Throwback of the Day: TLC - “Sleigh Ride”

14 12 2007

TLC - Sleigh Ride

I was just in Jamba Juice before I got to my office and I heard this song in the store, and was like “This has to be the Throwback of the Day!” This a hood classic too ROFL. I will say this for Chilli — girl still looks great too.

Oh T-Boz. I miss that hair.

RIP Left Eye. Left Eye was so fine man….it’s so sad she’s gone.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays AHM!

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20 responses to “Throwback of the Day: TLC - “Sleigh Ride””

14 12 2007
J (10:33:54) :

I didn’t realize what a Christmas classic this had become. I hear it almost every Christmas season playing in random stores.

14 12 2007
2snaps (10:35:35) :

“have a very merry christmas and a happy new year, A happy newwwww yearrrrrrrr”

love this song wow how old is this?

14 12 2007
J (10:39:12) :

^ Hella old! Like at least 14, 15 years.

14 12 2007
Beyaki says....Stay Zestfully clean in 08 (11:19:18) :

This is somewhere on one of my dad’s maxell tapes and we play the ish out!I love this song.I probably was like 5 something years old..

14 12 2007
LawdHaveMercy (11:35:22) :

Love this video,especially santa riding in his cadillac,lol. TLC was the shit and we miss you Left Eye so much.

14 12 2007
reeinKC (11:51:52) :

Funny as soon as I read the post.. the song came on here at work… On the “Adult Soul Staion” .

And now they are playing Don’t Leave by Blackstreet.. You are alway on point with the Throwbacks.

14 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (11:54:41) :

AHM should play nothing but throwback christmas songs of the day the week of christmas lol. I vote for Ashanti’s lil Christmas disaster number.

14 12 2007
ALSmith (13:01:27) :


Oohhh. Excellent choice.

14 12 2007
thediva79 (14:29:59) :

^^^^ Me too.
Hey I was thinking that Lisa Lisa Cult Jam- I wonder if I take you home would be a good throwback

14 12 2007
naynay (14:33:00) :

lol IPS. i just put this song on my mp3 player after i heard it on the radio a few nights back. every time i hear it, it takes me back to the 90’s. good times.

14 12 2007
angel (18:02:22) :

TLC hasn’t aged a day.

Thanks for this.

14 12 2007
MissyD1215 (18:31:37) :

love tlc! r.i.p. left eye

14 12 2007
Brittany (19:15:30) :

LOL @ Chilli asking T-Boz for a headphone set. Classic. RIP Left Eye

14 12 2007
ζ the blogger formerly known as carolinagirl (19:53:24) :

This is a Christmas classic for me. One question, does anyone know the name of the christmas song where it’s like booty music, but not booty music. It goes like:

5 fresh gold chains (forgot the rest)…….and a cadillac to put it all in. Ooooh baby what chu gonna get her fo christmas? say whatcu gonna get that girl ooooooooooooohhhh baby baby

I know someone knows what I’m talkin bout. I need to download it for my Christmas compilation (sp?).

15 12 2007
thistimenow (05:02:43) :

Um, I didn’t even know that these ladies made a “Christmas” song. I was curious and within twenty seconds had to click over to something else. No, just no. To each his or her own.

15 12 2007
naenae (14:00:46) :

TLC Super Stan!!

“So I creep! Yeaaaahhh I just keep it on the downlow!”


15 12 2007
Phillip (16:58:04) :

I love this joint right here one of my all time favorite Chritmas songs. Rip Left Eye you are truly missed.

15 12 2007
Aairy (19:18:26) :

i love christmas time cuz i get to listen to all the old christmas jamz!
i love that song by destinys child simba and cubettes “8 days of xmas”

15 12 2007
Aairy (19:22:00) :

destiny’s child simba and cubettes**

17 12 2007
Sydney's Momma (06:50:51) :

^^^ζ the blogger formerly known as carolinagirl

The song you are looking for is Quad City DJs “What You Want for Christmas”
its on the cd “Quad City: All-Star Christmas”. That cd also has my new favorite christmas song “Xmas Blues”

“Bonquisha…I miss you I’d do anything to make you mines again”


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