All Three of Them Combined Don’t Add Up to His Age

15 12 2007

Jamie Foxx celebrated his 40th birthday in Miami while simultaneously hosting his Sirius Radio show “The Foxxhole” and entertaining some hos who look like they got lost naked on the set of Goldmember.

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Posted by J

I don’t know what he’s drinking, but it looks about as potent as some Hawaiian Punch.

No homo, but why do Jamie’s man nips look like some inverted torpedoes? Did some nipple asteroids hit his chest and create some nipple craters?

All shade aside, he looks great for his age. Happy 40th Jamie and Happy 2nd Jamie’s Fake Hairline (not pictured, must be on holiday)!

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37 responses to “All Three of Them Combined Don’t Add Up to His Age”

15 12 2007
Ratchet (21:06:33) :

What the motherfuck.

I’m so tired of this fool.

Jay-may? Retire from public appearances, please.

15 12 2007
M.s Kim (21:21:35) :

They look like they have on lace front…speaking of lacefronts go to for the best lace fronts on the web. LOL

15 12 2007
J (21:27:55) :

^ Oh no you didn’t.

15 12 2007
Ms. Niqua.....Does every man need hoes or is it just the "Unpredictable" ones? (21:28:27) :

One of my girls went to this party and she said it reeked smell of Bushmills and gunpowder. I am so mad at Foxxy for drinking Cosmo. I thought it was Kool-Aid in a wine glass.

Is everyone getting a Sattelite radio show? Could I walk in and host “Today with Ms. Niqua” and rant about my day?

15 12 2007
J (21:33:43) :

it reeked smell of Bushmills and gunpowder


15 12 2007
Ms. Koko (21:47:56) :

I’m mad girlfriend in tha 3rd pic is wearing some high waisted glitterati play foam…

Take me to church T-Pain. Take me higher Pastor Troy…

15 12 2007
Marc (23:31:23) :

Why’d I think that was 3LW at first?

15 12 2007
Joe (23:39:43) :

That girl in the last pic got on some freakum Rev. Alicia hot pants.

16 12 2007
Chicago's Finest (01:17:01) :

Whats up with ol’ girl in the last pick with them bedazzled as shorts? A mess.

16 12 2007
mauweezie (03:24:32) :

damn, the big 40, that’s crazy!

16 12 2007
forreal (03:29:09) :

All that, and ain’t nobody gon’ say NOTHING about Jamie wearin’ his pants that low? Yeah, he looks good for his age, but damn if I need to see that much of his nether regions. I think I see pubes in that second pic. Just a cotdamn shame….

16 12 2007
thistimenow (04:41:57) :

The girl in the last pic looks like the plastic surgery version of that thick Caucasian girl on The Parkers.

16 12 2007
DaHataCreata (06:05:38) :

So now we got 3LW f’n for tracks…*DEAD* at thistimenow. In the 2nd pic he looks like a drunk uncle, talkin bout ‘Get on ova here and bring me sum licka’…or sumthn like that, Im not too good with this joke thing.

16 12 2007
Beayaki might take a miracle (06:08:34) :

I like men with body, but having your pants down to low its ewwwwww.He isn’t wearing any drawerz either.


16 12 2007
Sasha Simone (07:12:36) :

Jamie used to look so damn good on his show.
WTF happened.
He is reminding me of mike tyson. ew.

16 12 2007
geminigirl (08:50:10) :

The girl in the last pic kinda looks like Six from Blossom … she was on that show with Countess Vauhgn and Mo apostrophe nique, too … but I can’t remember the name of the show.

And … I know he is a grown ass man with needs and all, but I just have a thing with men who are raising daughters doing this type of thing … hanging out with a bunch of damn hooches that is.

16 12 2007
Mz.Jenn (08:54:55) :

….I see that he is trying to R.Kellerize the youth…
As Mr. Chappelle would say…Let me get some pee-pee and doo-doo lol

16 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (09:52:09) :

Jamie is 40??? He a grown ass man still having Michael Jackson slumber parties at his house? He looks like somebody’s old ass uncle in these know, the uncle at the family reunion always trying to get some from one of the younger girls talking about “you’re my second cousin, we aint really related.”

