Throwback of the Day: Jade - “Don’t Walk Away”

17 12 2007

Jade - Don’t Walk Away

Alright, I had to do it. And someone mentioned this on a recent throwback, so I had to go and find Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away.” I still own all of their albums, because Jade could sang! Man…I MISS girl groups like this.

Though, I’m going to give it up to Cherish, because while they aren’t a Jade, Brownstone or SWV, those sisters be straight singing too. They have great harmonies and sound really good together. They have a great blend.

I yearn HARDCORE for R&B like this man. Like, for real.

And this video? LOL she made ME want to go to USC. LOL @ them walking around the cat in the very beginning. That cat was like, “bch plz I’m not moving!” This song sounds kinda dirty during the breakdown — “this is what it sounds like…” Oh, and don’t forget the dookie braids ROFL.

The beginning of this song is still classic though. “We’ll get back to youuuuuuuuuuuu.” I used to sing that in choir in h.s. with the homies. LOL. Ahh memories!

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23 responses to “Throwback of the Day: Jade - “Don’t Walk Away””

17 12 2007
reeinKC (11:23:49) :

OMG!!! I swear me and my cousin used to have our hair in those Poetic Justice dookie braids with a big ass white sunchie on it…in the basement, with our cut off jogging pants and our JODECI boots… I thought i was the ish because I got mine at the mall and they had ribbon shoe strings.

Downstairs stomping like fools and getting my ass cussed out…

OOhhh… Donnie Simpson’s pretty eyed self and his side kick who used to wear that red tacky lipstick…she must be Foxy’s auntie. Love you, IPS.

17 12 2007
nija (11:28:26) :

i go to school in lexington ky and they still play this on the radio here

17 12 2007
ISP Baby momma (11:30:43) :

OH MY GOD! I love these girls!
oh shit ! ISP.. you should put up KP and Envy shortie swing my way!( that white girl was gettin it… She was the only white girl you didnt have to give the Terry M side eye too)
and Something for the people ” your love is the shhhh”
oh shit.. youre bring me back to 9th grade.

17 12 2007
fed_up (11:31:16) :

ahhhh yes! I love this song still…it just takes u back to good times.

* please note the patent leather army boots, cut up sweatshirts and of course the flannels ~ no need to discuss the dookie braids~ and puhlzzz look at the dancing, high knees ladies high knees! *

thnx made my day a tad easier :)

17 12 2007
ISP Baby momma (11:35:31) :

ooh i miss the 90’s you could be the ugliest person ( who could blow) and still get a major video. “sigh” now that spot is reserved for Fantasia.. :(

17 12 2007


17 12 2007
gatoinfeliz (12:21:30) :

Javine a UK singer did a cover of this song a while back. This homewrecking slag (she had an affair with Alesha Dixon’s husband, girl from Mis-Teeq and Pharell’s She Want’s To Move video).

17 12 2007
wilcutyazz (12:27:21) :

LOL….. dookie braids, booty shorts ,spandex move somethin dresses and daisy dukes…ahhh the memories! *goin in the attic to see if i can still squeeze in em*

17 12 2007
mauweezie (12:30:39) :

“We’ll get back to youuuuuuuuuuuu.” …LOL, this is still my Voicemail greeting, people be like, WTF?!

17 12 2007
Raider_wifee (13:22:56) :

Wow - this video took me back to the old days in the Wood (Inglewood) This was the stage people stopped wearing jheri curls and had to have that hair braided up in dookies to “let the hair breathe” Those were some good times!!! Thanks IPS!

17 12 2007
Reddgal (13:23:28) :

You read my mind posting this video, I was going to make a request for them, but somebody beat me to it. Thanks. Those girls could saaaaaang!

17 12 2007
Ja (14:01:45) :

Can ya’ll do a post on the Bad Girls Club show, because the black chick on there is wildin’ out. I be ROFL. It’s about time they put a real black chick on one of these shows.

17 12 2007
Z'maji of HauteBlogXOXO (16:13:54) :


Plaid Button Down Shirts, Dookie Braids, Chunky Doc Martens with Rolled up Daisy Dukes, cut off college sweatshirts, AND Black Women in RED lipstick…………..these heffas betta be glad this is my jam AND THAT I USED TO HAVE WET DREAMS ABOUT THEY ASSES………I believe I shared too much…

-Z’maji @

17 12 2007
Rebecca (16:28:03) :

I love this song. I used to run to the tv and turn the volume up when this video came on. Shout out to Video Soul. Where is Donnie Simpson now?

17 12 2007
Chynaboo (17:03:53) :

I remember me and my girlfriends use to battle about who was the best female trio between Jade and SWV. Those were the days when we had a lot of good singers out there.

17 12 2007
ALSmith (18:34:26) :

*watches video, smiles, then cries heavily upon realizing that nobody does R&B like this anymore*

I pray every day for redemption from ringtone hip-hop hell and Jesus hasn’t answered me yet.

Thank-you IPS… Thank-you very much.

17 12 2007
Aairy (18:35:42) :

OMG!ii damn near fell off the bed when i saw this as the throwback of the day !
if dis aint one of the best songs i dont kno wat is!
i had my hair lik dat!! well it wuznt quite lik thers but shit it wuz close to it, i wuz happy as hell swingin my head around!
da memories…

17 12 2007
ζ the blogger formerly known as carolinagirl (18:47:10) :

I used to love this song. It takes me right back to the fourth grade. Between SWV, Jade, and EnVogue I was a singing fool. They had some really good songs. Oh how I miss the 90’s. They have a special coming on VH1 tonight about the top 100 songs of the 90’s. I will be watching…. Will anyone else watch it?

17 12 2007
meka (20:20:48) :

YES IPS!! Thanks for following my suggestion!(-;

I miss R&B groups like this…

17 12 2007
Marc (20:56:54) :

This song NEVER gets old. I copped a maxi single of this on Ebay with some tight remixes of it a couple of years back.

18 12 2007
Aimee (07:01:17) :

This was my jam.I was about 11 at the time.I used to rock the dookie braids back in the day to

18 12 2007
mizj (08:56:04) :

IPS, you read my mind! I loved that song back in the day and still sing it on the train on the way to work sometimes. I especially like to say “tenderoni,” and I don’t care who hears, neither.

18 12 2007
ALSmith (12:47:40) :

@ ζ the blogger formerly known as carolinagirl

I watched the first installment last night and was singing OVER the people talking. I didn’t give a hot damn about what the artist was going through at the time, I just wanted to hear some good 90’s music. YT music AND ALL!

I’ve even started making a list of the songs that BET’ be on there or VH1 and I will have a falling out. :)

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