She Likes It? Wow. Irv Gotti on Superhead

15 12 2007

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I like Irv Gotti in a way. He seems like a nice person for the most part. Kind crazy, hate what he is doing to his family (from the TV show, which was pretty interesting to watch!), and I hate that he can’t seem to catch a break musically anymore, but his candidness and openness are hilariously entertaining.

“Gotti’s Way,” his show on Vh1 was pretty successful and they are doing another season I hear. I didn’t even get to watch ANY of Snoop’s new show, I been so busy!! Did anyone watch it?

As far as Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, well, I have no pity for this woman LOL. Irv said it right — that she LIKES it. I agree with everything he said LOL.

Did anyone see her hawking her clothes on her website?

Sweet Minty Jesus be some hospital-grade detergent and bleach!! Wipe ME down.  Ewww, why would you wear anything she’s had on?!

I mean, if she gave them to Goodwill though, you wouldn’t really know WHO they came from…

Food for thought.

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27 responses to “She Likes It? Wow. Irv Gotti on Superhead”

15 12 2007
Afrochic (10:50:09) :

Irv is vile. So is Supahead. Just vile.

15 12 2007
niks59 (10:54:07) :

I agree with him. She knows that she is good at what she does, and she wants the guys to know it too.

15 12 2007
makingyaheadache (11:45:40) :

i love irv he says what he wants when he wants. his wife needs to suck it up and tell him she wants him home and quit assumping he will just come back…he won’t.

snoop’s show is pretty funny although i think his wife is a little touched. she seems a bit slow and confused you will see what i mean when you check out the show.

15 12 2007
TINY (11:56:35) :

I find it so sad how pretty girls (YES, TO ME SHE’S PRETTY) destroy their reputatios just so they can be notable. The whole world does’nt need to know how good your sex skills are. That’s why it’s done behind closed doors!!!!! She could been a model, actress etc… instead she chooses to spread eagle for every Tom,Dick and Harry and publish tell alls. Also she’s not the only woman who’s had a rough childhood. What does’nt kill you makes you stronger!!! And as for Irv he’s a SORRY excuse for a man. Before he starts putting people like Ashanti and Karrine on blast he needs to get his life straight!!! Nigga’s always talking about how they want decent women and a family, yet an still their dick’s can’t seem to stay in one hole.

15 12 2007
Ms. Niqua....She calls it "Boutique", I call it "Ho Chic". (12:03:05) :

If you even THINK about Looking at them clothes, I ORDER YOU to go watch the 9th grade Health Class STD Slideshow. Nothing scares you away from doing something like Gonorrhea in the eye.

She might as well be pitching bootleg DVD’s out of the trunk of her car.

15 12 2007
Beyaki says..Karrine, since when being a hoe is a hustle? (12:13:55) :

LOL at her selling her clothes like someone wants to buy that shit.Her hustle is is dumbing down I see which means, note to Karrine, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU even though she think she relevant.

I watch some of the Snoop show, its funny and cute.His kids are beautiful..

15 12 2007
geminigirl (12:32:00) :

@ Tiny (11:56:35) :

” … Nigga’s always talking about how they want decent women and a family, yet an still their dicks can’t seem to stay in one hole.

Let the church say amen! You betta preach that.

15 12 2007
geminigirl (12:40:29) :

Ms. Niqua….She calls it “Boutique”, I call it “Ho Chic”. (12:03:05)

” … Nothing scares you away from doing something like Gonorrhea in the eye.”

You’re right about that … I had to go to google images for a look at this (cause I had never known you could have clap of the eye). Uuuugggghhhhh … that IS definitely worse than having in down yonder.

I will always reference her with that image … oh she is even nastier now.

15 12 2007
taalsi (13:31:21) :

Lord have mercy. Ho chic is right. Who the hell is going to buy this bitch’s used dresses? You know them clothes have 10 venereal diseases, 5 mens’ DNA and a partridge in a fucking pear tree.

15 12 2007
charli skipper (13:33:17) :

I mean, while I do agree with Irv-she has to like it, cuz ain’t nobody gone be a professional hoe if they DON’T like it…a hoe in the spare time, maybe, but a professional, popular hoe? Uh uh…that has to be her passion…but I digress…

Anyway, while I basically agree with what he’s sayin, I just don’t like Irv. He has too much gutter-butteriness for me…Married and talkin’ about “Oh, I’m a hoe!!” Boo, nigga, boo.

