Video: Joy Denalane - “Change” Feat. Lupe Fiasco

13 12 2007

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OK, so in my quest to bring ya’ll something different or new, I bring you Joy Denalane. Joy is German, but her last album was recorded here in the States. She brings along Lupe Fiasco for this joint called “Change,” which samples an old Curtis Mayfield song “Man Oh Man (I Want To Go Back).” Young Jeezy also sampled this song for his joint “Go Crazy.”

I love Lupe’s verse on this, and I heard this one day around my office. I called my German connect and got a copy of the album, and it’s actually a really solid work. Very social, yet uptempo and funky. Joy has a great voice. Also check out “Heaven or Hell” by her, it’s great.

This is old, I believe it came out in like April or something abroad, but I figured not very many people here had heard about her and I wanted to share! You can check out her official site here.

Let me know your thoughts!

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18 responses to “Video: Joy Denalane - “Change” Feat. Lupe Fiasco”

13 12 2007
forreal (22:26:42) :

nice song, great message… damn if she don’t sound JUST LIKE Mary J. Blige, tho. If I look away and just listen, Mary J is all I hear. Great stuff, tho.

13 12 2007
Z'maji (22:35:39) :

It’s not horrible but nowadays I want fireworks and it just wasn’t all that. I’d still give her a chance tho’……….and she’s easy on the eyes,


-Z’maji @

13 12 2007
she (22:41:58) :

i did not expect THAT voice to come from HER.

and she do kinda sound like Mary J.

13 12 2007
lucy van pelt (22:46:25) :

i like it. i like that she can sing, write relevant lyrics and isn’t all pussycat-dolled up. I’ll be checking for her, IPS, she’s got promise…

14 12 2007
Stacy (05:33:24) :

I love Joy Denalane!!!! I found a few of her songs on IMEEM then I looked her up on You Tube. You should also check out her song “Heaven or Hell” feat. Raekwon (I think I spelled that right). She also has a song called “Let Go”. She is a great artist I love her voice , her cd came out a while ago but I don’t think it was every released in the states.

14 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (05:59:54) :

I love her voice. I love hearing my fellow Altos sing. You aint gotta scream to have a nice voice.

14 12 2007
Donovan Malloy (06:07:13) :

I was just about to download this album off of iTunes. Always in search for new soul music, thanks.

14 12 2007
Sister Toldja (06:15:20) :

NO MORE YT female SOUL SINGERS !!!!! This has to stop! We are being outsourced! BOO!

14 12 2007
L-Boogie (07:55:51) :

Sister Toldja what is a YT female Soul Singer? I have Joy’s album it’s really great, I originally got this as a free download on itunes and decided to purchase the album. I’ve had it about a year, she does not disappoint she has a range of songs dealing with love and social issues. She also has an album in an African language as she is white and african. Give her a chance you love her!

14 12 2007
L-Boogie (07:59:21) :

My bad she is German and African, grew up in Germany.

14 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (07:59:41) :

She doesn’t look white to me, not all white anyway… she has a lovely voice either way.

14 12 2007
Stu (09:32:42) :

Lupe is dope as hell. I can’t wait for his new album to be released.

14 12 2007
Leosag (09:53:08) :

This is alright. She has a nice voice but there was nothing that really stood out to me about the song. The beat was nice but when isn’t it if your sampling Curtis Mayfield.

But this was cool, good music.

14 12 2007
cg (10:03:57) :

lovin it

14 12 2007
kelis (12:45:39) :

I liked it. From the jump I noticed a Mary J feel to her voice also.

14 12 2007
Mina (13:01:40) :

Hey I just checked out Heaven Or Hell…I really love that song becuz thats what I’m going thru
Thanks for that I’m going to look out for her

14 12 2007
Breezy; (13:14:21) :

This is a nice song to jus chill to. Good looks, IPS!

14 12 2007
msantina (16:12:08) :

Once again AHM has put me on something new! I really liked this song. Joy’s voice is really soulful and Lupe put in down on the track. I will be downloading this.

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