Beyatrice & J. No for Pepsi in Egyptian Commercial

15 12 2007

You know what I was just thinking earlier? There aren’t enough Beyoncé commercials in the world. We need more. I need more. Life without Beyoncé is like the beach without sand.

That’s why Egypt is the wind beneath my wings. They managed to make a commercial that incorporates not only The Mane’d One, but my favorite faux Latina, Jennifer Lopez, as well as some Egyptian guy named Amr Diab. And for Pepsi nonetheless! [*]

I don’t really understand what’s going on here, but I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ve gotten my fix and that was the aim of this commercial. Viva la Bey.

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* I fucking hate Pepsi. Coke for the win.

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25 responses to “Beyatrice & J. No for Pepsi in Egyptian Commercial”

15 12 2007
Karas (21:30:28) :

Oh come on, you know Beyaki could be a bad ass ninja-with all that weave she could hide ninja stars, a sword, and invitations to Joe Camel’s 4th retirement party up in there.

Please sweet minty don’t let this air here. Pepsi is the debil anyway -_-;

15 12 2007
Ms. Koko (21:40:44) :

That’s how you know this commercial is fake…

After all that ish Beyaki’s lacefront would be not more. Thats ish would go up in flames.

15 12 2007
Ms. Niqua.....Did Shakira Jump in at 0:40? (21:50:54) :

After all of Beyzooka’s commercials (DirecTV, Samsung, need I go on..), I said to myself, where is BeyBey today? But I found out, she out playin’ Kill Bill. Next week, she’ll be the black “Chun Li”, jumpin from skyscrapers and what-not.

I looked at that and thought of the Red Dragon Casino from Rush Hour 2.

Jenina’s pregnant ass could not pull that shit. That commercial was probably shot when she was still culturally relevant and before Beykizzle got in with Camel.

15 12 2007
Lalala (21:56:33) :

This commercial is old as hell - like a couple of years.

15 12 2007
Marc (23:26:14) :

Yeah this is recycled. It had David Beckham in it originally. I suspect they got an Egyptian celebrity and threw him in there to make it marketable.

16 12 2007
2muchbrownsuga (00:32:08) :

ughhh.. this commercial is about 2 years or 3 years old. I remember when they were recording it, it isn’t a fake commercial it’s just hella freaking old. anyways.. bee still looks hot as old as this ish is.. :D

16 12 2007
Understanding (00:54:50) :

I am so sick of this child its not even funny. What an attention whore. That’s what I like about females like Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey. They come out with an album, promote it, tour and do their thing 4 like four, five, six, se7en months and then lay up in the cut and let someone else eat. But Beyonce? This chick released an album … then an extended, “special edition” with new songs on it plus videos 4 every song and PLUS homegirl in in every other damn commercial on T.V. Stop already … damn.

16 12 2007
vocallyinclined2002 (01:28:38) :

ummmmmm…this commercial is hella old…lol…i mean like 4ever ago! i didnt like it then..and i dont care 4 it now…i do like the idea of the commercial 4 these 2 divas but it wasnt executed very well..

16 12 2007
bronx_chic (03:43:37) :


after all these years, beweaved’s lacefronts still barely move. david beckham needed more airtime.

yeah…i’m beyond sick of her as well, but since she ain’t goin’ nowhere, imma just have to nignore her ass.

16 12 2007
hh4l (06:35:31) :

well when u dig up commercials all the way from Egypt that have been out for two years and in the same sentence say that you are sick of her, it kinda doesn’t add up.

16 12 2007
Marcy (07:48:24) :


“Yeah this is recycled. It had David Beckham in it originally. I suspect they got an Egyptian celebrity and threw him in there to make it marketable.”

The funny thing is, they did left Beckman in there but like for a quick sec. I didn’t even notice him. My 7-yr old niece watching it with me noticed him. LOL! He’s stitting in the club in the dark.

16 12 2007
vocallyinclined2002 (09:22:03) :

beyonce is the it girl of the momemt wat u MUST realize is that these companies seek her 2 promote 4 them…not the other way around…she has the most commercials cus THEY think she is the most marketable..other celebs wit lots of commercials…eva longoria & sarah jessica parker as well as halle berry…

16 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (09:43:56) :

This was done around the same time Pepsi had a commercial for like every pop star in the world lol…I still remember Britney Spear’s commercial…a lot more entertaining actually lol

16 12 2007
EJ (09:54:42) :

I love Beyonce (no stanning) but this commercial was a big no-go the first time around. Ugh, and J. Lo? Pepsi? Where does Pepsi get all this money to make these million-dollar garbage commercials with all of the hot celebrities when Coke (and all Coke by-products) is the SHIT? I waitressed for a year and people would only order Pepsi as a last resort, lol.

Typical customer: “No Coke? Aw damn, I guess just gimme a Pepsi then. No wait, just gimme some of that fresh, clean DC water.”

And in the name of overkill, where is Riyawna’s commercial? Surely the broad has a deal in the works… :-/ lol

16 12 2007
Harlem Chic (10:00:52) :

Beyaki and J-no are just doing what they do best….collecting them royalty checks for the future chirren. Ain’t not a cotdamn thing wrong with that.

Let Pepsi throw some money my way…I would play the “Shaolin Dark Knight Princess of Kick Ass”…

Real Talk.

16 12 2007
meka (11:33:34) :

this has to be old. beyonce’s weave looks like it did a few years ago (the fact that i even notice this is sad…), and j. no is NOT hot enough to be pushing anything nowadays (um, her most recent album sold a total of 10 copies i think). i don’t think this ever aired in the states, and if it did there would be a backlash against beyaweh and pepsi.

16 12 2007
everyonehasproblems (12:33:38) :

DIdn’t J.No’s last album go wood? Like, literally? with that wooden memory stick for about$80? Won’t people actively avoid Pepsi if she’s shilling it?

16 12 2007
ranata (12:37:38) :

This is so old. I think Bee and J.Lo did this back in 2003 but I guess it just made it out.

It sucks.

16 12 2007
Ja (13:56:14) :

This commercial was on air some years ago. Maybe they added something different to it and re-released it. Another check for J.Lo and Beyonce

16 12 2007
Cinnamon (15:55:48) :

Amr Diab is a huge star in Egypt. I think he even did a duet with Shakira. The only reason I know this ish, my Husband is Arab.

16 12 2007
Rebecca (16:11:29) :

I think Beyonce is going for world domination. Jenny is just played. The dude is a sexy bitch though.

16 12 2007
Angiea (17:40:21) :

Damn, real talk, I stan for some Pepsi. I was about ask how they even thought about cutting JLo a check in 2007 since she hasn’t had a hit since 2003. But, since some of y’all have let us know this commercial is old I can rest assured that Beyonce (whether she is sought or seeks these endorsements) is all about lining that pocketbook. And can we really be mad?

16 12 2007
Ratchet (18:07:00) :

I like Pepsi. It’s spicay (Creole).

Seriously, Coke is kinda dull to me unless it’s cherry.

16 12 2007
Meia (21:02:38) :

Yeah… this one is from the stacks. I think they made this latter part of 03 or early 04.

16 12 2007
qiuye (22:14:56) :

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