Did Remy Ma Just Get Kicked Out The Closet? (NSFW?)

17 12 2007

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Some chick (LOL, I use that term loosely) is on Youtube claiming that she’s had relations with Remy Ma. Dude even has her call up Remy on the phone on speaker, and she answers, too. However, this seems like it may be a little bit of a farce. She all “yeah, Remy ate the box!”

*expires and turns to dust*

I wouldn’t turn it up too loud if you are at work, but there isn’t any nudity or anything like that. Just a man spouting off at the mouth.

If it’s true, I mean….hello Captain Obvious ROFL. But w/e. I could care less.

You decide!

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40 responses to “Did Remy Ma Just Get Kicked Out The Closet? (NSFW?)”

17 12 2007
2snaps (08:40:31) :

*sighs* oh Jesus

“she ate the box , na’ mean” wtf

17 12 2007
Licia (08:51:39) :

How you love a person and kick them under the bus? And what’s up witht he camera man moving all around…Got me dizzy and the chick talking make me want to thow up…

17 12 2007



17 12 2007
Chynaboo (09:07:37) :

Woow! POTFALMBAO……..nah’mean……she gave shout outs. *DEAD*

17 12 2007
Phillip (09:26:56) :

Well this ain’t’ not surprise Remy has always looked kind of manly lol


17 12 2007
zyasia (09:29:36) :

“nah mean? n’all ‘lat” WTF??? can she even spell the shit she was saying? i mean seriously! and the fact that she was standing with a stack of one-dollar bills was supposed to do what, prove a point? if she has dough like that, she needs to go buy a damn education… nah mean?? *smh*

as for remy… um, was anyone surprised that Captain Bob was into fuzzy burgers? i sure as hell wasn’t!

17 12 2007
cg (09:29:37) :

You feel me?! she said that shit about as much as Ms. Peaches!!

LOL too ghetto with the money stickin out of her rag…

17 12 2007
xck (09:33:28) :

He was said to be found at a millionaire&celebs club ‘Meet Rich.com’ not long before, and he was hot there.Quite a few girls and ladies wrote to him.OMG!

17 12 2007
The IPS (09:42:25) :

She sho’ll did have some dollar bills hahahahahaha

17 12 2007
ISP Baby momma (10:56:24) :

ugh… if i was remy ma… I wouldn’t fuck with that. she looks like she is mad clingy… Like ugh.. get back hoe.

17 12 2007
Flossy (10:59:23) :

New York slang is the worst. I hate it, its so obnoxious.

But why make yourself seem mad press for a chick who cares less. No cool points were won for this video.

17 12 2007
Mz. Jenn (11:00:37) :

Grandma always said to stay away from the fuzzy apples…or in this case, the fuzzy box

17 12 2007
Rebecca (11:16:16) :

Remy is irrelevant and this butch hood rat is even more irrelevant.

IPS, in the future when you post a video where someone is speaking a foreign lanuage like Ebonics, please give us subtitles.

17 12 2007
Stu (11:51:04) :

Haha this wouldn’t suprise me.
Chick raps with male lyrics and shit.

17 12 2007
The IPS (11:55:15) :

@Rebecca, ROFL @ subtitles. I barely understood myself. I’m from the West Coast ma!

17 12 2007
MissOMyGoodnezz (12:08:03) :

Miss Mr. Thing better take those “stacks” and go pay the rent before she finds all her stuff on the curb. Ain’t nobody gonna eat your box, if you livin in a box. And LOL@ her getting hung up on by Remy, then looking all sad. It reminded me that deep down under that tough exterior, and the apparent must I can smell through my computer monitor, she’s still a lady…with feelings “n’ all that”

BTW - C’mon boo, give us something we can work with. As if we thought Remy was fucking Fat Joe for tracks…puleease!

17 12 2007
wilcutyazz (12:18:28) :


17 12 2007
kelis (12:59:14) :

Does anybody f*cking care? I know I don’t. Not shocking or interesting in the least. And whats up with the dude holding the camera?

17 12 2007
sugaronthefloor (13:08:05) :

I dont know which is worse…the fact that i didn’t understand most of this, or that on the part where Remy hangs up on her (the part i could understand) she REALLY REALLY looked super hurt. this clip gets a “tisk tisk and a *sigh*” from me.

17 12 2007
Ms. Niqua... more black-on-black violence. (13:13:43) :

Why does this bitch sound like Rosie Perez? I’m from the South. This sounded like nails on a chalkboard. She needs to spit out her gum, and E-NUN-CI-ATE!