I swear, some people have self esteem for no reason.

15 12 2007
Beyaki says..Karrine, since when being a hoe is a hustle? (13:40:10) :

Lysol won’t even dissolve those germs.She probably left a lot of crabs on public bathroom seats

15 12 2007
Ms. Niqua (14:06:47) :

^^ That is why I don’t use public bathrooms. I don’t know what toilets her skanky ass has sat on.

15 12 2007
Ratchet (14:06:52) :

Well, I like the person that Karrine SAYS she is. And she’s never denied that she likes sucking dick, or that she’s good at it (and I saw her little video… goddammit, she is). I think what she’s trying to go for is that that’s not what she wants to be known for. But then, what else has she done besides write? Everybody knows her as the dick-sucking snitch/writer.

15 12 2007
babymomma#4 (14:11:19) :

..she might wanna keep her shit just in case she comes up *prego* and needs her clothes DNA…


15 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (14:20:10) :

I’d buy Superhead’s clothes….If I wanted to kill people off like they did the indians with small pox. I’d go up to my worst enemy and hand her a new (”gently” used) Guess dress and POW! in 2-3 weeks that bitch is either pregnant or dead!! hahahaha

15 12 2007
gforce (14:26:14) :

that irv gotti is lookin fresh in that sweater.

Coogi down to the socks!

15 12 2007
WTF!?! (15:01:27) :

i want someone to come out with an analysis of superheads “skills”, but in the essay or book, i would like for them to say that she has no skills. I know them rappers and those ballers musta have had bobble that was better than that!

15 12 2007
Aairy (19:09:26) :

dat heffa is too raunchy for me!
jus a nasty ass hoe!
if ne of u mofos go buy her clothes i will personally cum find u and tell u good bye b4 dem damn STDs destroy yo ass.

15 12 2007
naenae (19:46:48) :

LMAO why is that girl YELLING?!!

“the cocksucka!” lol Irv you fool, lookin like you’re made outta Pillsbury Doughboy’s chocolate chip cookie dough.

15 12 2007
Minners (20:12:36) :

Just wanna comment on the buying of her clothes. My lil sis told me she checked the site out and all of her clothes are SOLD OUT!!!! Some ppl just don’t care about the STD’s they will get and can’t get rid of!!

15 12 2007
qiuye (20:21:07) :

What a ugly guy!!! He was said to be found at a millionaire&celebrity dating club not long before, and he is hot there.Quite a few girls and ladies write to him.OMG! So you will be popular anywhere if you are a celebrity, even if you are not handsome, even ugly.

15 12 2007
Ratchet (22:07:08) :


16 12 2007
bronx_chic (03:35:26) :

seriously, what the fuck is up with all these spammers on blogs?? its sickening!!

um, as for irv and his shit talking self-pot, meet kettle. i felt so bad for his wife in the last episode of his show. he really fucked her up. but then again, didn’t she know what she was getting into? smdh…

oh and irv’s weight gain plus the tightness of his cosby sweater is killing me softly.

16 12 2007
Beyaki says...let's leave the 90s behind!!!!!!!! (09:20:32) :

Ms. Niqua (14:06:47) :
Exactly!I rather hold it in or go to the woods because ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.I use to be that wipes but some women are just nasty and she is one of them.I feel bad for dudes that want her crabs jumpin at them…good luck!

If those sold out I would love to see the trannys who bought them.

16 12 2007
everyonehasproblems (12:51:06) :

I can’t see anyone but low-budget strippers and B list drag queens buying those clothes. Then again, maybe it was the NIH who bought everything for the research they are doing on biological weapons for the Department of Defense.

16 12 2007
Rebecca (16:35:24) :

Irv is a fool. He’s toooo damn honest. I have seen Snoop’s show and its cool. His kids are so funny. As far as Superhead trying to sell her “previously enjoyed” dresses, that heffer couldn’t even sell me a pencil she had used.

11 03 2008
Black Child (05:21:36) :

Damn shes crazy. irv gotti seems to be very cool about the situation. i think his wife and ja rules wife aren’t to happy about superhead :(

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