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14 12 2007

In People’s December 24 issue:

“I did an episode of ER when I was younger. I had to get a rabies shot from George Clooney, and he gave me the needle in my rear!” -High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu

…too easy.

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23 responses to “Sound Byte of the Day”

14 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (10:17:40) :

He looks like he likes needles in his rear.

14 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (10:22:40) :

lol @ me looking at the picture and picturing him saying “What What In My Butt?”

14 12 2007
Beyaki says....Stay Zestfully clean in 08 (10:27:54) :


Corbin, congratulations welcome to the Zestfully Crew of Lil Roof and Ofoolio.

14 12 2007
J (10:30:09) :

lol @ me looking at the picture and picturing him saying “What What In My Butt?”


14 12 2007
The IPS (10:32:32) :

We are so going to hell. There is a special place reserved just for us bloggers. I am getting deeper and deeper by the day.

Oh well!

We need an anti-zest PR specialist in Hollywood. Maybe I can come up with a business plan and get me a new side hustle ROFL.

14 12 2007
2snaps (10:32:56) :

corbin stop hangin out with zac miss honey cause his lip gloss stay poppin

14 12 2007
Karas (10:33:29) :

lol @ me looking at the picture and picturing him saying “What What In My Butt?”

Omg you beat me too it. He is quite fresh enough for those rhinestone pants I must say.

14 12 2007
tiffany (10:44:26) :

Please somebody braid that boy’s hair!

14 12 2007
shyynee (11:39:34) :

..”I did an episode of ER when I was younger”…..u know MiJack recorded dat episode…

14 12 2007
Alicia (11:51:39) :

yes him and zacuisha (as perez would say) look like they take turns with certain “rear” situations! i could see him touching up zacuisha’s lip gloss now and zac spiriling his curls with pink luster’s oil to give it that extra shine. “hold on zac u have a little smudge, let me get that for you, ok cor, let me get this curl, it’s a little out of place”

14 12 2007
karebears (12:05:50) :

he reminds me of a relative of the Jacksons

14 12 2007
Ms. Niqua... HE got to Clooney before ME!!! (13:24:41) :

This post just proves my point that Clooney is a pedophile and Corbie is a bottom.

Corbie, start flat-ironing that hair, just like your boy Zac Efron.

HE needs to drop that hair behind Janet’s Velvet Rope where he found it.

14 12 2007
Shoulda Let You Go (14:34:09) :

(a lil) cute as he may be I always thot & forever will think that he is pure-de-gay!!

14 12 2007
Sasha Simone (15:21:54) :

he’s seemed gay to me since that dicovery kids show with the airplane he was on.
I love that hair, just not on him.

14 12 2007
msantina (15:58:46) :

The script was probably different but Lil’ Freak McNasty wasn’t going for it! He probably negotiated getting shot in the butt so all the other down-low brothers out here would know what’s really good with him and hit him up! Poor Clooney with his yt, old sexy self.

14 12 2007
hazel (17:22:24) :

lmao @ msantina that’s exactly what i was thinking.

He’s fruitier than toucan Sam………

14 12 2007
GC (19:37:05) :

“HE needs to drop that hair behind Janet’s Velvet Rope where he found it.”

LOL you a mess for that one!! hahahah.

14 12 2007
Ratchet (21:54:41) :

his lil innocent(-sounding), sexy ass. I wouldn’t give him a needle…

14 12 2007
lala (22:12:21) :

i hate all those fuckin high school fruity assholes…they r like freakin 22 yrs old and gettin paid for actin like a…give me that job

15 12 2007
taalsi (06:27:50) :

I told my daughter a couple of years ago that he was zesty.

Of course, back then I told her he was gay. I didn’t learn zesty until I started hanging around the delinquents on this board, which is also how I learned that not only is Jesus sweet but minty too.

15 12 2007
taalsi (06:32:58) :

And yes, I said delinquents. Ya’ll know ya’ll crazy.

15 12 2007
D (11:25:33) :


I just hope yall are 17 or younger!! EW!! Yuck! Phewewy Yucky!!

17 12 2007
ISP Baby momma (10:52:38) :

corbin is so delicious! i swear that nigga is a human made cupcake

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