the edge of self-destruction.” (Source)

Are people really checking for this? Should I write a tell-all book about how 3LW kicked the girl out the group and threw a plate of chicken wangs in her hair? Seriously.

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16 responses to “Um, Isn’t This About 7 Years Too Late?”

13 12 2007
Ms. Niqua..... Too Little Too Late, Debbie (15:39:55) :

I don’t think Eminem is that crazy. He’s definitely not beating Lauryn or Apples on that scale. I think his momma just went broke and ran out of costume jewelry and lava lamps to pawn.

On the bright side, is that a current picture? He can get it from me any day ^_^

13 12 2007
Donnz (15:58:19) :

I knew that redneck was cracked out from day one. See how people dont listen (Im gonna kill my cousin) ! His squeaky ass voice is not right!!

13 12 2007
taalsi (16:19:43) :

Debbie just need some drug money. She need to sit her ass down and STFU.

13 12 2007
Rebecca (16:21:46) :

Bitch Please. We all know Marshall is a little bit touched. What she should write a book about is all the crack she smoked that caused Em to be the way he is. That lady looks so rough in the face it ain’t funny. She had to be hittin’ the pipe.

13 12 2007
Angiea (16:25:05) :

Oh, Eminem is still a viable product? Well, damn.

13 12 2007
Aairy (16:32:22) :

womp womp!
somebody get dis women a damn pipe and call it a day..

13 12 2007
tt (17:36:23) :

i think i rather hear about 3LW drama than this woman…

13 12 2007
geminigirl (18:41:25) :

I can’t believe it took here this long to figure out how she could make some money.

13 12 2007
geminigirl (18:41:59) :

meant her

13 12 2007
mimi (19:12:43) :


i remember that 3lw/kfc story.

where you at, naturi?

13 12 2007
Z'maji says GIRL STOP (22:22:44) :

Girl we already know that Eminem is CRAZIER THAN A SOUP SANG’WICH,
She just doin this cuz she need some mo’ funds for that illegal white


-Z’maji @

14 12 2007
ALSmith (07:36:16) :

I bet I’d read that 3LW tell-all way before I read an Eminem tell-all. “My son is crazy and on drugs” is so 1999.

14 12 2007
TINY (08:47:56) :

I know dude is a little disturbed. Who in their right mind is gonna make a song
about raping their own mother??? But she’s just doing this to support her habit.
(Her habit for sucking that glass D**K)

14 12 2007
Stu (09:36:24) :

Family milking Em’s fame.
I know Em has got some issues that are quite fucked up. But shouldnt they try and help him?

14 12 2007
cg (10:13:29) :

lol @ Rebecca’s comment. she is vurrry rough in the face this is true. I’m sure she will make money off this book though - you may think this is too little too late but believe me there are still mad STANS out there for the story…shit I just saw a talk show with Kim Mathers interview a few months ago…

14 12 2007
Karas (10:36:12) :

Em’s mom wins the “Captain Duh” Award. Her son been retarded since day 1 and we all knew it. Doesn’t mean he can’t spit but he is “missin’ some Jesus” as my grandma likes to say.

3LW? KFC? Say what? Someone needs to explain.

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