Video: “Love Is A Losing Game” Amy Winehouse

15 12 2007

Well, then.

I guess her record label just decided to kill two birds with one stone and make both a music video and a MEMORIAL SEGMENT. They are shipping this to the Grammy committee as we speak so they can fit it in next to Ike Turner and the bandleader from Coffy.

It’s just a shame because this is hands down my favorite song off Back to Black, but I’m sure Amy had better things to do than make a video, like count how many buttons she has in her wardrobe or see the different effects of NyQuil and Tylenol PM overdoses.

A fucking mess at Blake Bottom Feeder-Civil being in this. He’s Amy’s Yoko Ono. Except less fun-sized and a lot more scary.

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31 responses to “Video: “Love Is A Losing Game” Amy Winehouse”

15 12 2007
Chant3l (21:42:09) :

Wait…is this the ACTUAL video for the song??

15 12 2007
J (21:42:47) :

^ Official video!

15 12 2007
Ms. Niqua.....At LEAST she did'nt do an animated video; those irk the hell out of me. (22:04:13) :

What is this collage of Amy doing on VH1? This little montage of her going through the motions is straight-up boring.

She best add this to her wall of shame.

15 12 2007
Ms. Koko (22:04:35) :

Wow…Look what I found…

“We’ll all have a date with our maker someday, but Amy Winehouse just can’t seem to wait. She can write and sing a beautiful tune, but for some reason Amy has landed in a self-destruction derby. It is even rumoured that Amy and Pete are keeping the Colombian economy going. She simply looks like a cat’s asshole before it’s been dewormed. Amy is on her way out and as the world is profiting from this decline we thought it only fair that you should profit from it too. Guess her final breath and be crowned Mr. Or Mrs. Death. Winner will be rewarded with a iPod Touch.”

Thats messed up…

15 12 2007
Ms. Niqua.....I want that iPod Touch (22:14:34) :

^^^ I put in 5/16/2008. Between the Grammys and the summer “crack increase”.

15 12 2007
Z'maji IS SAD (22:14:51) :

There’s all kinds of drug/junkie jokes I could make about Amy, but I really love her voice and her music and I’ve decided that I’m going to pray for her with all sincerity before she totally and completely destoys her life. This is really friggin sad….

-Z’maji @

15 12 2007
Z'maji IS SAD (22:17:03) :


Oh my God, they’re actually predicting when she’s gonna die on that site, that’s not right yawl and it’s not funny.

-Z’maji @

15 12 2007
Ms. Niqua (22:22:39) :

I’m kidding about my earlier comment. I’m studying for an exam on Monday and needed some kind of a laugh. I did not find one

15 12 2007
JustMe (22:35:20) :

That video is eery.. so sad for Amy.

15 12 2007
tia (23:34:26) :

well, she already has both feet in the grave… all she needs to do is lie down… at least her record company is already prepared with the memorial tribute because we all know she will be dead by grammy time. i guess we can all appreciate the fact that she will at least some good music behind.

15 12 2007
Marc (23:36:35) :

I love this song.

The video? It’s so depressing. It fits the mood of the song, but it’s almost foreboding. I pray she can make it out of the dark. It’s tragic to watch her.

16 12 2007
Ratchet (02:58:12) :

*moving mouth without saying anything*

well… it doesn’t look like a memorial segment to me, though it could certainly serve as one. it’s not even a bad video (thinks of Britney’s vid for “Gimme More” as the shittiest video of the year), though the song deserves having the stops pulled out for it. it’s just… just… oh.

and I think Blake is in it because most of Back to Black was supposed to be about him, right? it would be sweet that she finally married the man she pined so much for if he weren’t such a SHITHEAD.

it’s also funny that he appears in the video for the most depressing song on the album.

16 12 2007
Phillip (04:02:41) :

I’m a big Amy fan an i did not like this damn video it’s like they just through some shit together lol

16 12 2007
mmlob (04:39:32) :

Recently, quite a few celebrities were said to appear on the millionaire luxury club “”. OMG!!! Are these famous guys fond of internet dating for now?? Maybe they are indeed so rich that they feel boring sometimes to need new things?

16 12 2007
Beayaki might take a miracle (06:05:26) :

Her label needs to just stop putting out videos knowing that child isn’t doing so well.I kind of right now think of Amy is blah, when she get better maybe someone can wake me up.

16 12 2007
Vaughn (06:33:51) :

I have no words. I’m

16 12 2007
CinEffinRella (07:35:07) :

This is my favorite song off the album, too. I remember when the album first came out the Washington Post was hyping it and one of the writers called this song “inspired.”

Indeed it is.

Didn’t she get it together enough to perform this song with Prince during the last show of his London run? Would love love LOVE to see footage of that!

16 12 2007
CinEffinRella (07:38:19) :

Nice to remember what “healthy Amy” looked like, though.

16 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (09:38:15) :

What if this is like what Tupac did for “I Aint Mad At Ya” …you know, how he just happened to shoot a video about him dying and then he just happened to die the exact same way wearing the same damn outfit…This could be a conspiracy. Someones making a memorial video then they’re gonna OFF amy…watch!

16 12 2007
back2black (10:11:59) :

this should be an anti-drug PSA

16 12 2007
Angeljo (11:21:08) :

I am actually glad that the crazy Blake is in this video. To me it fits with the song. She was in love with him completely and she is now losing her life because of it. He is scary. Its so sad to see such a wonderful singer fall apart like this.

16 12 2007
meka (11:35:46) :

amy winehouse is in no condition to shoot a video, so they had to choice but to make a collage like this (i notice they didn’t use footage from the european mtv awards with her singing while she was high as a kite). i do really like this song but not enough to buy her cd…i’m not willing to give her any of my hard-earned money to use for crack. i’m curious if she’ll show up for the grammys

16 12 2007
meka (11:37:15) :

^sorry, i meant “…they had NO choice but to make a collage like this”

16 12 2007
everyonehasproblems (12:56:39) :

I’ve got almost all her songs now and I have to admit, Amy can SANG. I really like her music. She seems terminally depressed and determined to die. I wonder what was so awful in her life that she wants to escape it through drugs 24/7/365?

16 12 2007
babymomma#4 (13:42:29) :

The vid looks like sum ish i dint in 12th grade tv production class.
The song is beautiful they coulda did sumthin else!!

16 12 2007
2snaps (15:40:29) :

that website is scary predict her death and WIN AN IPOD.. i logged the fuck off… i love amy but damn dem drugs are the devil encouraged by that man in her life called a husband

16 12 2007
Chant3l (15:49:20) :

Wow….Dam :S

17 12 2007
bronx_chic (00:56:39) :

that website sounds disgusting…that’s not even anything to joke about. the video montage is just really depressing to me, like she dead already. i guess her record company figures she’s as good as dead cuz she can’t make money for them in this condition anyway, sick fucks.

i actually PURCHASED her cd (as opposed to dl it for free) and i feel like i just gave her crack money. moral of the story-don’t buy cds kids!!

17 12 2007
Necole Bitchie Bitch! (07:43:54) :

What the hell??? Is she dead yet, because this video gave off that feeling. EEEEeerry

17 12 2007
DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio (08:09:15) :

“They are shipping this to the Grammy committee as we speak so they can fit it in next to Ike Turner and the bandleader from Coffy.”

Amy’s situation is sad (those drugs have done it to plenty before her), but whoever made this comment needs to get a switch…lol.

17 12 2007
fo real? (08:25:15) :

Wait! Can someone enlighten me on her relationship with Blake? Y’all make him sound like the he’s evil! What I miss? What did he do?

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