So THAT’S How Plies Got A Record Deal!

13 12 2007

“Rapper” Plies‘ manager David Lee Gay, Jr. was caught by Tampa police with 80 lbs. of cocaine in his possession with the intent to sell. 80 LBS.! Who did he think he was selling to, Amy Winehouse?

According to the Tampa Bay Tribune, Lee Gay was hauled in with several other people after his alleged supplier, Eleazar Gutierrez-Castillo fingered him as a dealer . Atlantic artist Plies was not on the scene.

Gutierrez-Castillo was arrested just hours before Lee Gay, after he was caught trying to push five ounces of cocaine to an undercover Tampa cop. He gave up Gay shortly thereafter and set him up to buy the 80 lbs. of cocaine over several wire-tapped phone calls.

Cops believe Gay bought up to six kilos of cocaine from Gutierrez-Castillo from September through November, and paid $6,000 for each, owing $8,000 to Gutierrez-Castillo after they were sold.

After Gay’s arrest, cops raided his house and seized 10 grams of marijuana, a 9mm Taurus handgun, drug paraphernalia and almost $8,000 in cash stashed in his bedroom. Gay’s rap sheet lists several federal and state charges, including possession of cocaine, being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, armed trafficking, racketeering and several conspiracy charges.

Gay and Gutierrez-Castillo are being held at the Orient Road Jail without bail.

Plies was not reported as being anywhere in the vicinity during the drug deal or the subsequent arrest. Police have not linked him to the crime. (Source)

This explains a lot about why Plies is a signed recording artist. Those suits probably had the china white up their nostrils and halfway down their throat before Plies could sign his name on the dotted line.

Riddle me this, though, with all that drug scratch, couldn’t they have come up with something better than this?

I know a dude who sells mixtapes in his trunk and he came up with better covers using JASC Paint Pro.

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22 responses to “So THAT’S How Plies Got A Record Deal!”

13 12 2007
hufaasa (15:39:59) :

crackas gon give ma goon hunned yeas

13 12 2007
Deezie (15:51:21) :

You what mofo’s in the industry should really not surprise us anymore, they take street life to life of riches

13 12 2007
The Countess formerly known as Ms. Niqua (15:52:40) :

80 LBS??? Where did this man get the money to buy all that. That runs for millions of dollars. He must’ve pawned a lot of stolen jewelry and car stereos for that.

Plies needs new management. On the bright side, he can get it from me any day ^_^

13 12 2007
J (15:53:19) :

On the bright side, he can get it from me any day ^_^

Damn, is there anyone who CAN’T? LMFAO, J/K!

13 12 2007
The Countess formerly known as Ms. Niqua (16:07:38) :


13 12 2007
The Countess formerly known as Ms. Niqua (16:08:26) :


13 12 2007
Aairy (16:31:12) :

hahaha yall wildin in here!
but really 80 lbs???
wow! wuz he bout to giv amy crackhouse ppl dey share or sumthin? or wuz it jus amy’s cuz u kno how she do!!

but i agree wit u ms. niqua, plies can get it! and he lik eatin!!
Lawd b a wet wipe!!

13 12 2007
Understanding (16:40:10) :

EIGHTY POUNDS: - O!!! That ni**as’ goin’ 2 the booty house 4 a loooong time. Damn man [understanding shakes head] … ni**as’ and drugs.

13 12 2007
notorious (18:23:16) :

lee gay…thats it….lee freakin gay

13 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (19:42:32) :

80 lbs of cocaine? Were they trying to make a snow man? Paper Mache’? Batter and fry some Chicken? What the hell was he gonna do with 80 lbs of white lady?

On a side note, Plies could NOT get it from me. lol

13 12 2007

LADIES, I BET PLIES WILL GIVE YOUR LABIAL FOLDS A BLOODY RASH………..but please go get it…….along with a shot of antibiotic for the bloody discharge.
Have Fun

Don’t drop the soap manager dear.

-Z’maji @

13 12 2007
forreal (22:32:29) :

@ MissOMhGoodnezz: “Batter and fry some chicken?”

*Stares at screen. Blinks*


Damn you! LMAO!

14 12 2007
Bologna Sandwich (01:28:16) :

Plies is a hot, funky, stinky, dirty ass mess.
His head is larger than fucking life..
All he raps about his vagina and boobies.
The sad thing is that he sounds VERY educated in interviews.
Tsk tsk.

14 12 2007
Dee (06:57:52) :

I would give up tha goods…..Plies sexy as hell….

14 12 2007
TINY (08:38:29) :

^^LMAO Girl you better keep those goods in the jar. That fool don’t look clean!!!

14 12 2007
Stu (09:34:38) :

His manager is going down.
I personally think Plies sucks, dude is wack.

14 12 2007
cg (10:08:44) :

damn he’s down for a long ass time…….good luck mr. GAY!

p.s. Plies could never get it from me either!!

14 12 2007
Karas (10:39:40) :

Ok, the chicken comment is going to get me fired from work in the quickness *dead*.

14 12 2007
Dee (10:44:26) :

Lmao!!!! TINY why you gotta act like that? With the help of AHM Plies will be zest_fully clean in no time……..

14 12 2007
zyasia (11:26:52) :

um… his last name is Gay and he’s about to go to prison… not a good mix.

14 12 2007
LawdHaveMercy (11:33:34) :

The only thing Plies could get from me is a ride down to the clinic for a STD test and some penicilin,there’s something not clean about him.

14 12 2007
msantina (16:18:36) :

*Hangs head in shame* I’m sorry in advance to all my AHOTMESS family, but I would give it to Plies! Hey shoot me, but I have a secret thing for thuggish, ignorant niggas (not men) I can’t take home to mom. DON’T YALL DARE BAN ME FROM HERE! LMAO

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