Why does Remy Ma sound like Anna Nicole Smith?

LOL @ “Directed by”. This seems like a High School prank or some shit. I ain’t never doubted Remita was buscuit bitch. I did’nt know she was a rug doctor.

17 12 2007
Raider_wifee (13:19:11) :

BTW - C’mon boo, give us something we can work with. As if we thought Remy was fucking Fat Joe for tracks…puleease!

Oooh Weee! I’m weak in the knees after that one!!!!

17 12 2007
Ms. Koko (14:04:04) :



Not even…

Someone get me an ORly torpedo plz…

17 12 2007
Z'maji of HauteBlogXOXO (16:07:46) :

It would be different if Remy Ma was someone we cared about like Eve or Lil Kim but c’mon Captain Obvious,

-Z’maji @ http://hauteblogxoxo.wordpress.com

17 12 2007
Z'maji of HauteBlogXOXO (16:09:02) :

…….We don’t even know if this is true tho’, it could just be some random “fan” that was snubbed. You can’t believe this crap

-Z’maji @ http://hauteblogxoxo.wordpress.com

17 12 2007
TiffanyGNoneOtha (16:56:41) :

aw hell nowl dogggggggg, I woke up in the morning looked unda da tree opened all da presents wasn’t shit 4 me. This bogus the video keep acting up, but uhmm i thought she said “she fucked a Harlem Butt.”

17 12 2007
Marly Marlowe as The Princess of Witty Comments (17:11:49) :

lol.. she ate the box.

Im going to start referring to my neither regions as the box.

I need to go to the doctor to take a look at my box.

17 12 2007
Marly Marlowe as The Princess of Witty Comments (17:12:12) :


17 12 2007
Mo'Ree (17:59:43) :

may i please have some subtitles for this ish…i can’t understand what the hell she’s saying. bx chic castle hill truff stills….i need some clarification…

also i’m mad she got a guap…of ones….but still sporting a sprint flip phone….naaaa mean….

17 12 2007
Anonymous (18:18:31) :

This “chick” looks just like CARMELO ANTHONY (the B-Ball player). LMAO!

Her nickname should be “SHIM”

17 12 2007
charli skipper (19:23:53) :

lol @ the way the dude kept saying, “you have REMY MA’S phone number!?” Like that trick is somebody. Hell, Aunt Judy pro’lly got Remy’s number lying around somewhere too.

And I need black people to stop thinkin it’s cute to talk like that. READ A BOOK!….and al ‘lat.

18 12 2007
buttaonmytoast (01:15:10) :

the b2k song needs to be played at the end “Why’d You Leave Me On Christmas” SO SILLY.

18 12 2007
Chicago's Finest (03:39:36) :

Uhhhmmmm…..what was this bish really talkin about. Ugh I hate New York accents. What could have been said in 1:30 she dragged out over 4:00 minutes with about 500 Na’ Means. Ugh, a mess. And if she was getting money like that why did she have that cheap @ss cellphone and that dingy @$$ hoody. Bish need to sat her @$$ down!!

18 12 2007
KuntaKinte (07:38:13) :

Looks like Remy ma forgot where she came from, I mean the box.

18 12 2007
msantina (08:23:12) :

I spit out my coffee when this ol’ dude said she proud of Remy for all her “success”! What success? Someone please explain that to me.

You tube needs to be banned for all the fuckery it’s unleashing into the world. You tube going to be the reason a lot of people get’s their asses murked.

18 12 2007
Cocaine (09:55:07) :

I am upset about those 1 dollar bills she was flashing frontin’ like she really paid!!!!1

18 12 2007
Ms. Koko (19:54:36) :


I could go with that…That’s enough to split on steak and cheese and even buy 2 Spongebob icies….

19 12 2007
bronx_chic (00:56:15) :

altho at the moment i’m embarrassed for the bx, know for a fact that WE ALL DON’T TALK LIKE THAT LOL. this “person” is just ignant, thats all. and damn, didn’t know the NY accent was so disliked. everyone has an accent; for me southern accents/drawls sounds like pig latin and make me wanna stab myself in the ear, so to each his own.

as for this young “woman”, i just feel really sad for her.

19 12 2007
Fee (09:21:06) :

That ” chick” just embarrassed the whole entire state of New York not to mention the entire black race. Im dead adn buried at this foolishness.

20 12 2007
Sasha Simone (18:37:42) :

how cares remy is ewwwwwww.

29 12 2007
missbitch (11:37:02) :


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