Trailer: Will Smith’s “Hancock”

18 12 2007

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This looks pretty good actually. Kinda reminds me of that movie that came out “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” with the whole “superheroes are regular people too.”

I stans for Will though so I’ll probably see it! Though, he’s either always the “good guy” or the “funny guy.” I want to see him get his Denzel on and GET HIS HANDS DIRTY and play a villain or something!  I guess this as much of a “bad guy as he can really get though.

*pops in “Six Degrees of Seperation”*

What is Jada doing!? I swear, her kids been in more movies than her this year ROFL. Willow is buying her own school clothes, shoot. LOL.

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13 responses to “Trailer: Will Smith’s “Hancock””

18 12 2007
KevKilla (15:40:41) :




no homo.

18 12 2007
KevKilla (15:41:25) :


1 ST!!!!


catch up u slow sons of worthless bitches

18 12 2007
neanea (16:21:15) :

^^ Not the place for all that!

Mr. Smith is doing big things with 2 movies out now huh? Couldnt let lil Man overshadow him lol but I’ll have to read more into this one, not sure if I’m ready to see a movie about a bum with superpowers just yet.

18 12 2007
meka (17:01:15) :

“What is Jada doing!? I swear, her kids been in more movies than her this year ROFL. Willow is buying her own school clothes, shoot. LOL.”

LMFAO! it’s true though…i guess jada’s the stay-at-home mom now. or she, as a sista in hollywood, is having problems getting roles like everyone else despite who her husband is. i loved her in the late 90s/early 2000s though (Low Down Dirty Shame was so funny!)

I love Will, and he’s definitely the bankable, likeable Negro that Hollywood loves to use in big films, but he does lack the versatility of a Denzel (or even Russel Crowe). But I give credit where credit is due…he is a HARD worker and knows how to pick roles (we’ll ignore The Legend of Bagger Vance…)

18 12 2007
Breezy; (17:02:54) :

DEAD at that whale crashin into the sailboat ahaha

18 12 2007
t-h (17:18:23) :

why did he kill them people in that boat
with that whale
cause yall know they dead
ain’t no way you surviving a whale getting tossed on you
wait let me watch that again
why he destroying everything
messing up the street and breaking trains
and whatnot…
im gonna have to see this…
i would not want him helping me
raising my bills…

18 12 2007
Ms. Niqua....This is the first black superhero since "The Green Lantern". (20:36:08) :

We might start seeing Willie more than we see Beyonkers (where has she been lately?). I liked “I am Legend”, but this does’nt draw me in.

I liked the new Batman movie trailer “The Dark Knight” more than this.

I thought Jay-Jay was pregnant again! I think people are dropping babies left and right these days. *and now I go back to stanning for 1999*

19 12 2007
D (07:36:41) :

Seems nice

19 12 2007
WTF (13:13:25) :

It looks jokes, My super ex girlfiend sucked ass I was so vex i went to the cinema for that i should have waited to watch it on TV for free and even then i would flick it,

This movie looks good though, do your thing Will oh and i’m loving hearing my baby Luda Move Bitch in the trailer,

20 12 2007
KuntaKinte (09:43:48) :

I hope that Move Bitch sound track is not dedicated to Jada.

22 12 2007
Aairy (00:07:28) :

“Willow is buying her own school clothes, shoot. LOL”
LMAO @ IPS. u a fool for that one but u damn rite they payin for they own shit now. Jada jus walkin around tryin to think of ideas for her rock band..

1 01 2008
lana (10:27:00) :

this shit look like its gonna be hell funny. i cant wait

30 01 2008
Brother Darqness (20:47:10) :

Look up “Tonight He Comes”
It was the original script to Hancock..where he……
I don’t have the balls to say it here so to help me also look up
“Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”

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