16 12 2007
Crap Talker...wants to know why? (09:54:40) :

You know what?
Jamie can just display the lowest of class sometimes…I mean the pouring of liquor down women’s throats *gag reflex*, and yes we all know that he’s a card carrying member of threesomes and unlimited pootang but he’s just downright tacky and displays some of the most low class and arrogant nignant shit when it comes to public appearances.

16 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (10:28:00) :

I see he’s still rocking those clip-on earrings lol

16 12 2007
Disco Chick (10:35:18) :

Eww…I never found Jamie Fox to be attractive. He just doesn’t do it for me. He looks every bit of 40 to me. Look at his face. The question is, how many young girls would he be able to get if he was just a regular dude? Ha. Be glad you have money, bruh….

16 12 2007
Aairy (11:11:17) :

i thought i wuz da only one that noticed his big ass nipples! dem things r entirely too big for me!
homegirls in the first pic r jus ready to ride his joystick. lik sum damn kids at a candy store they so damn happy..

16 12 2007
hmm (11:34:24) :

All i wanna know is… why did he waste money on his fake hairline transplant to shave his head a year later and get some ugly tattoo on the back of his skull? That is not getting your moneys worth son. What ever happened to Braxton?

16 12 2007
everyonehasproblems (12:39:36) :

Him having his pants slung so low was a total turnoff. Plus he’s drinking a girlie drink and needs to run a fine-toothed comb through those pubes on his chin.

16 12 2007
MissAlesha (13:24:04) :

He’s still hot to me. yum!

16 12 2007
forreal (13:52:32) :

@ everyonehasproblems

I hadn’t even gotten to his chin for looking at those pubes hanging out of his pants waving holiday greetings at me! Ew, he need to quit playin’.

16 12 2007
Mrs Vee (14:30:25) :

What Jamie do is what Jamie does. He’s a playboy who eats the “poo-nanny” morning noon and night. With him getting so much ass he’ll get tired and bored after a while. So how many clicks will he go through before he start playing on the other side of the field??

16 12 2007
2snaps (15:35:21) :

jamie is lookin like he is on that mr. sniffles, why is his pants so low and is that a bikini wax i am seeing from which whore house did rent those girls from ??

questions i need answers

16 12 2007
CinEffinRella (16:12:54) :

@Craptalker . . . Nignant?!?!?


16 12 2007
Rebecca (16:19:25) :

Jamie do you wax or do you use Nair on your privates?

16 12 2007
Marvalus (16:51:13) :

Maybe not unlimitless access like Common…but he could get it at least once…

16 12 2007
Angiea (17:46:32) :

Jamie is still claiming to be 40? Okay, do you, boo-boo…I am so tired of seeing him act a stark raving fool it’s not even funny. How are you staying a playa with a Cosmo in your hand? Someone please check into this. And wait until award season: his hairline will creep from behind his ears to an inch and half above his eyebrows.

16 12 2007
Ms. Niqua (18:02:09) :

@ Marvalus

I can’t believe you’d give Common “unlimitless” access to your cooch. I’d let Jay Leno in there before I’d let Common in there. That bald head is NOT a turn-on

16 12 2007
FOXXY (18:02:11) :

Oh I thought it was the guy that play Blade the series on FX in the first pic until I read his name … My bad !!

16 12 2007
Meia (21:05:03) :

Talented dude but that Oscar went straight to his head. Why, oh why are you wearing your pants so low @ age 40! Why!!!!!

What are you trying to prove????

17 12 2007
bronx_chic (00:37:28) :

um, jamie, just cuz ur body is decent (minus the nips) doesn’t mean i need to see ur pubic area…he’s waxed cleaner than i am, wtf???

he can be funny at times, but i’ve never been physically attracted to him; he seems skeevy as hell.

17 12 2007
Marvalus (04:35:32) :

@ Ms. Niqua

To each her own…that bald head is waiting on me to rub, girl…oooh!


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